Chinese Handsets, Not Easy to Beat [Picture]

Yasir did a story today, just an hour ago in fact, on how branded mobile phone manufacturers are planning to beat Chinese made handset with low cost Dual-SIM phones, but it seems that European brands are up against very tough competition.

I mean look at following, 4 SIMs into one phone – and that too for just Rs. 2,500 or 28 dollars – that’s unbeatable.

Okay you can argue on quality and so many other things, but assembling a phone that can run 4 SIMs in just 28 dollars will surely require an effort to beat.

Have a look:


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  • Ali

    hahaha.. tu kia yah china mobile ni ha?

  • Hahaha China is great.

  • But the question is does these cell phone comes with IMEI numbers? With all this hoopla of blocking unregistered SIMs i wonder what our beloved Govt. under our beloved interior minister doing about this

  • Ahmad

    China is making Pakistani market totally crap…If we don`t use new tech to save time, then we will progress…Mobile Apps save our time…while china mobile repairing consume our time..

  • Muhammad Usman

    terrific exchange with mgid is a good idea..

    • admin

      They have promised me traffic from Pakistan – let’s see.

      • Muhammad Usman

        Well to be honest as per my experience with them.. not a good option. reduce WOT

      • Saad Durrani

        Honestly dude. There is less text on these pages and more ads. I hope you are keeping well financially.

  • CrystalGuy

    chine gr8
    um waitin for cheap china Android set in pak………

  • Jon

    its the best phone for Pakistani people,

  • Jon

    its the best phone for our conutry

  • aslamwb

    jisssssssssssssss ki 4 bvz hooooooooooooooooo

    us k leahy fittttttttttt hai ..

    1 sal ki warranty k sath ..


  • anas

    it would take a lot of effort to beat china keeping in mind that they are best at cost cutting and there is no law in there country that would keep them from flooding the markets with cheap products

    i was surfing a website where i found cellphones as cheap as thousand ruppees and with it they vr offering accessories as well including two batteries

  • Mkm

    It iz gud

  • hassan

    china china hai :P



  • Admin,

    Regarding apps quality let me tell you now these chinese handsets are coming with android OS, you will soon see android boom in chinese handset market :)

    • Mustafa that is an amazing news. No we can find android phone in a cheep price.
      As far as the quality concern G5 quality is much batter than other chines mobile. In My opinion its equivalent to Q mobile.

  • waheedtheone

    Waiting 4 china to indroduce android phone with full flash supported like ufone is offering “Image” china jaldi aja tay cha ja….

  • hahaha PAK-CHEEN dosti Zindabad! :D

  • Shahid

    Unbeatable crap…hows that for a good line?
    You get what you pay for, and if buying junk for half price makes you happy than God help you people.

  • Jamal Shah

    Bro this post could have more fun and info if you would have called the number on Rickshaw and get us all info like if all 4 SIM cards are active the same time and if they also give a lolly pop with every purchase :p

  • Pak craze

    this fone is support only two sims at a time