wi-tribe Gets New Look, Aims for Customer Centric Services

Mustafa Peracha, CEO, wi-tribeAs wi-tribe nears its celebrations for 2 years of WiMAX operations in Pakistan, the company has kind of re-branded itself with fresh look and feel, new tagline, identity and with new ambitions.

wi-tribe unveiled the refreshed brand concept at a very interesting thematic press launch ceremony held yesterday in Islamabad.

The re-branding initiative moves away from wi-tribe’s previous tagline “online with no line” to “create your own world”, promising a deeper, more profound consumer relationship by offering quality services with premium support to the end users.

Internally, wi-tribe reinvigorated its already high standards for human-resource management.

With a new look and feel, wi-tribe reaffirms its commitment to transform the lives of its customers by offering not just a product but a novel combination of converged products and services.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO, wi-tribe Pakistan, Mustafa Peracha said,

“wi-tribe believes in exceeding customer expectations. Our focus is on continuous progress. Following this thought, we have come up with a fresh brand identity to better reflect the expanding set of services that we aim to bring to Pakistani customers.

In doing so, wi-tribe will add the kind of zest in their lives, empowering them to enjoy greater value and satisfaction. We hope to enrich our customers’ internet experience; giving them the freedom to create their own world and explore endless possibilities.”

wi-tribe_managementEstablished in June 2009, wi-tribe Pakistan quickly gained consumer trust and became the fastest growing broadband service provider in the country.

wi-tribe is synonymous with fun and innovation by making internet surfing more enjoyable. Taking its vision forward, wi-tribe aims to follow a more personalized, community-oriented and warmer approach to attract greater customer affinity.

In line with its brand re-invention, wi-tribe continues venturing into new initiatives such as products and services for consumers and enterprises, add-ons for all kinds of users, software-as-a-service, partnerships with industry leaders, and live streaming facilities, ensuring consumers can continue to expect a host of amazing surprises from wi-tribe.

Treat for Customers:

As a celebratory token for its second year of operations, wi-tribe is offering double volume to all new and existing customers throughout the month of June, absolutely free.

Along with this, we anticipate few new offerings from wi-tribe in coming days.

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    • when i asked the same question to Mustafa Peracha, CEO, wi-tribe, he said that said that wi-tribe is planning to reach more cities in coming months – and company is currently in process of evaluating the cities for their expansion plan, however, he didn’t name the cities.

    • looks this is what their strategy is – to provide service with reliability, for which they are compromising the high-end or say torrent users (with capped bandwidth and speed to some extent)

  • they dnt hav a verity of pakges as in Q.B
    servic iz xcellent
    need 2 introduce verity in pakges

  • What I have been wondering is, why every other newbie company with poor packages and support (even those with good ones) want to call themselves the “Pakistan’s No. 1 XYZ Company”? Whats the index? who measures or decides if they are the No. 1 company?

    Marketing departments of these companies should start realizing that customers need more then self-praise to be convinced of their services they offer, in this case “Pakistan’s No. 1 Broadband Company”!! I doubt that

      • That was in Dec 2010 and the category was “No 1 in Wireless Quality of Service”. PTA never ranked it as “Pakistan’s No. 1 Broadband Company”!!, there is a huge difference between the two, the second statement being largely ambiguous

        • wi-tribe makes it a point to add a reference to the rating, clearly stating that it is for Quality of service, given by PTA in the 2010 annual report. And to be honest, if you earn a rating from an authentic source, the claim stands valid until a new company replaces them for the same evaluation.

          This is practice anywhere in the world. Take for example Miss world. Asim, if you won Miss world, don’t you think it would be unfair if you stayed Miss world for just 1 month? That’s if the contest was in December of any year. You would be crowned Miss world and stay Miss world until the next Miss world was selected to replace you.

          Just putting things in perspective, logically speaking of course.

          • Did I say someone ELSE took over as the best in QoS? Did I mentioned in my post somewhere that the ‘title’ had an expiration date? definitely not.

            My point is, best in QoS in three cities and being the #1 in Pakistan has a HUGE difference

  • Witribe has clearly shown Mobilink Infinity, Wateen Wimax and Augeres Qubee how Wimax is done. It has taught them and PTCL how broadband is supposed to be done.

    Kudos to Mr Mustafa Peracha. He is the best CEO of any broadband company in Pakistan.

  • yes its very reliable. abhitak eik dafa be aisa nahin hua ke in ke service down hue ho mein toh jab be use karta hoon hamesha sahe chal rahah hota hai net. bas wahe masla hai ke connection speed kam hai is price range mein if u campare it to dsl and wahe volume ka masla. mujhe eik banda bata raha tha ke ye log toh chahte hain true unlimited package daina without any volume limit lakin pta ke taraf se allow nai hai.

  • With no offend, when we three friends with their independent Wi-Tribe Dongles sit in the same room,,, none of us get the high speed. Maybe the wireless sector facing our house is already choked- so we cannot create our own world.

  • i am a user of wi-tribe since launched in lahore, and i am fully satisfied with the service. yes, they are giving quality and network is reliable. i strongly recommend to all….

  • 76 Mbps tak ki speed offer karne wali technology pe 1.5Mbps do teen cities main coverage phir bhi pore pakistan ki baat kiya joke hai yar lekin main ptcl waloon ki tareef zarur karna chahoon ga k unhun ne jab 1900Mhz pe LTE ko test kia to wo 32Mbps tak ki raftar de raha tha lekin ek american mobile network ne jab reporters ke samne apna LTE network check kia to wo 28.9Mbps tak ja raha to iska matlab ye hai ke pakistan main 4G launch ki ja sakti hai.
    achi sevice sirf do teen cities main nahien porey pakistan main launch ki jani chahiye
    best regards

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