Mobilink to Reward Network Outage Affected Customers

With a view to thank its customers for their patience and loyalty, Mobilink has announced a phased plan for customers who experienced disruption in service, due to fire in its MSC in Islamabad.

This is the first time a reward of this scale has been announced and awarded by any telecom operator in the country for disruption caused by a force majeure event.

Sharing his views, Mobilink President & CEO Rashid Khan said that while it was difficult to make up for the missed experience, the company cherishes customers who continue to prefer Mobilink and this is a humble gesture of goodwill by the company for their patience and loyalty.

A fire incident at one of the company’s technical hubs in Islamabad on March 6, 2011 caused suspension of cellular services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and some pockets outside the twin cities.

Mobilink was able to bring back the network partially within a few hours and complete connectivity was restored within 24 hours. Customers were updated of the incident and restoration via press announcements by the company at the time.

To facilitate customers who were directly affected by the incident, the company has announced free minutes and SMS for prepaid customers whereas postpaid customers will receive an adjustment against their monthly bill.

Affected subscribers will be intimated by the company through SMS in a phase wise activity scheduled from May 14, 2011 to June 13, 2011. Customers may dial 111 at any time from their Mobilink connections for any queries.

  • Thanks Mobilink
    I am happy after new gprs package
    We always with mobilink

    Truely NO:1

  • Reminds me of when Mobilink had to pay Rs. 50 in the form of mobile credit to each of its subscriber back in 2003 because of some penalty imposed upon it.

  • I hope mobilink will maintain its service in coming days. now a days mobilink is having alot of issues, i was not able to call or send sms from my home location in karachi, according to the call center agent they are having issue with their cell site and they are working on it. I got my services restored after 3 days. I guess no one wants such kind of down times if he is paying enough to use the service. Some time they pretend that they are giving the serive for FREE that’s why they are so reluctant in improving or maintaing the quality of service.

  • wooo… i’m getting mine around the 25th! ;)
    veeeery generous of them i must say. heart you mooore mobilink!!!

  • Really, I started thinking to port my mobilink connection to any other good cellular network provider. I got much sick of network/connection issues with mobilink. It happend many times, I call a valid number but there is no luck with mobilink. It happens less often if I get a PTCL number reached during first attempt. I have re-dial it several times. Even Mobile to Mobile connections are also getting its prey. Last night, I tried to call on a number for 12 times but no ring was gone. By 13th call I was able to listen the ring going and then phone was picked from the other side. We can never be sure if it will work during emergency for somebody. Mobilink network gone very bad. Its better if they could focus on quality of the service first rather than going for quantity. Small bank of happy customers is good rather than a large bank of the angry ones. Why they launch new promotion packages if they can’t sustain existing customers well?|?|?
    A famous English saying is; first deserve then desire. Simply, they are not following it either. Their network is getting more poor day by day while they are still hungry for more number of users to make it extremely bad!!!

    • Truly agree with you. Mobilink is now also in the race of offering packages, rather than focusing in maintaining the quality of service.

  • ye hoi na baat. is this really happening??!?! good yaar..
    @mubasher: how did you check that?

  • @faran: i own a fmcg distribution company with head office in Lahore and our network is spread all over punjab. we use indigo and jazz and we haven’t faced any problems, ever. and since i’m mobilink’s loyal customer i feel it’s my responsibility to share a good experience. we also frequently dial on other networks and we don’t face any issues, even during peak hours.

  • i think this is a great show of responsibility besides a carign gesture towards the loyal customers. Pakistan’s cellular industry is definitely a role model for others.

  • hey guys… i am part ov mobilink call center… its tru v r facing lot ov issues now a days, but it doesnt mean v dont care about our family… our first priority is customer satisfaction, and those guys who wants to switch to other networks dun even thnk about it,,, cz mobilink vil gv lot in future…
    32 million suscribers,,, its not easy to reach dat mark,,,

    port out per month 3 lacs
    port in per month 5 lacs

    ab khud soch lu sab…

  • Wow! they are being compensated!
    I dont have mobilink! but i must say this is great thing that Mobilink is doing! It’s customers must be very happy!

  • haan jee.. so how many minutes or sms did you guys get?? i’ve been in touch with my friends on this and i think mujhe kuch ziada he mil gaye hain

  • wait! does this mean we are getting free minutes and sms?
    like… all of us? there must be at least a million affected users..

  • This is a great surprise! Never thought this would happen!
    Glad to hear this amazing news!

  • This is neat!
    I wonder how my bill would be adjusted, because i have a post paid connection..

  • i’m in states now and but i used to be mobilink’s loyal customer till 2009. it’s so good to hear something like this. i’m glad and feel honored that the cellular industry of pakistan act so responsibly. way to go moblink. cheers!

  • i am a prepaid user and the helpline (111) was helpful. you should probably dial in and inquire.
    p.s: this is aweeesome :D

  • i feel proud to be a part of mobilink family. this shows how dedicated they are to give back to the loyal customer base.

  • i thought this doesn’t happen in pakistan! :p
    it’s soooo good to be back. 3 months and still rolling. a few shocks and a looott of surprises. heart you jazz!

  • we are getting free minutes and text messages, just for being patient and loyal! who’d think we’d be rewarded for this!
    Thanks Mobilink!

  • Just read the article
    and wanted to appreciate Mobilink for this..
    Congrats on making sure that i will not change to another connection

  • very commendable! when will other industries in the private and specially public sector learn from good examples like these?

  • this reminds me of atlantic airlines when they compensated their customers back in 2002 for the flight delays in US. makes me feel proud to be pakistani!

  • from what i know through newspaper they faced heavy losses because of the accident. and this news come as a surprise since mobilink must be covering up for the losses. very generous of them. epitome of ‘customer first’ approach

  • Just found out about this!
    May 14th to June 13th!
    Thank god! i still have time to call and get my free minutes and texts.

  • wow! so many comments
    I guess it really did leave an impact on everyne especially the mobilink customers!
    Once again congratulations Mobilink, for winning the heart of your loyal customer!

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