Qubee Offers (Kinda) Unlimited WiMAX Broadband

Just like wi-Tribe, Qubee has introduced unlimited broadband packages with monthly cap. Qubee said that these packages come with fair usage policy with usage up to 50 GB limit per month.

With these unlimited broadband packages, another 256Kbps package has also been introduced, whereas earlier packages ranged between 512Kbps and 1.5Mbps.


Upfront Charges:

Upfront charges have also been revised for these unlimited packages.

So the * clearly indicated that packages are not truly unlimited but with a monthly cap. Packages have following monthly cap:

  • Explore Max: 40GB
  • Venture Max: 50GB

For more details about Qubee’s monthly cap, visit Qubee Introduces 1.5Mbps Postpay WiMax


  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or for further reselling as per directives of PTA

    • Compare
      Wimax with Wimax
      DSL with DSL ,
      CDMA with CDMA.

      Then check the difference.

  • I think a 40GB cap is reasonable… unless you’re involved in some hardcore piracy, you won’t really go above the 15GB threshhold (exceptions are always there).

    Before people go on ranting on the fact that 40gigs is too little, how about measuring up your monthly usage?

    No, I don’t work for Qubee, and I’ve never used it – and even though it’s 300 bucks more expensive than DSL on 1mbps, other wimax operators will have a good run for their money.

    • Well i download nearly 115 GB per month on wateen my 1 mb wateen connection mostly training titles,programming books and movies

      • That’s what the guy up there said unless you’re using your internet connection for hardcore piracy there’s no way you’ll be using that much legally unless you’re running a business.

    • Just an hour a day on youtube … and if the household consists of 2-3 users … blast !

  • Well an average Internet surfer doesn’t go past 5-GB in a month, for people who like to stream live TV or videos may not consider even 40 or 50 GB enough. I personally think that any services provider operating in Pakistan can only grow if it offers cheapest price. Less your rates by 50% you’ll surely increase business volume over 50%, equation is that simple :)

    • But you do not know PTA is main hurdle in such cases they do not allow operators to offer their services at cheaper rates !

  • I don’t know why they mention UNLIMITED so unlimited means unlimited and nothing more.

    Kindly mention clearly 40/50-GB/mont. don’t mention unlimited.

    • Saeed is absolutely right, why it is mentioned that it is Unlimited which always has a small asterik * and in the end it is mentioned fair usage policy.One can clearly mention 40GB or 50GB.
      Another thing which i heard that they will not stop their Internet service if you cross the 40GB or 50GB limit they just cut your bandwidth.

    • These are business gimics to lure away innocent customers. Such fraudulent terms “unlimited” are used by other operators (Landline/Cell/ISPs etc.), as well, still there is a limit – so BEWARE BUYERS / USERS.

    • So you want them to mention :
      1Mbps 12GB in 1000
      1Mbps 18GB in 1200
      1Mbps 50GB in 1500(This package will work even if you cross 50GB and you won’t get charge out of bundle charges on it)

      • Sounds good :P They can create funds for such a package by renting smaller billboards :D

      • Mr. Blogger if you can clarify the word “CAP” more for this unlimited that would be much appreciated.

        This CAP is not actually a CAP! Customer account doesn’t get freeze after that limit. IT gets slow (FIRST)

        User can still use internet without out of bundle charges (SECOND)

        These all considered as unlimited , because if you see complete tariff. If 1mbps 12GB offered in 1000 then 18GB in 1250 , by this equation only 25GB could be given if they make this 1500 package a volume base(WHICH IS NOT VOLUME BASE , BECAUSE THEY DON’T BLOCK OR CHARGE OUT OF BUNDLE IF SOMEONE CROSSES THOSE LIMITS)

        Hope this reply cleared something?

  • Nice but activation charges of the lowest package shud be like 500 like witribe,infinity,wateen…

    • Wi-tribe usb activation charges is 2500/- , and they only allow 2 package on usb :
      ‘512Kbps with 15GB = Rs. 1500 per month’
      ‘256Kbps with 10GB = Rs. 1000 per month’

      Infinity USB activation charges are double or triple then it’s indoor CPE charges.

  • PTCL is way better! I am using Students Package of 1MB at only Rs.900-950(n0t c0nfirmed) and its unlimited! I usually downloads a lot of torrents!:P

  • Salam,
    Get Evo with exciting speed of 3.1Mbps with student packge of 1250.Unlimited usage and downloding in 1250 only.
    siddique ul hasnain

  • Salam Brothers,
    Get Evo with exciting speed of 3.1Mbps with student packge of 1250.Unlimited usage and downloding in 1250 only.
    siddique ul hasnain

  • AOA, i am interested to subscribe your unlimited wireless internet… do you offer outdoor wireless antenna with unlimited DSL? waiting for favourable consideration.

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