Warid: Excellence in Cellular Customer Experience Management

Warid_LogoGoing an extra mile and aiming to do even more is Warid’s way of serving its customers. The company has set high standards of service excellence and is enjoying incredible brand reputation and exceptionally positive customer loyalty trends with a market perception of being the most reliable cellular service of Pakistan.

In terms of managing customer expectations and making their experience delightful, the company & its employees are rightly aligned and motivated to live the brand promise and ensure that exceptional services are being offered at each touch point.

When the company was launched in 2005, it gave the entire community slogans like ‘Be Heard’ and ‘We Care’. And now when the company is about to complete its 6 years of successful business operations in Pakistan there are some amazing facts coming in regard to customer life cycle trends, their loyalty and brand affiliation. Mobile phone users in Pakistan acknowledge Warid Telecom for its exceptional network quality, transparency, innovation and its excellence in customer experience management.

With the expertise and passion to transform brand promises into operational reality, today the company is serving a subscriber base of over 17 million with coverage in 550 cities across Pakistan.

The company is also having one of the largest customer service networks and distribution channels, allowing it to offer easy accessibility and exceptional customer services throughout the country. Being the trend-setter and leader in providing quality services, Warid Telecom continues to earn customer trust by setting excellence benchmarks in Pakistan Telecom industry.

  • This is absolutely true that this company Warid is the only one that is really good in its customers services. In PTA consumer complaints trends Warid is the only telco with lowest complaints.

    Out Standing Job Warid

  • Warid still remains an expensive option for customers and less likely to be selected for a network. With few customers, no wonder they have low complaints.

  • bs 1 complain hai, wo ye k glow k packages kafi late atay hain.but affordable hoty hain.waiting for new Internet package..:)

  • for quality you have to pay more but Warid is cheaper than Telenor and Mobilink
    Warid the best Quality network

  • No one can deny the fact about Quality of Services being offered by Waridtel in Pakistan but also this is not hidden from anyone that Waridtel is only network to introduce any package or promotion, late than all others! In short, 1 offer per year!
    If they make their Marketing and campaigns strong, I’m pretty sure that no other network will meet the quality provided by Waridtel.
    Again, They must focus on to provide ‘AALA’ packages which may assure Customers that they can atleast make ‘MUFTA’ on calls, SMS or either GPRS. =P


  • Warid is the best and i had my lifes best customer services experience with Warid.

    Thank you Warid

  • Warid is best. true value of money. You never have to regret even if it is costly. Whenever I am dialing a number, I am sure that I will never face call drops or poor call quality issues if the called networks is also warid. As per my experience, in Ufone & Telenor, you have to dial 2-3 times in a conversation of 8-10 minutes.

    Welldone Warid!!!! We are with you…

  • Yes no doudt that Warid Pakistan is best network of Pakistan.
    Simply if some one haven’t used warid in Pakistan he does not know about Quality of service
    Warid = Best Quality (Voice + Datat)

    • our the licrecy rate is very low and we are poor people we can not spend more on quality. Very few people know what is QoS in celluar industary
      Any how warid is not expensive but it is marketing is not that much extensive but they have totally different and best standards

  • Truth dera, As much as 18 million users the company secured and as the tendency of our nation to follow the shadow of cheep offers by the telecom operators in Pakistan there are many coming to realize the quality of services as a priority. And I think everyone who believes in quality and want it – is using Warid. You got to try that too – there is no free cup of tea in this world. Good service has a cost to it, bear it and have something outclass, just like Warid.

  • Laziest company of Pakistan in terms of introducing new offers or advertisement. Sleep well!

    • Yah Kashif you are right, but why do we expect too much from our mobile operator ? i think we are too much demanding and those who are, they are all using that U fone and i just have a feeling that you are the one using it. LOL nevermind, when you are fedup and want quality, turn it to Warid and they i can bet you will never loss the trust. Quality Matters for those who demand it.

  • Well i was a Mobilink User and really i know what these guys are and then i moved to Telenor and i call it my lives worst exp :( I said good by to them just because they do not know how to talk over the phone, helpline and even in their front office business centers.

    All my family was already using Warid and its been 5 months i am using it. First class Signals, no call drops, excellent voice quality and at the top Glow 2.0 – there is nothing like this , trust me.

    Yes i agree quality matters but you got to pay for it. Thanks Warid :)

  • yah its true the only one here in Pakistan that gives quality is Warid only.

    Just brilliant i must say and yah i had wounderful customer service experience at 1k Business Center LHR, they are quick and really concerned to assure i get what i want and deserve as their subscriber.

  • Well, great service with great passion = Warid

    Rest are the noise toys – really sick of these mobile ads, thanks to Warid for their required presense and they been so decent in all their ads. I like them.

    Can anyone tell me if there are any new GPRS packages coming ???

  • Yah well i am using Warid Postpaid for 3 years and i never had even a single issue. I also go abroad with their IR and GPRS service.

    I dont think i will ever quit, they r doing real good job. I think its mainly their sloid network.

  • @Yasir Majeed
    U got me ;) Im using Ufone. Well I do appreciate Warid’s quality. I left it only because they took back SMS del reports & never launched again even with charges. I’m ready to pay more for quality but they should launch the service atleast.

  • Very true,I am using warid from 3 years and it did’nt disappointed me even a single time So Well done Warid thumbs up for your service and quality It’s just more than outstanding

  • Well guys I am the most frequently network changer guy in back days, Till the day I use warid I never ever had an issue over quality of calls and IR, especially international dialing because of my field of business.

    I never went to warid centers except for replacing lost sims, Just dial 321 and my query solved even the billing is so simple use prepay card or internet banking to pay.

    My company switched to warid many years ago and they are loyal happy warid customers


  • Dear Sir,
    Thank you for given chance to discuss complain. We are not satisfied. We face difficulties in your network. Unfortunately, your service has not performed well because network does not work properly in gulistan-e-jauhar under area. I am disappointed because we are loyal customer but the service was not performed correctly,

    Your coverage is not available in my area. Please installation of Mobile Booster/Mobile Tower /Wireless Tower. i can give u a place for tower and help, requesting that install coverage tower at our area, there is no coverage tower on that locality,
    Address is R-46 gulshan bungalows, gulistan-e-jauhar Karachi

    Kindly send your survey team for inspection and give us a chance to be apart of your business.
    Your co-operation will highly appreciate.
    Thank you,

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