Cabinet Committee Formed for Auctioning 3G Licenses

Zubair Kasuri, Editor Flare Magazine, meeting with Prime Minister of PakistanPrime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that the Government has constituted a Cabinet Committee for formulation of a policy to issue 3G Services Mobile Telephone Licenses and every effort will be made to implement the policy during the current fiscal year, said a statement issued by Prime Minister House.

The Prime Minister was talking to Mr. Zubair Kasuri, Editor of ‘Flare’ magazine who called on him at the PM’s House this morning.

The Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Information Technology has been directed to speed up work on modernization of the telecom sector for providing modern facilities to the common man.

He said that the Government looks forward to suggestions from stakeholders as well as from the public to bring telecom sector of Pakistan at par with the developed countries.  PM appreciated the Editor’s efforts for publishing a high quality magazine on IT and telecom.

Mr. Zubair Kasuri also presented three pictorial books to the Prime Minister on Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto titled “Hope is Lost” President Asif Ali Zardari titled “Pakistan Khappay” and on devastation of earthquake 2005 titled “Paradise Lost”.

Government of Pakistan is aiming to raise Rs. 75 billion from 3G license auction, which will be used to cover the budget deficit for the current fiscal year. It is anticipated that Government will auction 3G license in next 12 months in any case to meet the budget funds.

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  • Govt can’t do anything till matter with Etisalat sorted out. No more LL, LDI, WLL licenses can be given for a period of 7 years from the signing of the SPA. This is due to expire in 2013.

    Govt’s may change but the agreement still stands. Otherwise, Govt must return Etisalat 2.6B (minus – 800M) with Interest.

  • Haha every time I read this 3G auction crap, I can’t help but laugh. The only thing you need to concentrate on in this article is the Rs.75 Billion the government is instantly looking to make with forceful sale of these licenses.

    They underestimate the veto power of the Telcos here. No buisness case for 3G means no telco will buy the over priced licenses.

  • acha to yeh PM ki teesian krnay gya wa tha banda. jo photos dy kr aya usay.. mohtrma…aur muhtram ten percent ki….wow wo to khushi say phooooooooooooooly ni smaiy hongay hmaray pM

  • Govt,is much interested to launch 3G licencing, While Telecom players consider it as non profitable and useless technology.

    Not a single Company is interested to spent/throw such a huge money just to facilitate our beloved Govt.

    Consultants from different international telecom agencies, quoted maximum price of 300 millions for said technology which is now obsolete internationally and talking about 4G
    PM should not set such a high target which he could not achieved.
    Wish Good luck

  • I have more cocern the picture you have showed in this post, Check a Review of this.

  • Its a big achievement of Mr. Zubair Ahmed Kasuri & the Flare Team.

    Mubarak to All Flare Team Members…

  • I don’t buy this Bullshit 3g thing, as who would be intrested watching live stream, or we make it limited to our big cities, as current telco strategy is, as they are offering edge services in big cities.
    Use less

  • Good sound.but other countries r looking forward to 3.5G AND 4G telecom.and leaving 3g telecom.govt should nt take step quickly.

  • Yeah more faster teaming porn and web things for us to ban, also we will want it for free and continue to expect world class service. Where do I sign up to invest my money, I have loads to burn

  • don’t you guys remember pta says networks can deploy what they want so its not pta or governments fault its telcos

  • “The Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Information Technology has been directed to speed up work on modernization of the telecom sector for providing modern facilities to the common man.”

    The “common man” is getting 3 day load shedding per week on CNG. 8-12 hours electricity load shedding. Price hike in all common use items including food items.

    The 75 billion Rs. will go in the pockets of our shameless leaders like Mr. Gilani.

    Absolutely hopeless….

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