After Adsense Accounts, Now Ubuntu CD’s will be Sold in Pakistan

Earlier we discussed the illegal ways of earning money – by selling adsense accounts, by publicizing the them on various online portals and people were urged to buy something which isn’t even meant to be sold, i.e. adsense accounts.

Selling adsense accounts was an act of fraud at one extreme but what makes me write this post is an online ad which I was simply astounded to see. Have a look:

Ubuntu an open-source operating system and needs no introduction as many of us must have tasted it once or at least we have heard of it.

Still for those who are new to this word, Ubuntu is an open source operating system which is based on Linux Distribution – Debian GNU. It can be installed on any computer (just like windows) and can also work side by side with Microsoft Windows.

Ubuntu is an ancient African word, meaning “humanity to others”.

Also have a look at what Ubuntu official website says:

Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.

And if you wonder why it’s free? Get the answer.

But, this guy from Lahore is selling this free version of operating system for a cost of Rs. 500 while claiming that the original price is above Rs. 1500.

Just in case if you don’t know – Ubuntu can be downloaded free of cost in both CD and DVD version and you are ready to go, just download the ISO image and burn it to CD/DVD.

And if you are wondering about where to get the genuine CD, still you do not need to pay these frauds. One can get that by visiting and order a CD via post (shipping now closed).

Ubuntu has been delivering free CD’s all over the world for years and now have closed this shipment process.

Also, Ubuntu genuine CD received via post which clearly states:

Ubuntu is a software libre. You are encouraged and legally entitled to copy, reinstall, modify and redistribute this CD for yourself and your friends. Share this spirit of Ubuntu!

Acts like this should be stopped in the first priority as this is just one example and I am sure there will be many others like this and few innocents might have become victims of these black sheeps and this is just an awareness for those who are likely to get caught in future.

  • I see a cellphone number, how about we spam his inbox with requests to buy the cD ? :P

    • @post
      He might be a teenager trying to make some pocket money,
      what is so PAKISTANI in it ? Never came across other nationalities doing the same ? What you guys are so complexed of being a Pakistani ? That you label everything bad thing to Pakistan and every good thing to yourself ?

      @Irfan Suleman
      My Pakistan isn’t for sale, may be “your” Pakistan is for sale. Are you that class which fears Pakistan’s existance on every bus turning up side down?
      *pun intended*

  • hahaha..
    ek doondho milte hain hazaron!
    i wonder, how much he earned already, that courage em to place en Ad :O

  • Such a pity! A little learning is indeed a dangerous thing. Fools fooling fools!

  • کیا ہو گیا ہے کبھی کسی غیر پاکستانی کو نہیں دیکھا ایسا کچھ کرتا ؟ احساس کمتری ہے جو صرف اس طرح کی پوسٹ پر مجبور کر رہا ہے .. ہر اچھی چیز اپنے کھاتے میں اور ہر بری چیز پاکستان کے کھاتے میں ڈال دینے کی عادت ہے اس قوم کی ..مظلوم پاکستان کھڑا دیکھتا ہوگا کہ غلط خود کرتے ہیں سیدھے خود نہیں ہوتے کوسنے مجھے دیتے ہیں. آج کل تو چھوٹا سا بھی کچھ ہو تو سب ہاے ہاے شروع کر دیتے ہیں کے گیا پاکستان بس … نا شکری قوم …

  • Propakistani i feel now days have hired writters to just write anything non-sense, becased of Google Trend keywords, just like this topic.

    I simply dis-agree with this because even if someone is selling Ubuntu on CD, than this is nothing wrong. Because he is providing a Service. Lets say if he downloads and writes a CD/DVD, (DVD costs Rs.50 max), and remaning is kept a Profit, i feel this is nothing bad, considering it as a service for people who cannot Download and Write their own Disc or want a CD just for their convenience.

    Well yes i agree selling Adsense accounts is bad thing, since it de-values the trust for Adsense Team in countries like India or Pakistan. Basicly because it is against their TOS.

    But selling CD’s of FREEWARE DOWNLOADABLE ONLY software falls in space for “Services” which is believe is OK when they are officially not shipping anymore CDs.

    • I agree selling CD is allowed legally but he is using deceptive marketing.
      “Original Price of CD 1500”
      “It is Windows like XP”

      Now this type of thing is non sense

    • But dont you think that this guy is selling this product (Ubuntu OS Cd) on a very cheap price? LOL.

  • I am using Ubuntu more then 6 months ago. it is to good from windows. in future ubuntu will rock

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  • If you can wait…then visit Ubuntu website and order free CD…they will deliver to your door step without even charging a single penny.

    Or simply download Ubuntu latest version 11 directly.

    Ubuntu is quite reliable and virus free OS. This new version added functionalities of Mac OS and W-7 all together.

    But still MAC-OS is the best OS in world. User friendly and great applications.

    • But There is no security hole in LINUX. No need to destroy your money on Anti Viruses, Internet Security,Spy wares, mal wares etc. Linux ROCKS.

      • Yes. But MAC Book Pro is good investment. Only Computer and mobile Company, whose product price not slashes as other company’s products.

  • By posting that ad the guy done real wrong and clearly committing the fraud.

    Having that said, in my opinion ProPakistani does have their responsibilities, why the word Adsense had to come in title of this post, plus you seen an ad selling Ubuntu CD, it does not mean that every one or a greater bunch of people are doing it.

    The title of this post, i would say it misleading and doesn’t earn a good name for our country. So this should have said something like “Beware of Ubuntu CD sellers” or even use the word Pakistan in the title of post but not in a way that it tells everyone in this country is a fraud.

    Finally i would say, if ProPaki is doing a good service by pointing out these frauds, so people don’t get hurt, but you got to be careful with word choice specially in titles.

    Lots of services like PayPal and much other are not available to Pakistanis, what if someone from ubuntu reads and stops delivering cds to Pakistan or some like that in case of adsense service.

    Also use of that adsense word gives impression the country is full of people committing frauds, which is just not true, there are lots of honest hardworking souls round here.

    • Excellent point.
      Why using “Sold in Pakistan” keyword when only one person is doing that? and why using “Adsense” story here?
      Using these keywords to get more traffic?

  • As main Pakistan ka koi qasoor nai
    jis country na hamin identity de ha we must respect him.

    Bs as Country main law acha hojye to sub set hojye ga VIP system khatm hojye.

    I love Pakistan And We Proud Pakistani

    Even We Put Proud Pakistani Alarming Message in Our Business site to Pakistani users and Others :p

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