wi-Tribe Upgrades 1.5Mbps Endless Package to 2Mbps

Finally wi-tribe has thought of going broader by upgrading it’s endless package.

Earlier wi-tribe introduced two endless packages with 512Kbps and 1.5Mbps connection speeds.

This time, wi-tribe has upgraded it’s 1.5Mbps connections to 2Mbps and becomes first in the industry to provide 2Mbps on WiMax protocol.

All existing customers with 1.5Mbps endless package will get promoted to 2Mbps for free and new connections will be available at same price tag.


  • 2Mbps is available at monthly price tag of Rs. 2,400

Activation Charges (for new subscribers):

  • Desktop modem (slider): Rs. 500
  • Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS): Rs. 850 (earlier these charges were Rs. 1,500)
  • Activation charges are non-refundable

It merits mentioning here that this package is only available for desktop modems while wi-tribe is currently offering only 512Kbps on it’s dongle.

Also as per details, volume consumption is same i.e. 40GB per month and wi-tribe really needs to rethink here about upgrading the bandwidth as well.

Detailed Tariff Plan:

  • Price should be Rs.1500. I am using Link.net.pk 2MB connection. I pay Rs. 1450/ for this service.

    • WiMax cant be directly compared to DSL. I wouldve choosen DSL anytime if i had a phone line, but even though WiMax is expensive its well suited for people like me who dont have a landline or have a worthless landline with distortion.

      Also WiTribe speeds are a little better then typical dsl speeds for the same connection. On 2 mbps DSL you usually get 180-220 KBps on 1.5 mbps WiTribe connection i get about 180-200 KBps so its almost comparable to a 2Meg DSL. Havent tested after the upgrade so dont know how much it has improved.

  • Wow so got there first then wateen , poor wateen was waiting for 14 August for it’s relaunch lol .

  • witribe is EXPENSIVE plus tey have a 40 GB cap too ! so useless to get 2 mbps with a 40 GB cap ! any how .

  • Its too much expenses its should be round to RS 1200/- Witribe has less coverage not working in my town. Shahdadpur.

  • DSL rules…PTCL’s 2 Mbps totally unlimited costs 1,499 per month.

    I have been using DSL for the last 4 yrs and I am very satisfied with the service as well.

  • When I used wi-tribe they had this awful caching issue – as a web developer I would change t he code (or graphic) and still see no effect (using a different ISP or proxy showed the change). Do they still have that awful caching issue or has that been resolved now?

  • pakistani awam ko lotny ka ak new program hy ?
    intzar karin sub kuch pata chal jaye ga

  • pakin ke awam ko lotny walon ko koi nahi pochta lagta hy ab ak new compny aa rahi hy zara soch samj kar

  • hi agar mehrabane karee kohat me lanch karree evo hi kohat me magar os kee speed dil up jasa hee ore os kee speed 20kb/s 40kb/s hota hi plese lanch in kohat

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