wi-Tribe Upgrades 1.5Mbps Endless Package to 2Mbps

Finally wi-tribe has thought of going broader by upgrading it’s endless package.

Earlier wi-tribe introduced two endless packages with 512Kbps and 1.5Mbps connection speeds.

This time, wi-tribe has upgraded it’s 1.5Mbps connections to 2Mbps and becomes first in the industry to provide 2Mbps on WiMax protocol.

All existing customers with 1.5Mbps endless package will get promoted to 2Mbps for free and new connections will be available at same price tag.


  • 2Mbps is available at monthly price tag of Rs. 2,400

Activation Charges (for new subscribers):

  • Desktop modem (slider): Rs. 500
  • Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS): Rs. 850 (earlier these charges were Rs. 1,500)
  • Activation charges are non-refundable

It merits mentioning here that this package is only available for desktop modems while wi-tribe is currently offering only 512Kbps on it’s dongle.

Also as per details, volume consumption is same i.e. 40GB per month and wi-tribe really needs to rethink here about upgrading the bandwidth as well.

Detailed Tariff Plan: