SIM Owners to be Held Responsible for any Unlawful Communication

The cellular users will be held responsible under law if the SIM under his or her name is used in punishable offence therefore users are liable to block the SIM within 24 hours to the concerned operators if it is loss or theft.

PTA stated this in its recently issued “Subscribers Antecedents Verification Regulations” for cellular subscribers and operators that explained the registration and maintenance of accurate data of their users through proper documentation and complete verification by National Database Registration Authority (NADRA).

All cellular subscribers are responsible for the SIMs that are registered on their name, which shall not be misused for any fraudulent, unsolicited and obnoxious communications.

According to the regulation, the cellular subscribers shall be entitled to purchase maximum up to 10 SIMs of one operator provided that the data are verified properly, otherwise unverified and unnamed SIM will be blocked. The detail of subscribers and SIMs will be submitted to PTA on monthly basis by cellular operators.

The subscription of cellular services will be activated on the verification of CNIC details through NADRA. For below 18 year-old subscribers, one of the parents CNIC along with copy of B-form shall be submitted to authorized agents or seller of the SIM.

The foreign nationals shall obtain SIM after submission of passport and visa copy to the authorized agent of cellular operators. In case of alien, a photo copy of card issued by National Alien Registration Authority (NARA) with updates of additional information to be submitted to the authority time to time, the regulations said.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has said that cellular operators are sole responsible to sell SIM (subscriber Identity Module) to any individual by any means with assurance of complete verification of users antecedents at the time of activation.

The regulations stated that cellular operators shall be entitled to sell SIM(s) only through their customer service centers, franchises and authorized agents and their complete details will be provided to authority from time to time.

All sale agreement with customers shall be properly stamped by the authorized agent at time of SIM sale and purchase.

In case of non-compliance of regulations, the retailers and agents contract will be terminated by operators.

The operators will ensure the cleaning of old data of their subscribers after regular interval and upgrade the maintenance of subscribers’ data to submit it to the authority as current status.

The operators will ensure the confidentiality of all details disclosed by its subscribers.

PTA can inspect the record of cellular operators and their registered agents any time aimed at ensuring compliance of regulations as much as possible.

Warning for Mobile Users

The burden of un-registered SIMs is now being shifted to their so-called owners, which were unlawfully sold by cellular operators, while PTA remained quite then.

For instance find below the 668 SIM information details for Aamir Attaa:


According to Aamir, he has 2 Ufone SIMs and 1 Telenor SIM. Other than this, he has never purchased Mobilink, Warid or Zong’s SIM, ever (unlike mentioned above – along with his data for Telenor and Ufone is incorrect).

However, these companies, in case of Aamir Attaa at least, un-lawfully sold SIMs to its customers (with fake registrations obviously), which means that operators should be held responsible for these un-law full sales – instead, PTA has shifted all the responsibility onto customer’s shoulders.

Now, according to up-mentioned regulation, all customers are supposed to visit service centers of all mobile companies to get their un-used (or say unlawful) SIMs blocked – this way they must clean the mess created by operators and PTA. Or in case of any terrorist activity, if their SIM is ever used, they must see the bars.

Important Note for Mobile Users:

  • Don’t rely on 668 data
  • Visit sale and service centers of all mobile operators to get your data corrected
  • Please make sure that this regulation is in effect, so before any possible mishap, get your data corrected

Click on this link to download the copy of regulation (PDF File – 320 KB)

  • Operators are not co-opperating with the SIM owners.Ony Telenor has placed a good system. They give our properly stamped form.

    Ufone and Mobilink never delete data.

  • Well that totally s*cks… There is no way that i could ensure that relevant operator will definitely remove any and all numbers from my ownership even after visiting service centers. And what are the guarantees that not another bundle of SIMs will be activated against my CNIC after blocking of previous ones… Even for that matter they update data on 668 after 30 days (and so they claim)… Who will be responsible between those 30 days…

  • No thats wrong, if you are getting a problem it must be with that particular branch. Dont be a typical stereotype

  • Dear Pro Pakistani,

    Kindly share the link where we can also find how many sims are registered on our names.

  • My advice please do not at all trust 668. I did a poll using my phone as well as the online link, all results showed no SIMs in my name at all! I have 2 Warid SIMs which I and my wife use. So I went to the customer dis-services center and was informed not to worry at all as the database is being updated. Still no results in the 668 and online poll , though

  • After all these are “rules”, issued by PTA…a lawyer can better guide if they have any legal binding on subscriber, as PTA isn’t body to implement laws but merely a regulator of laws.

  • ابھی ہم سب کو قومی ذمہ داری کا احساس دلایا جا رہا ہے کہ جا کر لین میں لگو اور سم بند کرواؤ …لیکن کسی نے پوچھا کہ آپ تو پی ٹی ا ے تھے نہ ؟ آپ اس وقت نیند میں تھے ؟ آپ تو حکومت تھے نہ ؟ سیاست میں مصروف تھے یا کرسی کرسی کھیل رہے تھے ؟ آپ تو آپریٹر تھے نہ ؟ صرف پیسہ کمانے کا جنون سوار تھا سر پر یا کسٹمر گھیرنے کی دھوڑ لگا رکھی تھے آپ نے ؟ شرم نہی آتی کسی کو اور ہمارا حال ان لوگوں جیسا ہے جنکو غیرت دلانے کی لیے بادشاہ نے جوتے مارے لکن وو فریاد کرنے لگے کہ جوتے مرنے والے اور لگا دو کہ جلدی فارغ ہوں ..

  • i would call this bullshit and nothing else the government instead of protecting and aafeguarding us is busy making our lives miserable

    if they wanted to implement such a law they should have first made sure that consumer protection is foreseen … franchises are bot at large in the cities and what if some1 from a remote has more then 1 authroised sims on there identity v awl no tht customer facilation centers are located in posh locaties and only in cities how wud tht villager be able to stop the misuse if they wanted too implement a law as such they should have opted for a ivr system which wud allow users access to there databases and block awl unwanted nox frm nywhr and it shud be free of ny costs

    if i cud i wud have sued pta fr implementing such a ___ up law…..

    [Comment Edited]

  • Customer care centers are 85km away from my city. PTA is bullsh*t. ufone and telenor showing 9 sims each against my CNIC (I bet there will be more as data is not updated). this is pathetic. Franchise walay customer care center ka rasta dikha dytay hain. All active sims should be reactivated within 3 months by 789 process. this is the simplest solution and even a child can understand this but PTA cannot. 668 is dead flop.

  • what is Pakistani Officials Smoking these days huh? Aliens??? are you kidding me..!! And what the heck is NARA…. Seriously This is the limit of CUNTARDISM…… can’t stop laughing my butts down…… hahahahahahahahha

  • I am only responsible for my own actions, not for something done behind my back in my name without me knowing or my authorisation regardless of the stupid law. The whole SIM-NID binding system should be scrapped and people should be free to obtain SIMs and however many they want. We don’t want NADRA engaging in another Project Echelon. Go after only the trouble makers in society, don’t inconvenience the populace – this should be the guiding policy. As for giving a copy of your passport, that was not accepted in my case at one particular outlet. They required a copy of my ‘CNIC’ so I had no choice but to ask someone else to get a SIM for me. For those who find that dubious SIMs have been registered under their name, I advise not to give unmarked copies of their NID to anyone. It should be crossed and the date and recipient should be written on it so that it is only used once and for the purpose you gave it.

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