Telenor Offers Nokia E7 with 3 Months Free GPRS

Telenor has jumped into smartphone race, to compete Mobilink and Ufone to some extent. It is now offering this Nokia E7, a high-end smartphone, at slightly lesser price.

Phone was earlier introduced in Pakistan at a price tag of Rs. 54,000 but Telenor seems to be offering the device at slightly discounted rate.


  • Telenor is offering Nokia E7 in Rs. 49,000

Free Mobile Internet:

  • Telenor is also offering free internet with this phone.
  • Mobile internet will be given for three months with a monthly data limit of 45MB

Phone Key Features Include:

  • Internet Enabled
  • 4 inch Large Touch Screen
  • Slide Out QWERTY Keypad
  • 8MP Camera
  • HDMI


  • Phone is not network locked.
  • Also you get 12 months Nokia warranty with this phone.
  • You can get Nokia E7 from Telenor Sales and Service Centers

  • Abubakar Shafi

    Lame offer

  • Rehan Ahmad

    Nice Step from Telenor…..
    Ufone gave N8 in past now Telenor is trying to walk in to the Smart Phone’s War.

  • Good buy this phone at discounted price for just Rs.49,000 (Original Price 54,000) with FREE GPRS for 3 months. Attractive huh. =)


    • khan

      e7 is in market at 49,000 bro, grow up.

  • Ahsan do you dislike Zong?

    Telenor hamesha ke terha kanjoos, talkahawk per free minutes diyay to 5 aur shayad 10 sms LOL, itnay mehangay handset kay sath sirf 45×3 GPRS.

    Jabkeh dorsi companies hazaro free mins aur sms deti hain, Zong android phone kay sath kai months ka unlimited gprs day rahi hai.

    And Nokia has become past. Android rules.

    • Boss, this wasn’t Telenor vs Zong :-) obviously what you are saying is a fact.

      And none of the post here on ProPakistani involve personal grudges of author, i see you are a regular reader and must have experienced it.

      Also if you are asking personal choice, only if Ufone improves QoS.

      • I wanted you to include Zong also when you included Telenor vs mobilink and Ufone :)

  • Ali T.

    Good offer buy E7 sucks. Dunno why Nokia puts fixed focus cams in high-end phones :|

  • Monis

    why dont they come up with deals like usa uk
    no phone cost but with 2 years contract .

    • Why

      Cuz most of the subscribers are Pre paid……..

  • Salman Abbas

    LMAO 49K ka Symbian Phone. Only retarded psychos will buy it XD

    • haris

      u all nokia haterss warch itttt, nokias symbian n meeg0/windows M7 gonnaaa eatt ios n android in the very firsttt quarter of 2012.. mind it muah :)

    • Better buy Android which is better in both price and features XD

  • Ahmed

    Who still goes for Nokia…? huh

  • dell

    lol lamest offer ever.kitna bewakoof banao gay awaam ko telenor .

  • salman

    this is stupid offer i think

  • Stryker

    They should have introduced an Android phone rather then Symbian Smartphone which is now a dead OS :/

  • Asadullah Soomro

    prob phone is locked on telenor lmao!

    • Ansari

      nope its not network locked…

  • imi

    its already on 49 in market so only gprs free.

  • janjua

    Good Offer! much appreciated


    Yesterday I visited Hafeez Center (Lahore). Latest Price for Nokia E7 is, Rs.55,700


  • Umair

    They should have gone for iphone it would have sold like hot cakes.

    • Apple have no plans for coming in Pakistan Officially yet :)

    • Why

      Apple asks Service Providers to sell min 5000 phones per week. Do you think there is enough market for that price bracket ?

  • Usman

    Wao very Interesting offer….

  • Rizwan Rajput

    Meego tu fail os hai, ab kisi ko symbian fone pasand nahi

  • Usman Kahan

    I just got an E7 , amazing phone and a good change after Iphone 4 . It comes with a warranty and local apps like Geo News , Dawn and ofcouse amazing angry birds through the store

  • khushnaam

    Usman, dont you like the original platform for which angry birds was made :P ovi store is chump change compared to the apple store

  • If the phone is really not network locked then it would be great but Data limit is very small. it would not served whole month at least not me.

  • Khushnaam

    I would say thats its a very late entry in the market. like almost 1 year late. what were they thinking?

  • not such an attractive offer, price is too high and GPRS limit is not enough.
    They should offer it for maximum 35,000.

  • :@telenor

    telenor waley loot rahay hain pakistanio ko,in ko pakistan se nikal do :@