Ufone Introduces Futura Phone with EVO Service

Ufone is today launching a new handset called ‘Uth Futura’, which is said to be a cheaper 3G alternate and an industry first device that support both GSM and CDMA EVDO REV A networks in parallel.


The killer features of this phone are:

  • It will use (Ufone’s) GSM network for voice calls and SMS
  • Plus it will use PTCL’s EVO network for data services, to be used with mobile plus it can work as EVDO modem – to be connected with PC to use EVO service.

So blended with the benefits of both the GSM and CDMA networks, you can have premium quality GSM coverage plus the high speed internet of 3.1 Mbps – in a single device.

EVO Tariffs for Ufone Futura

For GSM services, you will have to recharge your account with conventional Ufone cards or U-Share with usual tariffs that Ufone offers.

However, for Internet services, Ufone has partnered with PTCL offer exclusive per hour package to its customers.

Following are available packages:

  • Hourly Package: Rs. 25 per hour (Default Package)
  • Unlimited Monthly Package: Rs. 2,000 per month

Note: To use EVO Internet services, you will have to use PTCL Vouchers for recharge.


  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • 2.0 MP Camera
  • FM Radio
  • Audio/Video Player
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 262K 2.4”TFT
  • Micro SD Card Support up to 8 GB
  • Email (Built-in Gmail, Other Pop Accounts )
  • GPS Data (Only provides basic GPS data information, does not support Navigation feature.)
  • (EVDO Modem/Mass Storage)
  • Internal Memory: 34 MB
  • Snaptu
  • Nimbuzz
  • Mobile TV


  • Ufone Futura is offered for Rs. 7,000
  • Ufone Futura is available through all Ufone Sales and Service Centers (Except Peshawar)
  • Ufone Futura is network locked
  • Ufone Futura comes with replaceable warranty of 6 months
  • Ufone Futura comes with 10 free EVO Internet Hours

We had a chance to speak with Mr. Faisal Khalid, who is Manager Marketing (VAS) at Ufone to ask him few questions about Ufone Futura phone, watch below the video:

Handset Accessories:

Ufone Futura will come with following accessories:

  • Stereo Head Phones
  • Battery and Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Modem Driver Disk
  • Handset Manual

At the launch Mr. Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, proclaimed that Futura is the gadget of tomorrow which will completely change the tech-lifestyle of Pakistani mobile users. He stressed upon the necessity for frequent and affordable innovations in technology, claiming that Futura, being a reasonably priced mobile phone, will completely revamp the mind-set of the internet and tech savvy users exposing them to high speed internet facility at low costs.

Here are few pictures of Ufone Futura:

Ufone Futura (2)

Ufone Futura (11)

Ufone Futura (10)

Ufone Futura (12)

Ufone Futura (13)

Ufone Futura (14)

Ufone Futura (4)

Ufone Futura (14)

Ufone Futura (9)

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Wao… so beautiful handset at affordable price… i am going to buy this handset soon.. Tum hi tu ho… my Ufone. :D

  • Wow ufone is now going to hit the market but still the problem is there quality i remember when i left ufone and shifted to telenor and I’m now happy with that but still sometimes i feel like i have to change again but there is still the problem of there quality of services, And i think that is one of the reason that ufone is now 19% used whereas telenor is 24% used in pakistan.

    I’l probably shift to ufone if there quality was better.

  • I hope they launch some high end android touch screen version of it. That would be amazing. May be a low end 7K phone is more attractive for youth but a 4 inch capacitive touch android version will rock even more.

    • Agree with you, idea is great and probably Ufone wanted to do a pilot before going large scale with high-end phones.

      Once high-end hybrid phones hit the market, they gonna rock…

      • Don’t you think? this is unethical and monopolistic in terms of EVO Services.

        because, Ufone is subsidiary of PTCL and no other Mobile operator may be able to offer such services.

        like wise they have spc. rates for PTCL landlines and V phones. and having an edge because of the being PTCL subsidiary.

  • after all this collabration, couldn’t they have made life easier for us by enabling recharge for both GSM and EVO using a single card..

  • well, this is a great effort by ufone but i really don’t like it. why always ‘Peshawar’. Its a part of Pakistan yar. :(

    • Well u r right its because the frequency used by evo in peshawar is different from PAKistan.You can use peshawar evo just in peshawar where as if u purchase evo of any other country u wont able to use that in peshawar.

  • its ok but before going to penetrate the cell phone market ufone needs to improve its quality of service and coverage.despite being a ufone user for 5 years i have finall decided to switch over because every now and than you encounter a network problem.Even at major city areas it has failed to provide full signal strength.They freally need to improve their signal coverage otherwise it would be tough for them to servive in such a competetive as well as saturated market.

  • Could this device works as wifi?
    I want to know if will use it as wifi device with my iphone4 fir Internet surfing..

    • u may have EVO device with WiFi enabled already launched by ptcl…
      can support upto 4 devices…
      4 hours battery timing with 1 device attatched..

  • OMG OMG!!!!!!!! This news made my day. Finally a TRUE 3G PHONE in Pakistan (working on EV-DO Rev A), now bring Motorola Droid X and other high end phones working on EV-DO Rev A!!!!!! AWESOME! :D

  • Hansi aa rahe hai :p CDMA+GSM sets are already available in market (new and used) and some good ones have builtin EVDO modem (damn PTCL changed the name of technology, why you call it EVO, its EVDO).

    • But PTCL or worldcall wont enable service on those handsets…

      This is a working option… :-)

  • Ab ufone ko 3G spectrum lene ki zarurat nahien hogi ufone ptcl ki spectrum use kar sakta ab ufone aur ptcl ko mil ke coverage ko aur ziada cities aur towns tak le jana chahiye aur mobile ke liye optimized terifs launch karna chahiye

  • Stupid marketing,offering very low end set and cdma technology with very high internet package. Useless nothing new

  • service issues. I used ufone for last five years but for the last 4 months i am using zong. Zong got much better services and packages than ufone.

  • Hmmm i was thinking that they will come with their own 3G network but they are offering other company product (so sad) but i like one thing that they try to step up with 3G if other network will start own 3G probably ufone will get down market value i am waiting they will start their own 3g then i will join ufone if other network start 3g i will go with them

    • PTCL is not any other company… PTCL and Ufone are same… so being together they can offer services like the above mentioned

  • for me EVO is useless, in my area (NORTH KARACHI, Anda Moore) limited EVO coverage, runs like 512kbps(50KB/s) :(

  • I think Ufone marketing should have come up with a better handset, the service with unlimited Internet would cost Rs.2000/- plus abt a 1000 for Voice Calls. So if the user is spending 3000 Approx then why get a handset worth 7000. Here is a hint to Marketing Department

    • Agreed… May be thats why they have activated 25Rs per Hour package by default. Perhaps they will launch some high end handset for other users.

  • This is really nice, I wish it was some other cellfone make though. Not a big fan of huawei :(

  • Hi aysha ufone also giving 3 android smartphone ufone image(huawei u8800) ufone verve(huawei u8500) ufone ideos(huawei u8150)

  • before launching new technology Ufone should work on its coverage which is pathetic. not at all impressed
    by this fone.

    • Agreed..they just keep coming up with new offers without sustaining the old ones

  • Yalllllllla Guys!!!!!!!!!

    its Good news for us that ufone is going to start 3G service in pakistan
    people were waiting for long long time……….

    But according to news CDMA signals would be provided by PTCL…..
    that means fone will work just as modem….

    Any One Knows about its usage of VOIP……..
    direct without laptop……….

    plz tell me guys

  • This is cheating, plain and simple. Wait until other companies raise an issue with PTA about this.

  • it is not a good offer at all. Sirf browsing hi krna ya 5 channels dekh lena is not everything. If they are trying to provide 3g then they should also try to provide phone which could support applications that enhances 3g experience. Nimbuzz and snaptu is nothing. We want some extra usage. I’m sure there would be an issue of certificates while browsing too.
    So this phone doesn’t touchs the heart. I think evo wifi cloud is far better than this, atleast it allows us to use so called 3g in our exsisting mobiles with lot of applications that are supported by highend mobiles.

  • So we can use Skype in this phone (Ufone Futura)?

    (Also can someone tell me whether you guys use skype on normal GPRS/Edge?)..

    • I am using Skype in Nokia 5250 phone with Zong 2GB Internet package activated.

      It works really very nice, clear voice and no call disconnection…quality is great!

      • I am using e72+ zong 2gb .. but currently skype voice quality isnt tht much good ..

        i think speed quality is getting poor day by day compare to what it used to be when 2Gb was launched .. btw iam using zong 2Gb since a year

      • salam , hi saquib can u please tell me how did u download skype……..i mean through which package of zong?? tnx
        i got 5250 nd i m thinking to buy zong sim to use skype as i have heard it is cheap in rates for internet

  • nice yr
    but evo active krwaty han to usky monthly charges kya hoge???bcz GPRS to phly hi hota ha sb ma

  • Its not android, so i am not going to buy it. any ways nice move ufone. But still my cheap 2GB zong + PTCL DSL is ok for me :p. bring it with android and i am going to port out.

  • Not so impressive but a good step towards 3g. As we know that ufone and PTCL are almost the same, so ufone takes benifit of PTCL’S services. But there is no option for other operators to the same. So in my view thay’ll be compelled now to start 3g services very soon to maintain and improve their positions in the market.

  • 3.1Mbps and look at the phone features not even smartphone. Complete fail combination.

  • Ingenius offer bundling gsm with 3g in a single affordable product, competitive gsm package with a broadband rate comparable to market rates, but be careful buying into a product which might trigger a regulatory review by PTA sooner.

    Ufone has a 2g or in other words a non-3g license while ptcl has a license for 3g Evdo WITHOUT mobility.

    If its a ufone product, they don’t have the license to offer 3g, and if its a ptcl product, they dont have the license to offer mobility.

    Just a word of caution, be careful …

    • I agree with your caution.. PTA must look into this matter. PTCL dont have the license to provide mobile broadband only cellular companies can do it. Ufone cannot provide 3G mobile broadband with its 2G license. PTCL can only provide wired or wireless broadband service without mobility in its license.

      Matter of Regulations…. PTA has to clear it all.

  • amir bai i have ptcl evo here in kohat.if i purchase ufone futura,will it work both on my handset and on my laptop?i think it will be better for me to quit ptcl evo.

  • PTA must look into this matter. PTCL dont have the license to provide mobile broadband only cellular companies can do it. Ufone cannot provide 3G mobile broadband with its 2G license. PTCL can only provide wired or wireless broadband service without mobility in its license.

    Matter of Regulations…. PTA has to clear it all.

  • PTA must look into this matter.
    PTCL dont have the license to provide mobile broadband only cellular companies can do it.
    Ufone cannot provide 3G mobile broadband with its 2G license.

    PTCL can only provide wired or wireless broadband service without mobility in its license.

  • ye wo hand sets hain jin main evdo pehle se hi hai
    its evdo not evo
    ptcl aur ufone hamesha se awam ko bewakuf samajte hain
    inho ne tenoligy ka name hi change kar diya hai
    ha ha ha ha ……….

    EVDO Phones

    i-mate PDA2k EVDO
    LG VX-9900
    LG VX-9800
    LG VX-8000
    LG VX-8100
    Motorola E815
    Motorola E816
    Moto Q
    RAZR V3c
    RAZR V3m
    KRZR K1m
    SLVR L7c
    Nokia 6305i
    Nokia 6315i
    Sanyo MM-7500
    Sanyo MM-9000
    Sanyo SCP-8400
    Treo 700p
    Treo 700w
    Pantech Hero / PN-8300
    BlackBerry 7130e
    BlackBerry 7250
    BlackBerry 8703e
    Curitel TX-160c
    VK Mobile 650C
    Sprint PPC-6700

  • With all due respect to all those talking about the change in name of the technology from EVDO to EVO…basically evo is the name of the internet connection provided by PTCL through a usb modem which uses EVDO technology. Here ufone is offering a handset which is having a built-in evo connection which uses evdo technology. you can’t have an evo connection on any evdo handset. so no one has changed the name of the technology…as far as the handset is concerned i don’t like it as it’s not a smart fone…i am using evo cloud drive which gives my fone and laptop a high speed wireless internet connection which is a far better option than this DUMMY without wifi…

  • LOL, cant believe people can be so stupid.

    They have NOT changed the name of the technology, its just their brand name. Technology is EV-D0, brand name is EVO. Simple!!!!!!!!

  • @ don or any other relevent person:

    Are these EVDO enabled cell phones (already available in the market) workable with PTCL EVO service?

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