Taliban Will be Tweeting in English Now!

Power of social media is something everyone is aware of, and seems like Taliban have learned the fact too.

Taliban will be tweeting now about their activities, news infact, on Alemarah Web’s official twitter account.

Alemarah web which is the official website of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is available in different languages and publishes the news about Taliban activities and recent doings.

The twitter account, @AlemarahWeb went online back in the past and had been tweeting in Pashto only. But now, may be to broader the reach, Taliban have started tweeting in English as well.

@AlemarahWeb was supposed to be having around 230 followers two days ago. Seems like the stats have shown a steep curve resulting in 4583 fans now and increasing. While following only 4 twitter accounts now, which previously were 12 in number.

Account’s bio says:

alemarah-iea.net Is The official website of islamic emirat of Afghanistan

It merits mentioning here that when Taliban ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, almost all electronic products were proscribed as un-Islamic. Photographs of living things were prohibited, and ownership of a video player could lead to a public lashing.

Things have changed now and they are using almost every form of electronic media to fight their war. Be it an email or SMS at one end to publishing videos at the other, Taliban own their websites now.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told AFP:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan joined Twitter about six months ago. We did it because we know Twitter is a popular social network in the West, and we want to make our voice heard. They used to hear only one-sided news about us from the invaders, but now they can know the reality. We regard modern technology including the Internet as a blessing of God.

Groups like these were already using social media, and facebook was the only place of its kind. Communities and groups of same thoughts were operating there under the same shade but this Twitter thing is somehow different. As Taliban spokesman said, they will be using internet now to attract more people, personally and what can be better place than twitter!

  • @@Zabiullah Mujaid

    i agree with Zabiullah Mujaid that “The News Media is only one sided ”

    May GOD bless THEM .

    i had been to Afghanistan in their Era its was so Peaceful . Afghanistan Peace is also Important for Pakistan .

    Kindly don’t give me Negative comments .
    You should know that who did 9/11 .
    and who is now trying to Destroy PAKISTAN .

    So Please No comment about my COMMENTS .
    Thanks Regard

    • It was SO Islamic that their heroes were Riaz Basra and we were considered Infidels because we watched TV, listened to music and didn’t support beards. And all this I heard from Talibs themselves :P

      • Do you know where one convicted in Sialkot incident is hiding according to police? In our friend neighboring country which isn’t Afghanistan.

    • — and who is now trying to Destroy PAKISTAN .

      Yes, who is responsible for 30,000 deaths in past few years in Pakistan? Any friends of “peaceful” Taliban???

  • Now if they are using twitter for spreading their message to west, would they allow the same for other side. west did not removed their account yet for freedom of speech

    west preaching their ideas in Afghanistan?

  • You should know that who is involve in destruction of Pakistan ?

    there 4 Agencies involve

    They Create problem and creates the reason of attacking any country; and worn every if they don’t help us that’s mean they are involve with terrorists .

    Don’t be fool.
    who did :
    1-9/11 attacks
    2-Pentagon attacks
    3-Palestine occupying
    4-Lebanon – air strikes on innocents instead of Gaddafi army
    5-Why united nation is too blind too dumb in case of Israel and Kashmir ??? TELL ME WHY ? UN was too much interested In IRAQ to take Care of HUMAN RIGHT ?
    6.CNN , CNBC , CBC , NEW YORK times and almost all news media and Hollywood are under ZIONISTS they Just Washed up our brain .
    7.Fake Holocaust they say we lost our 6 Million people by NAZi army . at that time total population of the Jews in EUROPE was 2 Million . that was just to take advantage of people sympathy to occupy Palestine .

    UN is not For HUMAN RIGHTS they are For ZIONISTS rights.


    you are still in the box.

    May ALLAH Al-mighty ALL MUslImS from these DEVILS


    Translation: “Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us);
    what an Excellent Maula (Patron, Lord) and what an Excellent Helper! “

    • I agree with you 101% , our so called literates are so much obsessed by western media that whatever they see they digest it very easily. They are looking at one side of the picture without looking at the other. And that one side of the picture is what western media and our media (which copies news from western media) is showing.

      In Dama Dola Americans Drones killed more than 80 children claiming Al-Qaeda hiding there, immediately after this our military helicopters reached the site to show if they did this and not americans, so if you are cleaning the shit of someone easy you must know it isn’t so easy.
      8000 people in a gathering announced taking revenge. They weren’t Pakistanis ? They aren’t humans ? Yes they don’t live in Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi but they are Pakistanis. Noone of us questions extra judicial killing and destruction of property by our own military, same affect it brings as those of drones.

      2nd Talibans weren’t against these means of communication and modern electronics but against the evil that comes with it.

      • — 2nd Talibans weren’t against these means of communication and modern electronics but against the evil that comes with it.

        So explain to me how they are okay with twitter now and facebook now? Our lawyers and courts wants to ban facebook and taliban opened their facebook page at same time?? Is facebook worth banning because of antiMuslim sentiment? Or is facebook worth keeping open?

    • I suppose those agencies are also responsible for all the land encroaching in Pakistan, all the petty theft and murders and rapes. I THINK RAW DESTROYED MY STREET TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!!!!

      In the real world, we learn to look inwards and solve our problems before accusing others with baseless facts we read on some stupid web site.

      • HOLD ON .

        you think that WTC was destroyed because of one Airplane ? cuz u watched on cnn and bbc that WTC was collapsed because of Airplane . you just closed your eyes and beloved it ?

        AmAZinG Shaid Saleem …

        i read your comments in other topics too ; your all comments/arguments are just out of this world
        just keep it up.


        • — you think that WTC was destroyed because of one Airplane ? cuz u watched on cnn and bbc that WTC was collapsed because of Airplane . you just closed your eyes and beloved it ?

          Well, yeah. No one else has PROOF of anything else. I mean, real SCIENTFIC PROOF, not “I saw some video on youtube” type proof.

          I am 100% certain you won’t know otherwise before the day of judgement, and neither will i. So drop it okay??


          That’s what I said: look inwards and solve our problems

      • Baseless Facts .
        UN = united NATION = ( UNITED NON-MUSLIMS )

        UN – support destruction of Palestine by ISRAEL.
        UN – ISRAEL ARMY is fighting for Their RIGHTS.
        UN – Palestinian Freedom fighter are Terrorists ?
        UN – Kashmir Freedom fighter are Terrorists ?

        Daily Drones in PAKISTAN killed thousand of the Innocents but the UN is sleeping in this situation ???

        is Human rights are only for NON-MUSLIM ?

        Baseless Facts ? ??? ?

        Destroy IRAQ because of OIL ??

        baseless facts ??

        come out of the BOX dear .

        baseless Facts ….

        • — UN = united NATION = ( UNITED NON-MUSLIMS )

          Saudi Arabia among founding countries of UN.

          — UN – support destruction of Palestine by ISRAEL.

          Actually, they pass maybe over 100 resolutions against Israel in past decades. No one else does.

          — UN – Kashmir Freedom fighter are Terrorists ?

          Ask the Kashmiri Muslims that. They lose family members to Indian Army, but also lose family members to terrorists who cross Indian border from Pakistan. THAT IS A FACT YOU CAN CONFIRM FROM TRUE MUSLIMS IN IHK

          — Daily Drones in PAKISTAN killed thousand of the Innocents but the UN is sleeping in this situation ???

          Did Pakistan ask UN for help? No. So, what should UN care about?

          Everyone I mean EVERYONE knows the drones take off from inside Pakistan with Pakistan government and army knowledge. You bring up conspiracy theories about WTC but you don’t know this???

          — is Human rights are only for NON-MUSLIM ?

          EVery time I read someone ask this question, I want to ask, how do YOU (as a MUSLIM) treat others (MUSLIMS OR NON)? Do you treat them better than kaffirs treat other kaffirs? Do you have a better chance of getting Justice in PAkistani police station or in European police station?

          • for those who support it, what has the U.N. exactly achieved in the last sixty years? Achieved peace in Europe? Ask the people in Bosnia. Settled the problem in the Middle East? Ask the people in Gaza. Improved life for Africans? Ask the people in Darfur, or Rwanda, or anybody for that matter.

            The war propaganda campaign today to justify the UN-sponsored aggression against Libya is a carbon copy of the vicious war campaign against Iraq in 1990. Colonel al-Qadhafi has suddenly become Saddam. The UN and the U.S. have a “moral responsibility” to intervene to stop al-Qadhafi “killing his own people”. Al-Qadhafi, who has recently cooperated with the U.S. and most Western governments, is portrayed as a “brutal dictator” and a “threat” to U.S.-Israel Zionist interests. Some U.S. Congressmen have accused al-Qadhafi of possessing “weapons of mass destruction”. It is important to remember that neither Iraq nor Libya has attacked or threatened the U.S. Like the war on Iraq, the war on Libya is an illegal act of aggression. The only difference is the U.S. President is an African American and his victims are Africans. In 2 years as U.S. President, Obama has killed and caused the death of far more civilians than al-Qadhafi has in 42 years.

            • Wow you are so selective.

              — Achieved peace in Europe? Ask the people in Bosnia

              It was US and Germany who intervened directly and saved Bosnians. European leaders did not want to save them. Evidence (blog repost of 1993 article): http://bosniangenocide.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/munich%E2%80%99s-shadow-over-bosnia/

              John Major and Francois Mitterand did not care for Bosnians and supported arms embargo. US could not get allies to intervene. Germany finally took US side against French and British. So, US did more for Bosnians Muslims than British or French. what do you think of that?

              Also, US led NATO bombing of Serbia to make Kosovo (Muslims) free in 1997. What do you make of that, too?

              — Improved life for Africans? Ask the people in Darfur, or Rwanda, or anybody for that matter.

              In Darfur it is 100% Muslim Sudanese killing 100% Muslim Darfur Sudanese. Everyone knows this. And UN has imposed sanctions. But I ask you instead, why are not Muslims condemning Sudanese Muslim government? CAN YOU ANSWER THAT AS A MUSLIM HOW MUCH YOU CONDEMN SUDAN?

              Also in Rwanda it is very famous and well known that MUSLIMS in Rwanda offered refuge to both sides Hutus and Tutsis. Their own churches failed them but Muslims were only group offering peace to both sides.

              I do not look for West as a final example for human rights or how society should be run. but the fact of the matter is WE RECEIVED FINAL MESSAGE from Allah and THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING PARTS OF IT BETTER THAN WE ARE. Maybe 500 years ago we were better but today they are better, and when people want to improve Muslim countries, the NUMBER ONE ACCUSATION THEY FACE IS THEY ARE PRO-WEST.

              It is easy to blame US, UK for attacking Iraq in 2003. It is not easy to ask why Muslims supported Saddam Hussein when he got 1,000,000 Iranians and over 200,000 Sunni Kurds killed. It is easy to blame US for attacking Libya. It is not easy to ask why Muslims did nothing when he turned his country into a police state, imprisoned or killed his own people. Same with Egypt. Same with Syria. Same with Bahrain.

              You blame them for taking wrong action while we take NO ACTION.

          • The UN was established to promote and maintain worldwide peace. The UN is in no position to legalise war. Judged by its past actions, “the UN rarely represented the true and peaceful interests of people everywhere but stood largely under the sway of the U.S. and its allies”, writes Victor Grossman (Berlin Bulletin, No. 22, 21 March 2011).

            • When you have no voice (and how can you with a government that has foreign debt of $50B and internal debt of $70B), others will act in your place whether you like it or not.

  • Iqbal R.A said:
    Kabhi ayee nojawan muslim! tada’bur bhe kiya tu nay
    Wow kiya gar’doon tha, jiss ka ha tu aik tota howa sitara
    Tujhay uss qoom nay pala haa aghoosh-e-Mohabat main
    Ko’chal dala tha jiss nay pao’on main taje sardr-e-dara

    Think before we write. Ayee Nojawan-e-Muslim Sooch tu sahi koon sahi ha aur koon ghalat.

    • Last I checked, no language is haram. No language is forbidden in Islam, only certain types of talking (backbiting, cursing parents, things like that).

      • ooiii aap ko tu bhot kuch pata hai ,acha hoa bata doyi warna pata hi nahi chalta humain tu.

        • ohh !!! NO … SHAHID SALEEEMM …..


          HMMMM !!!

          WAW .. BHAI ..




          • Do you have reading comprehension problem? Look at what I replied to:

            — talliban angrazy halal hey ya haram

            My repliy makes sense. Yours, eh.

              • shahid bhai aap ka kaam sirf kia propakistani pe comment karna hai,aur koi kaam waam nahi kartey.itnay “fairgh tareen “insaan ho aap.jis post pe jao sab se zyda aap k comment hotey hain.har wakt pc k saamney behtnay se bhai sehat kharab hoti hai ,aur aap k comment parh kar hamari sehat kharab ho jati hai.

                • @@@ME
                  haha .. @me your comment toward SHAHID make me laugh .
                  thanks for making laugh for a while.

                  Shahid bhai app k comments say koi agree nahi karta pata nahi kio ??

                  pata NAHI hum na samaj hain , ya per app extraordinary Intelligent ho is wajy app ki batein samaj main nahi ati.

                  • — Shahid bhai app k comments say koi agree nahi karta pata nahi kio ??

                    I am not a populist, and I am not looking to be elected “prime minister of propakistani commenters”. I don’t write what people want to read, I write what I think is my viewpoint. I don’t care if you like it or not — I am not writing to support you or anyone else.

                    Besides, on internet comments, like most things, Sturgeon’s Law prevails.

                    • shahid wasey aap ka tareeka acha hai,poorey comment main se sirf aik sentence letaey ho aur sirf us hi ka jawab detay ho ,bhai poora comment parh k sareey sawal ka jawab diya karo.

                    • don’t look for “Prime Minister set”

                      kio k pakistan k pas itny votes boxes nahi jitny app k VOtez hogy .

                      school main mery kiyal say hadit hogiya hai shahid ko .

                      school main be Selective study karta tha .. hahahhaha

                    • — poora comment parh k sareey sawal ka jawab diya karo.

                      Why? Are you my boss?

                      Anyway not everything you say is worth responding to.


    Paani paani ho gaya sun ker Qalander(GHAIR) ki ye baat

    Tu jhuka jab ghair key aagey, na tann tera na mann

    Apney mann main dub kay pa ja suragh-e-zindagi

    Tu agar mera nahi banta, na ban, apna tou bann

  • @shahid

    raw aur india waly kita $$$ dety hai

    ” Ask the Kashmiri Muslims that. They lose family members to Indian Army, but also lose family members to terrorists who cross Indian border from Pakistan “

  • @@shahid

    app west say kafi mutasir lagthy o

    Sooraj Hamein Hr Shaam Yeh Dars Deta Hai
    K Maghrib Ki Taraf Jao Gey To Doob Jao Gey.

    A Silent Messagefor All Muslims.

    • What a silly thing to say. Can I point you map of Muslim world from, say, 1000 years ago? They went farther west than east…

  • shahid boss ki kia baat hai ,jab cooment main sawaal hoon tu sarey sawal k jawab dena chaiye ,sirf apni pasand k sawal k jawab nahi dena chiye,(agar aap mature person hoon tu aur agar 10 saal k bachay ka deemagh hai tu phir jo karo meri balaa se).


    The U.N. failed to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq which has resulted in the death of thousands of civilians, and made Iraq worse than what it was under Saddam Hussein. It has not taken any action against Israel’s failure to adhere to the U.N. resolutions dating years back or its disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians and Lebanese in the name of “self defense,” which is a crime under international law.

    The U.N. charges people like Charles Taylor of Liberia, Radovan Karadzic of Bosnia and others, but fails to charge people like George W. Bush and all Israeli prime ministers who have committed war crimes against humanity.

    The United Nations will never get anything done, unless it has a superpower government backing it up.
    Without the United States, the U.N. will never realize its full potential.
    The problem is, the United States isn’t willing to just share its superpower status with the rest of the world.

    • All irrelevant when you consider who accepts claim for bombings all over PAkistan today.

    you proved that you are a 10 years old child.
    your all answers are irrelevant toward Questions.
    to whom ALLAH didn’t given mind how could man can do so ?

    your all replies seem to be JOKES .


      • wesy bhai.khbi kisi ki man be liya karo
        acha inshan wo hota hai jo haqiqat soun k mann jata ho

        • Well, I’m not 10 years old, so I guess that is false. And WAKE UP has no answer to my questions either.

          • shahid saleem sab aap k khilaaf q hain akhir ye bhi tu soocho na, is ki waja yahi hai k aap ghalat ho,is liye doosro ki baat maan liya karo ,(ya phir aap shayad 10 saal k ho)

          • merrrrry kiyyyyyyall maaaain
            aaaaappp nay us kkkk Questionz ka AAAAnswer diya hee nahi ??

            wo kuch aur khettttthaaaaaaaaa rahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aur aaaaaaaaaaaaaaap kuch aaaaaaaaaur .


    appppp koooo tu . Politician .. HOOOna CHaaahiay

    KIO , kkkk appp Jawwwwab Bary Zabardast dethy hoo ..

    apppp say koi Pouchy ga k , roti , corruption , bijli , water , peace , Sugar , sabzi , insaf , hadalat ???

    Lejee hai Shahid Saleem ki Selective Answers .

    SHAHID SaleeM : roti ; jo main nay 2 Rupy ki kardi shahid duniya mian kahi be itni sasti na ho ?

    Hadalat : Hum nay butto sab CASE RE-open kiya ? jo ajj tak shahid na howa ho ?

    Peace : tu app logo TV pe deakty ho gi hee

    ha Ha Ha he ha

    2011 OSCURE Award for SElEctiVe Answering Goes to MR> SHaHiD SaLeEM >

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