Punjab University’s Website Gets Hacked

A group of students named “The Student Alliance” has defaced Punjab University’s official website, with an aim to stop the devolution of HEC.


Hackers have posted a bold-styled message on hacked pages to “Save HEC”.

It further reads:

Save HEC to save national integrity.

The defacement is done for a good cause. That is to spread awareness; take some time out to read/ understand the consequences of the dissolution.


We have determined that hackers have not damaged any data available on the website, however, it is certain that every index file is replaced with this defaced index file, which means that server wide URLs are defaced.

It merits mentioning here that Punjab University’s website is one of the most visited academia website in the country.


Website is back online now!

  • @admin; Please check before posting anything, the PU website is up and working absolutely fine.

  • people really think Vandalism of OUR OWN PROPERTY is good work?! Who are these commenters?

  • This is called the legal way of Hacking.
    Students roX!!
    This is a clear warning for Education Ministry and Government as well that no one wants to dissolve HEC.


    • So why dont you hack the GOVERNMENTS sites and not a university’s site? This makes no sense at all. does PU want to get rid of HEC? Is that why their site was hacked?

  • Look at the names of these guys…LOL.
    PPP (after Bhutto) has failed to deliver anything positive, corruption, politics for personal gains, awam ko khush karna madaripan sy, nokrian dy dy kar..zarorat ho ya na ho..bayshak khazana tabah ho jaey..this is what they are doing.

  • that’s not a good way for awareness.if anyone know about hacking and get any pakistani vulnerabilities website weakness he must inform the admin does not exposed like this.Punjab University’s Website too much important for students.they hack Punjab University’s Website they such has disturbance for students studies.many pakistani vulnerable sites is under threat.we try to find and Secure.it’s not good we congrats him for hacking University’s Website.if any one react like this so many pakistani web site well be spoil and deface.we can’t say its legal way of Hacking but not better way of Expose weakness.i just want to say keep hacking for your Country security but in silence hacking is better.if they tried to like again then future will be very dangerous For them.All the Pakistani Privates and Governments Educational institutions must strictly protect their websites.

  • If Your Are Pakistani..then its not good..
    better to work for Pakistani’s website to make secure..not to spoil….but if you think you did good job then its mean your going to spoil Pakistani’s Future….Be Cool :p there is many big hacker’s and don’t u make ur self clever :p lolz.
    just ____ This Kind Of Pakistani Who Are going to Spoil Pakistan.

  • جس نے پنجاب یونیورسٹی کی ویب سائٹ ہیک کی ہے وہ پاکستانی نہیں ہو سکتے .انھوں نے یہ غلط کام کر کے بہت برا مذاق کیا ہے .اسے لوگوں کو سزا ملنی چاہے جنھوں نے اپنے ہی ملک کی جڑیں کاٹنےکی کوشش کی ہے .ہم نے اپنے اندر اور باہر کے دشمنوں سے اس ملک کی ہر چیز کو بچانا ہے .آج ہمیں اندر اور باہر دونوں طرف سے خطرات لاحق ہیں.ہمیں اپنے سائبر ڈیفنس سسٹم کو زیادہ مضبوط بنانا ہوگا کے مجرم اس سسٹم کو ٹور نہ سکیں .
    (Fedora HKR)

    • But the stupid thing is they defaced the site of a group (university) that is already PRO-HEC. Why not deface site of those ANTI-HEC?

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