wi-tribe Gets New Look, Aims for Customer Centric Services

Mustafa Peracha, CEO, wi-tribeAs wi-tribe nears its celebrations for 2 years of WiMAX operations in Pakistan, the company has kind of re-branded itself with fresh look and feel, new tagline, identity and with new ambitions.

wi-tribe unveiled the refreshed brand concept at a very interesting thematic press launch ceremony held yesterday in Islamabad.

The re-branding initiative moves away from wi-tribe’s previous tagline “online with no line” to “create your own world”, promising a deeper, more profound consumer relationship by offering quality services with premium support to the end users.

Internally, wi-tribe reinvigorated its already high standards for human-resource management.

With a new look and feel, wi-tribe reaffirms its commitment to transform the lives of its customers by offering not just a product but a novel combination of converged products and services.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO, wi-tribe Pakistan, Mustafa Peracha said,

“wi-tribe believes in exceeding customer expectations. Our focus is on continuous progress. Following this thought, we have come up with a fresh brand identity to better reflect the expanding set of services that we aim to bring to Pakistani customers.

In doing so, wi-tribe will add the kind of zest in their lives, empowering them to enjoy greater value and satisfaction. We hope to enrich our customers’ internet experience; giving them the freedom to create their own world and explore endless possibilities.”

wi-tribe_managementEstablished in June 2009, wi-tribe Pakistan quickly gained consumer trust and became the fastest growing broadband service provider in the country.

wi-tribe is synonymous with fun and innovation by making internet surfing more enjoyable. Taking its vision forward, wi-tribe aims to follow a more personalized, community-oriented and warmer approach to attract greater customer affinity.

In line with its brand re-invention, wi-tribe continues venturing into new initiatives such as products and services for consumers and enterprises, add-ons for all kinds of users, software-as-a-service, partnerships with industry leaders, and live streaming facilities, ensuring consumers can continue to expect a host of amazing surprises from wi-tribe.

Treat for Customers:

As a celebratory token for its second year of operations, wi-tribe is offering double volume to all new and existing customers throughout the month of June, absolutely free.

Along with this, we anticipate few new offerings from wi-tribe in coming days.

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