PTA Shortlists 3.5 Million SIMs to be Blocked, if not Verified

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today announced that it shortlisted a total of 3.5 million SIMs without mentioning the numbers for each operator, that are said to be un-verified.

In other means, PTA has identified only 3.5 million SIMs as un-verified, out of total 105 million Mobile connections. Moreover, these SIM’s won’t get permanently blocked, instead they can call 789 to verify their data and get the SIM working again.


Phased Blocking of SIMs:

PTA said that considering the limited resources available at mobile companies’ end, the process of blocking shall be completed in four weeks where same number of mobile connections i.e. 0.875 million shall be blocked on weekly basis thus bringing total no of SIMs to 3.5 million.

The mobile connections that failed to approach 789, for re-verification/confirmation of their data, shall be completely blocked at the end of each week.

How to unblock a Blocked SIM?

PTA has said that during the blocking process a particular SIM/connection shall only be allowed to call 789 for re-verification of user’s antecedents. Through 789 system a customer has to approach Call Center of the concerned mobile company by dialing short code 789 and re-register & verify his antecedents through NADRA’s database by answering mandatory secret questions i.e. mother’s name and place of birth so as to activate his non-active SIM.

With a view to further facilitate the mobile users, individual SMS shall again be sent to all left over target mobile connections advising them to approach 789 so as to avoid completely blocking of their SIMs.

PTA said that a total of 13.28 million mobile connections approached and re-verified their antecedents through 668 database till 17th May, 2011.

It is also important to mention here that for the best interest of consumers’, PTA has made the service of 668 free of charge where consumer can know the count of SIMs of each mobile company registered against his CNIC by sending his CNIC number to 668 through SMS.

PTA said that the Chairman is personally monitoring the whole exercise.

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  • Siraf 3.5 Million ….. so does this mean we have around 100 million valid SIM registration ….. this is not bad :-) actually impressive

  • only 3.5 Million is unregistered? if I am not wrong I think at least 10 to 15 Million (or even more) sims are unregistered.

  • my ufone sim is not working now.
    i m calling it but call drops for the last 5 days. it was on my name.i confirmed it randomly. i possess it now.what the hell it is. Rehman malik aiween shaikhian mar raha hy.halat control hotey nahi………..aiween..

  • please
    create a new way to bolck unregester number from cell phone…………

  • PTA should also facilitate the user by providing with the the information about the numbers which are issued against his or her NIC by various Operators.
    Currently when you feed 668 or related url on PTA website with your NIC, it only gives you the number of connections issued by any cellular service against your unique NIC and do not show more details.
    I have observed that three (3) numbers are issued against my NIC from Mobilink, but I am unable to find out which numbers, as I have never acquired any number from and have never been the user of Mobilink.

    Please suggest PTA to adopt adequate measures.

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