PTCL Announces IPv6 Compatibility

PTCL-logoPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (LTD) has successfully deployed Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on its network to provide large address space to its valued broadband customers.

Internet Protocol Version 6, deals with the IPv4 address exhaustion as IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, and supports 2128 (340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456) addresses.

IPv6 can be installed as a normal software upgrade in internet devices and is interoperable having backward compatibility with IPv4 applications and devices.

Here is an article we did in past to help you better understand what IPv6 is.

IPv6 deployment strategy is designed not to have any flag days or other dependencies and to run well on high performance networks (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet, OC-12, ATM, etc.).

Having a probability of affecting only a few portals that too for a few hours with out having any kind of outrage over all and at the same time still be efficient for low bandwidth networks (e.g. wireless). In addition, it provides a platform for new internet functionality that will be required in the near future.

IPv6 being a global phenomenon will be implemented with in the time period of 5 to 10 years starting with a transition period from 8th June 2011 with the major goals; to reduce the total time which people have to spend configuring and managing systems, to deploy High-bandwidth multimedia, fault tolerance application and virtual private networks (VPNS) along with speeding up the network.

The large address space being provided by IPv6 allows many more devices and users on the internet along with extra flexibility in allocating addresses and efficiency for routing traffic. It also eliminates the primary need for network address translation (NAT), thus improving total connectivity, reliability, and flexibility.

IPv6 will re-establish transparency and end-to-end traffic across the Internet. PTCL having the major shares in market has shifted to IPv6 so that the PTCL customers can also avail any feature of IPv6 by browsing any global IPv6 portals .PTCL has always strived to provide its customers with the best and most affordable services adapting to the global trends.

This new globally launched service and PTCL adaption to it will reinforce PTCL image as the customer oriented organization and secure networks will be easier to build and deploy in an IPv6 world along with Quality of Service.

  • Shahid Saleem

    But will PTCL give IPv6 address to DSL users? Not yet I think. Maybe users have to upgrade modems.

    • shanzey

      impossible..if PTCL had capacity their profits would not have gone down so significantly

  • tweety

    its very difficult for them.
    changing modems of 650,000+ customers is not possible.
    maybe they will start providing ipv6 compatible modems to newly registered users.

    lets see.

  • Kashif

    I am using ipv6 on ptcl currently . it does not work with current modems. i am connected with bridge mode (dial up).

    Your readiness scores
    7/10 for your IPv4 stability and readiness, when publishers offer both IPv4 and IPv6
    7/10 for your IPv6 stability and readiness, when publishers are forced to go IPv6 only

    You appear to be using a public 6to4 gateway; your router may be providing this to you automatically. Such public gateways have no service level agreements; you may see performance problems using such. Better would be to get a native IPv6 address from your ISP.

    • shanzey

      my point the who;e PTCL commercial team is higjly unqualified…..they are fond of launching things and not running them that is why their profit are shiy now….

  • ali

    hahaha true …PTCL is a pathetic company and all their newly launched products are piece of shit…I suggest Ufone team should take over PTCL commercial operations

  • yolo666

    We need ipv6,
    Recently i saw some dual stack PTCL ADSL Modems, but ipv6 is disabled from their network.
    We need ipv6 in some form in Pakistan.