Imran Khan Introduces Political Webinars in Pakistan

Apart from going political, Imran Khan has been very active these days. Be it a motivational speech or gathering youth to get its rights, Imran Khan is trying everything.

Earlier we had seen Imran Khan appearing in the TEDx event recently held at Karachi. This time he has appeared in the first ever webinar of Pakistan.

For those who wonder what actually the webinar is, it is just like a conference as the word has it’s root in “seminar” and any seminar conducted online is termed as webinar .

Imran Khan spoke to overseas Pakistanis and conducted a question-answer session. Also he took advices from party members as well as common people to cope up with the prevailing problems in Pakistan.

It is good to hear that political trends are changing, though slowly, as we had earlier seen many political personnel appearing online on different social media networks such as Twitter and Facebbok, with Pervez Musharraf toping the list.

As per video description, Due to some technical problem the initial speech was not recorded but here is the entire Q&A session of the event.

Via TelecomNewsPK