PTA Publishes Coverage Maps for Cellular, Broadband and other Telecom Services

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today announced that it has developed coverage maps for Broadband, Cellular, Fixed line and Wireless local loop services for Pakistan.

Federal Secretary for Information Technology and Telecom Mr. Saeed Ahmad Khan inaugurated the application that will enable general public, telecom operators and investors, to view availability of telecom services coverage all across Pakistan.

PTA says that this is a fully interactive application allowing users to zoom in and dynamically plot the coverage of telecom services in graphical format. This application gives the flexibility to select any one of the telecom service like GSM, DSL, EVDO.

Similarly user can view coverage of particular operator in particular city through the coverage map.

For instance, look at following map, the green dots show the cities/towns where cellular service is available. You can select the technology or an operator to narrow down your search.


We have observed couple of issues with the maps, and the corresponding data, for instance have a look at following map for WiMAX coverage in Islamabad. It says that Wateen and wi-tribe are only operators operating in Islamabad, but that’s not the case. Qubee is also serving its WiMAX products in Islamabad.


Nevertheless, it is a good effort by PTA and service is going to help end-users at large.

You can view the coverage maps by visiting this link:

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  • Sitara Khan

    Where is Qubee in the map?

  • in helllll

  • bobby

    Just puts a lif on the discussions we keep having about wimax on this forum.

    It is simply not viable and is at best a niche.

    there are other FTTH projects about which PTA is not updated :)

  • bobby

    Just puts a lid on the discussions we keep having about wimax on this forum.

    It is simply not viable and is at best a niche.

    there are other FTTH projects about which PTA is not updated :)

  • Muhammad Imran

    Massage: For Rahman Malik
    Very best you are doing for Pakistan.
    Please do another work for Pakistan
    All communication companies offering hourly calls
    Please do maximum cal duration

  • Ali

    Fake… i checked my area jahan sab companies k signal aaty han wahn lakaha ha just Telenor and ufone

    How come?

  • Xahid
  • Haris Humayun

    Wi tribe faisalabad mai hia aur yeh map kehta hia k nahi hai bekar hia

  • Faran

    It was not easier for me to find this map link directly from PTA website. Even the relevant press release on their webstie does not contain a direct link. Thanks Pro-Pakistani you’ve done it for me.

    For PTA; they should also go for adding the providers’ service comparison feature as next step. That would be a great aspect to have on it.

  • waqas

    Not updated one
    Witribe in faisalabad not shown
    Warid in lot of remorte sides in sind and Balucishtan not shown in map

  • A useless map, as besides other issues reported by users in above posts, they don’t provide the coverage areas of any operator.

    Showing PTCL EVO, Witribe, World call and Wateen have all covered the Karachi city by placing a mere dot on google map isn’t enough.

    A coverage map overlapping the google map for each operator will be something interesting.

  • Kashif Haider

    I am recently settle in 1-10/1 Near Al-Shaikh Market. But my portion (ground floor) didn’t received Wi-tribe signal; even a bit. It is amazing thing; Wi-tribe( (Why tribe) is not covering even Islamabad’s developed sector.
    Concern person look my complain & address it as soon as possible please.

  • Askani

    WOW look at Balochistan, it looks v populated by the S.P.