Confirmed: Warid-Mobilink Merger Isn’t Happening Anymore!

Warid_LogoRumors and un-confirmed news of Warid-Mobilink merger had been consistently surfacing for last several month, but today Warid has declared that it has decided not to pursue any further the current merger discussions with Orascom Telecom/Vimpelcom, we have confirmed with a highly placed source in the company.

On the occasion of its 6th anniversary, higher management communicated this to its workforce that Warid has decided to retain its independent brand identity and will not merge with Mobilink or any other operator. The communication said that Warid has abandoned any discussion/talks for merger, and has decided not to get into merger talks again.

According to another source, this decision came after evaluating the overall interests of the shareholders and current market situation, Warid ultimately has decided not to go with the merger instead it will re-visit its overall operations to boost the sales and network capacity.

Inside sources tell us that Warid employees are very positive after this development, who have undergone through difficult and uncertain time during last one year or so.

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  • Wow, thats a good news. I work for Etisalat but i spent three years in Warid ENGG Network Design and you know why this company will stand again and will live a leadres life ? because it is made to do so – Their network vendors and their network Planning BSS, NSS and Ops…. I give them 100% marks, Just brilliant state of engineering from A to Z.

    Now thats what they have, Pakistans best network design. They are less famed in media but i think its a positive approch as i have started hating these Ufone funny ads which are making the Telecom TV commercials very non serious and objectiveless and that they are made for just the sales with no image or brand and bla bla bla :)

    Any how best of luck Warid and the leader is only that – who has a design made with Excellence :) the key US-Point. The worst you know is the mobilink, then its Zong, then its Ufone, then Telenor and then Warid.

    Visit P44 to see the figures the PTA issued:

    • Totally agreed Sir! Anybody who has used Warid for a few months very very rarely go for any other service provider.

  • There is no official notification from either party on this news. I would expect to issue a press release if this were true and confirmed.

  • The business evaluation for merger is always based on deep analysis, and company is a strong fit with the potential to expand. There had been some management issues in the past but now since Zouhair taken as Broad Member for Wateen, Warid and Wincom.

    I know there are some people who are made to win only. Warid got legends who set up mobilink in Pakistan and they are more skilled now to redo a company that has already a good market repute in terms of its service.

  • I am not sure what is going behind all I know is, Warid is a very good service provider with excellent customer services I ever had in Pakistan. There Edge is just wow

  • Thanks god if Warid is not going to mobilink, otherwise it would have had gone as worse as Mobilink.
    I am happy : )

  • Their merger could have been benificial for the companies and customers. Well have it your way Warid

  • Happy Bday to you Warid :)

    Good company and great people make it a great cell service of PK

    • really? its market share is quite low for a rising brand which has been here for years

  • Yes. This news is confirmed that Warid’s merger with mobilink or anyother company is not happening anymore. well its a good sign for Warid employees and bad news for mobilink since Warid’s all equipments are up to the mark and 3G compatible as well, how ever Mobilink will be required to update all its equipments in future incase 3G license issuance from PTA so Orascom will be required bilions of investment to update its systems, that was main cause that they were interested for a merger with Warid. Well Best wishes to Warid Employees and its management. Warid is the best with the best Network Quality and Customer service.

  • Well. There is just one thing I expect from my operator and that is quality and that’s it. I am business professional and cannot afford any troubles, especially with my connection. That I like the most in Warid is its International Roaming service because I got to travel 20 days a month and its superb.

    • @Jamshed: 100% agreed
      We were using Warid as coorporate connection it was superb.
      Now we are using Telenor it is most pathetic at IR.
      I was in China and no data roaming of Telenor in china and my Blackberry was dead over there, also voice incoming at Telenor is 106 PKR/Min
      And at Warid it is about 90PKR/Min
      Best network Warid I am really missing the best connection

  • I got a bad experience with IR when using Mobilink, its really bad and when I called the local operator to ask reason, they said they don’t know what mobilink is. Mobilink Indigo Crap , expensive and crap both. I will surly try Warid. Could someone tell me how to portin Warid online ?

  • Not an issue Saima, this is very easy. I did it, they are just doing delighting service, they drop you sim at your drop step, just call them at 0321 321 321 1 or visit


    Port-In to the Best Quality Network and we will deliver the SIM at your door step!
    We extend an invitation to all cellular users to join the Best Quality Network with the ease of registering your request through Warid commercial website. No need to visit Warid’s business center to initiate your request or to collect your Warid SIM. With our online service we will contact your current operator on your behalf to verify your Name/NIC and IMSI. Upon successful execution of your request Warid will deliver your new SIM directly to your door step.
    So sit back and relax as Warid offers you a customer experience like never before!

  • Great news on merger. Lucky Warid family. Best of luck Warid. Live long and keep serving Pakistan with quality communication services.

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