Deductions on Mobile Recharges by Retailors Should be Stopped

imagesHave you ever recharged your Mobile account balance from retailer, If yes, then there are chances that you have have observed the fact that the recharged money in your mobile account is less than you actually paid the retailor. This happens specifically if your recharge value is less than Rs. 50 or in some cases less than Rs. 100.

Retailors charge this money (usually Rs. 1 or Rs. 2) as transaction fee for lesser recharges, in fact they boldly communicate this to customers through notices dispatched to their shop walls.

Now this deduction from retailors isn’t allowed by cellular companies, as a matter of fact, cellular companies pay these retailors a fixed commission or margin (which is usually 3 to 3.5 percent) for all the balance transfer they make.

According to market sources, majority of retailors deduct this small money of Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 for small balance recharges. For instance if a customer asks the retailor to load Rs. 40 then retailer will recharge only Rs. 39, which is unauthorized by the cellular companies.

Cellular companies, being the responsible for their sales and distribution network should take necessary action and implement proper check on these retail transactions.

Not only this, few retailors, who enjoy monopoly in far flung areas of the country, force customers to recharge only higher value of money. They define a lower limit, which is usually far higher than the official lower limit defined by the cellular companies.

A ProPakistani reader, who wanted his name to remain unidentified, wrote to us:

Every where in Pakistan, retailers think that these deductions are their right, but fact is that telecom companies pay them well apart as their commissions.

astonishing matter lies at telecom operators’ end because they have this thing in notice but companies don’t take any step to eradicate this menace.

I forwarded them suggestions on multiple instances in this aspect, but looks that my emails and requests end up on deaf ears.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • if all of we knows that retailer deducts Rs.1 then don’t go to that retailer…….In abbpara Market, I asked one retailer for a recharge, i asked, will you deduct ? he said yes. I didn’t make recharge from him. ( customer right ). Although Rs.1 is very samll amount. But Why should I pay for nothing ?…………..I go to the next one, said him – if he will not then i’ll recharge, he said OK.
    As we start denying to these type of over charges then a day comes when we will be a Nation. if we keep remain paying like Rs.1’s the NOTHING worth amount, a day come when tax will be 90%……………

    • -1

      ary bhiyaa !!

      app ka power sirf aik retailer pe he kio chalta hai

      hay youn ka haq hai . baly wo aik charge pe 100 charge kary .

      zabardasti tu nahi kar raha wo tery sath .

      agar tum nahi dena chahaty Rs. 1 extra tu na do .

      kisi aur bandy sy charge karao .

      hum middle class bhot ajeeb soch k maliq hai .

      • Kia matlab middle class ajeeb soch k malik he?
        Aaj Re.1 charge kar rahe he, kal Rs.10 karenge phir kia hoga tumhari “soch” ka ?
        jo baat theek nai woh theek nai.

    • agar app ki SYSTEM ki treatment karni hee hai tu uper say karo .

      taky wo SYSTEM aesa banai k Retailerz ko extra 1 rupy charge karny ki zarorat he nahi pary .

      system gareebo pe pressure dal k sahi nahi hota .

      MNA wagera say aetisab shoro karo tab kuch bany ga .

      • lolz
        Bhae yaha Customers kay ghere qanooni, Gheer Sharai, aur ghere ikhlaqi harkat ki nishandahi ki gaye hay jo kay kisi bhe toor per justify nahi ki ja sakti. W

      • lolz
        Bhae yaha Customers kay ghere qanooni, Gheer Sharai, aur ghere ikhlaqi harkat ki nishandahi ki gaye hay jo kay kisi bhe toor per justify nahi ki ja sakti. Wo to suna hay na 2 ghalat ik sahi nahi hotay!!!

  • this is a clear example of how people care about law in this country and then we complain about our politicians as well . same thing is happening in case of cold drinks as well where shopkeepers are taking 5 to 10 extra rupees than is the price printed on bottle

    • Even they clearly say, chilled bottle is x amount of money and normal bottle is x amount of money!

  • unauthorized? cmon yaar baaqi business practices jaisay sab authorized hain, even khud cellular companies kya karti hain, jab koi package introduce karti hain, fair usage policy, unlimited meaning x number of sms and minutes, kaheen chota sa tax charges. jis company ki sim use karo us ki ager broadband/wimax ya koi aur services hon us kah wimax ki salesforce kay msges mujhe hotay hain, number sharing to generate the business yeh ethical hai? numbers ka database utha kar aik dosre ko baanto kah jaao kheelte raho in users kah saath. as a nation we are morally corrupt, aur yeh aap nai post ki hai, kitne becharon ko tu pata hi nahi chalta hoga kah load/top up karne main shopkeeper un kah saath kya karraha hai!!

  • Well, very nice topic, i just want to share that its all our mistake. There is no need to blame retailer. Just SAY NO to these customers.

    And please dail the relavent helpline and log a complain. This will help you to overcome this issue.

  • This is Pakistan every one is looting people and no one to check bcoz from a to z is involved. so as in punjabi [pass ker ya berdasht ker]

    • Quoting a friend of mine… “Sub say phalay Pakistan, we will screw other countries later”







  • I have been a shopkeeper and I know that this charge of one rupee is justified. Retailer only gets 3 rupees over a charge of 100 rupee (thats why they don’t usually deduct anything over 50 rs), it means if he will charge 20 rupee, he will only get 60 paisas. Thats not even going to cover the cost of using a mobile (mobile depreciates), charging and wasting your time with the load. In accounting terms, its called opportunity cost. Mostly sole business of shopkeepers is not just easyload. They could have better spend their time on other parts of their business. If there are 20rs vouchers, then they wouldn’t be charging anything. But, they have to purchase mobiles, consume electricity and manual effort to do this, and thats why they deserve this meager 1 rupee. Sometimes they run the risk of making mistakes and charging heavily more than what was asked for.

    One time my uncle mistakenly charged 1234 rs instead of 20 rs, which was in fact the code for charge menu. So, from that day on, we reduced the amount of charging customers, and now we don’t charge at all, because other part of the business is more profitable. Plus, if you charge 1 rs then customers will be complaining and you will waste your time with them discussing things. So, if you really want shopkeepers to not charge this 1 rs then ask the operators to introduce mini vouchers, otherwise, it is disadvantageous for shopkeepers to do such business.

    Nevertheless, it is not a big issue that customers can’t pay 1 rs. If we did not complaint when they introduced 5% service charges, 2% increase in sales and tax etc., then why you are complaining now.

    • “…otherwise, it is disadvantageous for shopkeepers to do such business. …” so stop doing it – why I alway have to be the victim.

      • Yes, we did, and why don’t you stop using easyload and instead use cards. Why you always have to cry victim victim victim.

        • Well I have never used easy load and all my connections are postpaid – you know why – because of this pathetic attitude of shopkeepers – justifying the wrong…. remember you are also a victim when you are paying Rs. 10 per unit and still have to sit without electicity… how this gets started is exactly what are you doing right now.

          • Well if its such a pain in the neck for shopkeepers to pick up a mobile phone and punch in a bunch of numbers then you should just sit on your butt all day and don’t do it.
            Lets admit it you guys make more money off easy loads then selling cards(as majority goes for the former, not talking about the %age )
            So you AGREED to the terms with the service provider that you will make 3% or whatever the profit margin is, then why are you charging the customer for more.
            If you have the balls then stop crying and negotiate better with the companies.

            • Faizan, as I worte in my detail reply to you below, this 3% is inimum which company give to its retailer and there is no restriction how much a retailer plus or minus can charge. Something when they need money they sell it cheaply 100Rs load for 98Rs and when they know there is shortage of load then they sell it with some extra cost. This is business mere bhai.

              We are happy to pay 5Rs per re-charge via UBL Omni or 150Rs/month (Ref: ) because that is a bank and it is giving us some service but we are not happy to pay to retailer who is giving us the same service

          • Why not you open a shop and serve your customers without any charge, then you will understand, what I am talking about.
            Its easy to comment but its not easy to do it.

        • “If we did not complaint when they introduced 5% service charges, 2% increase in sales and tax etc”

          You didnt complain as you always charge illegally to the customers. And as far as sales tax is concerned its a govt fee, consumers had nothing to do with it and it was imposed on us as well.
          So stop justifying that you ain’t making enough profit.

          • “You didnt complain as you always charge illegally to the customers”

            It is not illegal to charge customers 1 rupee. How many times I have to say this. And by the way, you can force government to withdraw additional taxes, but you don’t have the guts to do it, because people in Pakistan only care about their @$$. You saw how we forced the government to release judges through long march. People can do anything they want under democracy. Only question is “can they all sit under one platform and have the guts to do it”

            Since, I am an accountant, my manager once said that concentrate first on the big things and small things will be corrected automatically. And I have followed this suggestion and this works. Now, do you think this is such a huge issue which if corrected will affect other big matters. No, sir, no.

            • “It is not illegal to charge customers 1 rupee”

              So how much will your conscience allow you to charge without feeling that its illegal ?

              • Listen man, I am out of this business and doing full time job as a chartered accountant in one of the biggest companies in Pakistan, not like you filling forms for blood sucking westerners.

                Even though I still believe that retailing is an honest and worth living profession. You make your day with integrity and hard work, not like you selling yourselves to foreigners. And you know what we call the person who sells himself/herself for lowest price to compete in the market.

                Where is your conscious when you go to some shopping plaza (pace, fortress) and pay double or tripple the price of things which you can get for single price from various other places. I have never heard anyone complaining the retailers of these stores that they are doing the illegal activity.
                What about when you pay 3 times the cost for a dish in a restaurant when you can easily get it for extremely low price from other places.

                I can give you hundred of examples to prove to your naive brain that there is no legal and social problem if a retailer charges you with higher amount than market value unless he forces you to purchase it. You have the right not to purchase. This things happens everywhere in the world. But you only care about this meager 1 rupee, which an honest living retailer charges you to cover his costs. How hypocritical and stupid is that.

                Sometimes I wonder how stupid the people of Pakistan are. They are not fighting about the issues for which they should but will talk their ass out on things which are not the problem.

                This is a dumb nation with the exception of only a few.

                • Who said I am filling forms? hahaha :D

                  And who said I am filling forms for any “angraiz” :D

                  I said its an online business not like you calculating numbers for a desi company that in return works for an angraiz :P

                  And how did you even assume I am even in Pakistan :D

                  LOL you make my belly tickle with your generalized remarks nincompoop :D

                  “And you know what we call the person who sells himself/herself for lowest price to compete in the market.”

                  I dont know what business YOU are in, but I call it inventory liquidation. But, wait…..oh now I get it you were referring to yourself being a whore right? :P

    • We are complaining because u guys charge one rupee WITHOUT telling us , and this is fraud , if u first inform us that we will charge one rupee extra and customer agrees , then its ok , otherwise u are getting HARAM RIZQ …

      If u are a Muslim , then think over it that one day you guys have to answer Allah

      It is not a matter if elders are doing this then we why cant we do this, YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN deeds , my brother

      • As far as I know most of retailers have notices about this charge or they tell you about this. This is stupidity and forgery to not tell the customer and waste your time afterward fighting. We never did and most of I know don’t do it either. A good shopkeeper will not indulge in fighting over such small issues.

    • Amazed to see how low people can get for one rupee n on top of that justifying for what they did

    • so you mean that company will provide you a mobile phone , free electric bill provide everything free of cost and you simply recharge …ahh

    • There is no law which states that retailers can’t deduct any amount of money recharge.

      • So you are saying that any retailer can charge anything?
        Example: You go buy a cellphone and its retail price is 1k and a retailer is selling it for 1.4k then he is doing the right thing?
        Remember what happened when everybody started stocking wheat&sugar and then raising the price and selling at whatever rate they wished to.

        • Your analogy is completely wrong. Wheat and sugar are tangible things, where no corporation is involved to care about their profits. While, in the case of easyload, you can’t build stocks of easyload, and if you do, you are only wasting your time because easyload is intangible and there is virtually unlimited supply of it in the hands of corporations, so you can’t make it scarce.

          • I also gave another example, I am sure you were busy charging more to your customers that is why you must have missed it.

            • And I believe you are busy filling mail addresses for goras to that you can’t focus on my simple argument.

              • Hahaha AGAIN my friend I dont work for anyone let alone a gora :D

                May be when you were doing your CA to punch in numbers(since you were so use to doing it while you were doing it easyloads :P) you dont call it business when you work for SOMEONE :P

  • Whether it is one rupee or lesser, retailers dont have a right to do this. We are already fed up with taxes. We cant stop companies from deducting, but we can stop retailers atleast. Some retailers deduct extra even on Rs. 100 recharge (own experience). Companies should atleast send a text to customer about the recharge amount before taxes (like zong). It will atleast make customer aware of the retailer’s fraud.

    • This is not fraud if retailer tells you beforehand about this. Trading is about settling prices. There is no social, religious and judicial rules about how much profit you can make. This is the business rule, if you want more customers then reduce profit margin/ product or vice versa. You charge too much and you will lose customers and every businessperson is aware of it.

      • “Yes, that’s a better choice if you don’t trust.”
        Penny pinching shopkeepers like you make it easy to not trust.

        “This recharge business is no profit no loss “business.
        You are making 3% off just punching number what more do you want. And if its a break even business be happy or stop doing it
        “Retailers only do it because they want to attract more and more customers.”

        So your strategy is to attract customers by overcharging them?. No wonder you rely on Re.1 of profit as your business sense speaks volume about it.

        • “Penny pinching shopkeepers like you make it easy to not trust.”

          What are you a landlord. If you are then why do you care about 1 rupee, maggot. Shopkeepers make their living through these pennies and it is an honest living not like you people who don’t have the guts to do it yourself and can only complain.

          I have complete analysis of how much a shopkeeper even if he is charging 1 rupee under 50 rs load. And believe me its a loss making business. And thats the reason we stopped doing it. Now, if you see so much potential and justification in it, then I wish you best of luck for your business adventure.

          “So your strategy is to attract customers by overcharging them?. No wonder you rely on Re.1 of profit as your business sense speaks volume about it.”

          A shopkeeper would at least be looking for breakeven point if he wants to attract customers. Only a stupid shopkeeper will give you things at a loss, because if you keep doing it, you will be out of capital and you can’t attract customers because you will be out of things to offer the customers.
          And I know, that you won’t understand these things, because these are above your level of intelligence or you don’t have a business sense at all. You all are losers. You can to a good restaurant and pay double the amount of food happily, but you won’t be crying your ass out over a honest living shopkeeper, who makes his day with 12-15 hours of effort.

          Get a life hypocrites!

          • Lol how easily you gave up the “valid” arguments your were dishing out left&right and started getting side tracked :D

            Just so you know I have an online business since I was 16, I have to sell my services lower than the market price every quater to make my business sustainable and stay ahead of the competition. You don’t wanna start getting into my business sense dude, as you cant think without taking your head out of your Re.1 a-hole. :P

            • This talks about a lot your stupidity. How you can easily compare the margins of service industry with retail industry. You don’t know nothing about retail industry. As I said, its above your head.

  • If you only were in the situation of a retailer, you would understand that even this small 1 rupee charge is not profitable for the retailer. This recharge business is no profit no loss business. Retailers only do it because they want to attract more and more customers.

  • I kind of agree with what ImranG wrote.
    Profit margin on easyload for retailer is just 3% (only zong is giving 3.5% which contribute 8-10% of total load). So keeping 5 mobile set charged all the time and keeping 1000 or more Rs in balance for all the operators do have some extra cost. That is why retailers are happy to buy scratch cards at 2-2.5%.
    I know many retailers in Islamabad (as we provide all easyload with one sim serivce … wahideload) and they do deduct Re.1 on recharge of 40 or less, but good thing is that they all have displayed a notcie about this. I know retailers in Rawaldam area deduct 1% of total load (1
    Re for load of 100 or less and 5 Rs for load of 500) this is same as we pay extra for cold drinks and burgers on airports and remote area.

    I am not saying that deduction of this 1Re is good, all I want to say that the effort these retailers put in to do an easy load is not fully justified by the profit they get from operators. Due to bad services of these operators, many times in a day they have to call the helpline in order to know the status of the load they had done an hour ago. Just tell me if I give you 1Rs and ask you to make a call of 5 mins long to mobile operator helpline, will you think its worth the value?

  • come on guys… even in US lot of small business charge some fee if you buy something with credit card and the amount is lee than $5.
    I agree with Imran… and I understand small business need. Consumer never question big retailers but always like to aurgu with small vendors… No complaints against WAPDA but poor shopkeeper should waist his or her time filling up credit for some one where he or she is going to get only few paisas, unbelievable

  • Pehli baat main jis sa aksar balance load krwata hn wo 10rs load kr wana pr 1rs extra leta ha aur dosrs mera area ma 20rs 30rs 50rs sb pr extra rs leta hain yahe waja ha ka ma ab easyload nahe krwata aur mera khayal ma Retailers ko awam ka bajae companies ko is bara ma bolna chaheya tha aghr ya companies ka card sell na krain tu company khud in ka margin brha da gi ab inhon na ya harqat kr ka khud apna pair pa kulhari mari ha

  • yay saray shoday dealers hotay hain jo shayad 10rs main say 4rs apna munafa chahtay hain.

    comapnies ko chahiyay inke recharge sims block ker di jain aur in say har kisam ke company deal khatam ker di jayay. ab to telenor nay 20rs load ker dia keh chalo dealer ko ziyada bachay. laiken phir bhi ….

    wo opar comment bilkul darust hay, yeh hay hum Pakistani awam, khud kuch sahi kerna nahi khud he dosron ko lootna hota hai aur har baat har mehangai ka kasoor hakomat wagera per daalna hota hai.

    • bhai meray 10Rs per 4Rs kon kama raha hai … 10Rs ke load per company 3% yani 0.30Rs profit deti hai … aub 30 paise ke liay ap itni takleef se guzro gaay kia?

      Aur yeah na boolo ke jab retailer se ghalti se (infact glati to company ki hoti hai) double load ho jaay to aj tak aik bhee customer ne extra load ka pay nahi kia …. 30 paisay load per kamanay wala yeah nuksan na to company se wasool ker sakta hai aur na ap customer log un ka sochtay hain … yeahi 1, 1 Re us ke is nuksaan ko pura kerta hai

      • wo he to main keh rahay hon 0.30 kafi hain 10rs main say aur kia 4rs kamai honi chahiyay 10rs main say.

        dealer samajdar ho to load return bhi ho jata hai. dealer ko sahi terha mobile he na chalana ata ho lakeer ka fakeer ho to kon usko load wapis karay ga.

  • stop being a CHILD .

    Retailer charge you Rs.1 and
    GovT charge you rs.15

    you can’t say any thing to GOVT but
    your are lion in case of Small Retailer ?


    • Strange ager un ko profit kam lagta hai tu woh end consumer par kyun shift karte hain, woh company se kaheen kah hamara profit increase karo, wese bhi unhoon nai easy load khairaat main nahi rakha hai apna profit generate karne kah leye rakha hai, customer facility se koi lena dena nahi hai, jab hi i think retailer kah dete hain kah balance nahi aya tu hamare responsibility nahi hai…strange nation hai jo aesi ulti harkatoon par bhi agree karrahe hai, just like kesc, un ko problem management se hai aur woh pareshaan awaam ko karrahe hain, oper se ahtisaab ki baat karne waalay nahi sochte kah yeh neeche waalay hi hotay hai jo oper waalon ki help karrahe hote hain

      • 105 million users hain mobiles ke .. ap ke kehne per koi tax kam howa hai kia? SMS delivery reports ON ho gai thee kia? balance check kerna free ho gia hai kia?
        bohat bar kaha hai meray bhai aur nateeja yeah hai ke 4% se profit kam ho ker 3% per aa gia hai …
        I think companies ko bhee pata hai ke retailers extra charge ker rahay hain isi liay unho ne profit kam ker dia hai ….. aub agher companies profit 5% ker dain aur phir call rates berha dain to phir to takleef nahi ho gi customers ko na? companies retailers se jo bacha rahi hain woah ap ko kam call rates ki soorat main wapas bhee to ker rahi hain :-)

        • @Shahzad:
          Bro as people have already said, two wrongs do not make a right :)
          Its same as police justify bribery because they say their salary is too low. My debate is when they signed up for the job they KNEW how much they will be getting paid, nobody asked them to take the job at gun point.
          Same analogy can be used here, the retailer(shopkeeper) knew before hand how much profit he will be making so if they felt its not feasible business wise they should not do it.

          And your point that if sometimes they give extra credit by mistake then the customer should pay for it. My question is why should the customer pay for a mistake on the retailers end, if he punched in the amount incorrect, or if the service provider didnt issue the right amount then he should take it up with the company as the retailer is the middle man in this process.
          So no matter how you&other shopkeepers try to justify it, it is still a wrong practice.

          • Dear Faizan, there are two types of issue
            1. Load send to wrong number
            a. customer give wrong number mistakenly
            b. retailers miss typed it but customers still double check and says its OK
            c. customer just give number without telling that it has been ported to a different network (specially for original JAZZ number)

            For these customers still fight to get thier amount back. We have provided computer software for doing the easy load and customers are one who type in their number but beleive me they still type it worng.

            2. number was correct load is done twice
            a. this happens when retailers tries to load and he get error message from company e.g “Service not available”, “some error occurs, please try again” etc. In this case retailer has no idea what has happened. If he waits then customer yell at him what why he is not getting his load…. and poor retailers try again. and after few hours he get notified from the company that both requests has been successfully done.

            You think a person who had earned 0.60Rs (for a load of 20) had not tried to get this money refunded from company. 20Rs load is a big loss in this case.

            As, I have mentioned that we provide services to retailers (wahid load) which are arrpox 400, so every day we make dozens of call (on behalf of retailers) to helpline to get these wrong load refunded but we have learnt that there are 2 companies who will not refund any thing, 2 will refund but after cutting 16.5% tax and 1 will refund only if there is enough credit in the customers balance. So if received person already has used even a 0.1Rs from his balance, we are not going any thing refunded.

            Anyway, this does not justify the extra 1Re they charge. I agree if there is not enough profit margin in a business then one should not do it. But I assure you that out of 400 retailers we are dealing with more than 200 are new one who were not doing any thing and were just sitting idle cause they did not have enough money to start a reasonable business. I think its better to get these guys busy here rather they do some illegal stuff.

            Anyway, 8 years ago the profit margin was 4% and now it is 3% but in these 8 years price of every thing has doubled if not more. Even minimum labor income has doubled (at least in papers). By the way there is no restriction from companies that retailers has to sell a card of 100Rs in 100Rs. You yourself might have seen that Jazz card of Rs100 has been sold for 105 and 110. Same is true with easyload. Have you ever though why a cup of tea has price range from 5Rs to 500Rs. Every one uses the same ingredients.

            Just treat easyload as any other business, some retailer say I will sell you load of 100Rs for 102Rs and some will say I will sell it for 105R. It is the customer who has to decide where he should go and buy. As a customer if I have to buy something and go to a shop and came to know that I have to pay 5Rs more here but there is a shop 2KM away where I can buy the same thing 5Rs cheaper then its up to me to decided if it is worth going 2Km to safe 5Rs.

            • I agree with you on this point that if you dont want to pay extra try another shop. But what is insane as these people try to “justify” the charge.

  • By the way, if you do not want to recharge from the retailer then there is an other option … OK this will sound like advertisement of Wahid eLoad :-)

    With Wahid eload, you can recharge yourself and other friends of your. Also instead of deducting 1Re per load Wahid eLoad infact gives you 1% extra. All you need to do is to register your number with them, deposite the amount in their account e.g. for deposite of 1000Rs you will get 1010Rs (i.e. plus 1%) in your wahid account. Now using SMS you can recharge your SIM (of any operator) and SIMs of your friends. Nice thing for family memebers

      • detail kuch yoon hai.
        – ap apna personal number wahid eload main register kerwa lain
        – us ke liay ap ko un ke account main money transfer karain. First transfer main se 50Rs register fee cut jaay gi. for example ap ne 550Rs transfer kiay to 50Rs registration fee (non refundable) cut jaay gi aur baki 500Rs+1%=505 Rs ap ke WahideLoad account main chalay jain gay.
        – Ap ko aik SMS aay ga jis main ap ka WahideLoad balance, 6 digit PIN number ho ga
        – aub ap ko jub bhee apnay mobile ya kisi family member ke mobile main recharge kerwana ho to ap *1*PIN*NUMBER*AMOUNT# likh ker wahid eload ke number per SMS ker dain. wahid eload ap ke balance se AMOUNT deduct ker ke NUMBER per recharge ker de ga aur ap ko SMS request ki detail SMS ker de ga
        – kisi wajha se load na honay per 3 din tak ap apna load refund kerwa saktay hain without any deduction
        – ap ki sari communication SMS ke through ho gi

        aur detail chahiy hoan to email karain
        [email protected] per

        • laikin yeh website tou open hi naheen hoti. Aur hosted b free hosting par hai.
          Is silsalay mein kuch rehnumai karain gay?

          • Salman bhai, please oper diay howay email address per mail ker ke detail lain, WEB per aubhee yeah service enable nahi hoi …. siraf hostname register kia hai …. :-)

  • جن ملکوں میں قانون قاعدے کے مطابق چلا جاتا ہے وہاں کوئی یہ کہنے کی ہمّت نہی کر سکتا کہ اضافی پیسا کاٹنا ریٹیلر کا حق ہے. جو مو بائل بیچنے کا مشورہ دے وہ خود کوئی اور کام دھندہ کیوں نہیں کر لیتا ؟ یہ چوری میں آتا ہے جب میں آپکو پیسے دوں اور امید کروں کہ آپ اتنے ہی بھیجو گے، اور آپ ڈنڈی مارو اور میرا پیسا ہڑپ لو . اگر دین اور قانون کی کچھ سمجھ اور شعور ہو تو کوئی بہانے بازی نہ کرے اور اس غلط کام اور چوری کے لیے تاویلیں نہ گھرے ….لیکن یہاں آوے کا آوا ہی بگڑا ہوا ہے ..کوئی نا انصافی پر بولتا ہی نہیں ..اور چور بھی چوری کے لیے بہانے نکال رہے ہیں ..اگر منافع نہی ہے تو کوئی اور کام کر لو نا ، بھتہ خوری تو نا کرو ..ساری قوم کیا اب اخلاقیات بھول رہی ہے.

  • This is true example of our National Character. You will find all Pakistanis blog full with criticism on Politicians and Military but if you analyse without biasness then you will find that who ever is getting chance, he is doing worst with others. A nation with such majority can not flourish.


  • Jub awam ko yeh na pta ho k us k andar janay wala niwala HARAM ka hai yah HALAL ka tou wo riasat Pakistan k jaisi ANDHAIR NAGRI hi ban jati hai.

    • aik to hamaray mula hazrat foran halal/haram aur kufar ka fatwa jari ker daytay hain.
      – UBL omni even 20Rs ke recharge per 5Rs cut kerta hai woah theek hai
      – Telenor easy paisa 1000Rs tak ke utility bill per 10Rs charge kerta hai woah theek hai
      – shopkeeper roz-merz ki ash-ya thok main purchase ker ke 20-30% profir per sell karain woah theek hai
      – Ap ko free main kisi company ka GPRS use kernay ka tareeka aa jay to woah theek hai
      – mobile companies behter quality ke naam per terhan terhan ke charges laga lain woah theek hai

      bus aik bechara easyload retailer jo din main 3000Rs ka load nikalta hai jis per us ko 8 saal pehlay 120Rs save hotay thay aur aj 90Rs save ho rahay hain …. bus us ko koi haq nahi hai ke woah apnay daily expenses (jo last 8 years main double ho chukay hain) puray kernay ke liay apni services per extra charge ker sakay ….

      aur Amir Atta ap bhee, qu bhai siraf retailer extra deduction qu stop karain, telenor easy paisa aur UBL omni ki to bari tahreef hoi yahan propakistani per ke pakistan aik new direction main ja raha hai bla bla bla …. wahan ap ko charges nazer nahi aay? ON avg. aik retailer 2400Rs ka load daily sell kerta hai aur avg. aik load 40Rs ka hota hai …. is per profit plus extra charges mila ker us ko din main 130-135Rs save hotay hain….. is liay ap ko ziada ter aysay retailer milain gaay jo side main kuch aur business bhee kertay hain siraf easyload kisi aik bhee retailer ka gher nahi chala sakta ….. ap logo ko lagta hai ke easyload main bohat profit hai isi liay her sabzi walay, pan walay ne easyload rakha howa hai …. bhai meray woah log is se ziada se zaida 100-150Rs daily kama saktay hain … jo un ke expenses main thora sa help ker deta hai …… ap ko to is issue per baat kerni chahiy ke philippines jesay country main bhee easyload retailers ko 10-15% profit milta hai to hamaray retailers qu yateemo ki zindagi guzar rahay hain ….. sub companies bolti hain ke retailer un ki backbone hai, aur sub se kam income inhi backbones ki hain ….. ap ko to un ke haq main likhna chahiy ke un ko itna kam profit mil rahay hai ke un ko customers se extra charge kerna perta hai ….. per khair companies bhee andhi nahi hai… un ko nazer nahi aaya aj tak to ap ko kesay pata hota…….

      • Yeh sub log, jin ka aap nay zikar kia hai(UBL Omni, Easy paisa) awam ko bta kr paisay laitay hain. Baat rahi zabzi walay ki tou wo TIJARAT hai, TIJARAT mein koi shaks Rs. 1 ki cheez khareed kr usay Rs.100,000,000 ki baich skta hai. Mein nay aik general baat ki thi gisay aap nay personalize kr lia. Us shaks say behas krnay ka kia faida jis kay P.C mein maujood Operating System Pirated (Choori) ka ho. Free GPRS tips say khoosh hotay hoon gay aap. Alhamdulillah ab tak takreeban 25 neighbors aur 32 relatives,53 Friends ko Pirated Windows ki bajaye LINUX use krnay ka maswara diya, aur wo kr rahay hain.

        • wah kia baat hai 1Rski cheez 100,000,000 ki sell ker do to theek …. 97 ki cheez 102 main nahi bik sakti … ap ne kabhee sabzi walay se poocha hai ke bhai 20Rs kilo timater per 5 Rs qu profit kama rahay ho …. kabhii shopkeeper se poocha hai ke bhai 150Rs kilo daal per 30Rs profit qu kama rahay ho …. ? easyload retailer profit per sell karain to ehtiraz hai?? kamal hai
          bhai meray oper post main perh lo ke easyload retailers ne bhee likh ker rakha hota hai ke kitna extra charge karain gay …. to phir kesa ehtiraz?
          acha kaam kia ap ne logo ko Linux usekernay ka mashwara de ker …. sub logo ko aysa hi kerna chahiy ….. wesay main pakistan main nahi hoon … Europe main hoon aur ap ko andaza ho ga hi ke yahan Pirated software use nahi ker saktay … :-)

          • Aaap baat ko samajhna hi naheen chahtay. Khair koi baat naheen. Europe mein b sub aisay hi chalta hai? kia wahan ki non muslim awam ka character pakistani musalmanoon say acha naheen hai. Kaheen aur kiun jain Indian aawam k apnay mulk k liye sincerety level agr 100% hai tou pakistani awwam ka 0.0000000001% say b boht kam. Yahan baat sirf character aur sincerety level ki hi hai.

      • bro ap ka main nay reply perha hai ap khete hian k humian retailers k haq may bolana chaye k wo jo ezafi 1 or 2 rupe lty hian wo teek hai no no no its wrong dear un ko ager apna commotion kam lagta hai tu wo company say kheain k hum ap ka load sell nai kerty comm ko zayda kero yae kyhan ka right hai k jetna marzi kere changer kero ???

  • Yes.. This game is in run more than 3 years here in gujranwala. Customers are charged 1Rs less a transaction fee if they load less than 50Rs.. What a big. Y companies don’t punishes such retailers.

  • Retailers charge Rs.1 extra because companies do not give good enough commission share as their right, almost their commission is 2.5% which is not enough. Sometime a customer comes who has converted his/her number in another network if retailer easyloads with old company load so neither easyload goes to customer neither its return back to retailer and sometime it also happen when retailer easyloads in rush hours it takes too much time to easyload and at the same time customer wants easyload at prompt. So this is not all fault of retailer to extra charge.

  • salam to all !
    i had read about 20 of the comments posted here…
    please try to understand this matter completely then make any comment cellular service providers gives 3% to 3.5% on rs 100 load which is not a good profit plus also have some losses while recharging some time network errors some time number mistakes some time network changed errors so thats all make losses more than what they earn and in a mean while every one knows the commercial units of electric bills so giving re.1 as a service charge is their right

  • could you please write something about Mobile companies tax deduction and Banks ATM fees (if i use Other Banks ATM).I have lived in Saudi Arabia there wee none of those charges on both services.even in Saudi Arabia we use to get extra balance on card load (during promotion days). I know call rates are high in Saudi Arabia but that is with respect to their currency and that is related o other story.

  • close