Ufone Revises ULoan, UShare and Helpline Call Charges

Ufone is revising charges on different services and one can easily guess that they have been increased.


Ufone had earlier revised it’s ULoan amount and was offering a loan of Rs. 25 in two instalments i.e. subscribers were able to borrow Rs. 15 in first installment and then another Rs. 10 in second.

Now Ufone is giving away loan of Rs, 30 in three instalments i.e. Rs. 10 each but with following conditions:

  • 1st instalment of Rs. 10 for all customers
  • 2nd instalment of Rs. 10 for those customers who are on Ufone network since 180 days
  • 3rd instalment of Rs. 10 for those customers who are on Ufone network since 360 days

Also on returning the loan, service charges of Rs. 1.95 will be deducted irrespective of the loan amount. So whether you take loan of Rs. 10 or Rs. 30 you will have to return Rs. 1.95 in addition to original borrowed amount.


Ufone has increased service charges on UShare service as well. Now on sharing a balance of Rs. 50 or less, service charges of Rs. 2.5+t will be deducted and above Rs. 50, subscriber has to pay 5% of the shared amount.

Here is the message that Ufone is circulating:

To share balance………Charge: Rs. 2.5+t on amount upto Rs. 50. For above Rs. 50 5%+t of amount. U can share Rs. 1-200/transaction. *828# dialing charges Rs. 1.5+tax inclusive in service charges.

Helpline Charges:

From 15th July, 2011 Ufone will charge Rs. 1.20 for calling helpline i.e 333 and another Rs. 1.20 if you want to contact customer support.

Right now Ufone is charging Rs. 1.20 for calling helpline and contacting customer support is free.

For more details: Ufone Increases Helpline Charges

  • but why, iss tara k charges other countries mae tou nei hai i think, i think they learn politics from GRAND MASTER *MR. Mushaal*

    • bhai . other countries main 2 rs(that is 2cents) per hours call charges bhi nahi hain. jub 2 rupees per hour charges hun gay tou company kahain say tou apna kharcha nikalay gi na

      • tou bhai humne tou nai kaha k price 2rs per hr karo i thnk pta shud act these charges shud all b cancelled irespective of the operator n they shud revise their call charges so tht it becums fair crad load karne par 5% aur ab additional 1.1% charge karte hain its bettr to rise the tariff naa k aise C***TU tareeke se awam ko loota jaye

  • We are not far away when only ringing someone or “missed call” will be charged with 1Rs + Tax per missed call.

  • this is ridiculous, calling plans are getting cheaper and cheaper. but administrative charges are now so high that offdet it. secondly every one looks for call rates, no body check this thing and these companies are getting advantage of it
    pta is doing what?
    rest, i guess this is the only service with 36% tax i guess but growing.

    • you are right. i am in favor of decreasing administrative charges and increasing call charges( hourly packages)

  • ufone started to deduct balance so that we call to call center and more ripped off by them.

    this happened yesterday evening in peshawar and surrounding areas. and thil increase in charges and then doing pathetic tricks will soon be followed by other operators.

    and pta is doing nothing as usual

  • this is totally wrong …
    we should send mail to PTA and log a complaint…

    but i know nothing will happen…. :s

    i have been using Ufone from last 9 years…

    but things like these are pissing me off big time

  • Bakwas main to kehta hon sub mil jayen or ufone ko tabha kar den sub apna u ka network MNP karwa len bas mai to yahin kahon ga kyun k maine esa hi kiya hai… bakwas bakwas bakwas u is bakwas

  • These charges effect every user while hourly packages are for young colorful people only ;P). If every ufone user switch to other operator ( before they dig in), we can convey a message to ufone to mind its greedy attitude.

  • Kal Balli Hai, G Kal Balli,
    Using uf0ne sence 2002, Har Din Sochta h0n k Uf0ne change kar0n ga, but next day na kar pah0n ga, q k tamam D0st etc Uf0ne Mai Hain, Aur Woh B Uf0ne Change Karna Chahty h0n gy, aur Pir yai s0chty h0ngy k sb D0st uf0ne mai hai kesy change kr0n?

  • Nothing gonna change by porting out of Ufone. All other networks are charging in similar way, hidden charges, daily charges, call center charges, service charges, etc. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is going to do nothing ever!!! Its us the users has to do something about it, i personally don’t make calls now and have stopped texting as well so that these mobile companies do get the pain and loss. Same policy is applied on Telenor and Warid.

    Get up everyone!!!

  • really ufone is baqwas hai kiyoun ke agar main 50 ka load karwata hoon to jubrat ko uthita hoon ubh ko balance chek karo to kam se kam 10 rupees to cut ho hi jate hain. aur to aur meri sim mein utune bhe apne aap ajati hai phir catta hoon phir apnee aap ajati hai wo kiyoun please ufone aisa mat karo please aap ki gilla ho rahi hai aap mat karo aisa plz aur ye mera number hai 923313408345

  • koi hall nhe in sub company ka. Koi pochny wala nhe pakarnay wala nhe. Jo dil may ata hai whi ker rhy hain. Itnay tax aur extra charges laynay k bawajod Result output kuch b nhe in ufone walo ka aur dosri companies ka.

  • compny apne commercials ka kharcha ghareeb awam k khoon me se nikaal rahi he,,,
    zong zindabad, commercials chahe cheap hen but awam ka khoon to ni na chooste is tarha :|

    • zong k signals reliable hon jayen to mnp pehli fursat may karwa le banda, incoming ka problem is common.

  • Zong image in Cellular is like Ambassy or K-2 Cigrattes.
    Rates might be cheap but the image of Company is Cheap too.
    Above is my opinion but how people feels,in majority is same.

    Ufone a good Company having good relations with customers, retailers, and good Cultural image.
    In fact, this company could become No.1

  • Ufone,is best Company, once i was travelling on road and it was 4 am early morning, shops were closed and I was in emergency,when i came to know my balance is finished.
    I sms to my wife and asked about the Code of Advance or to avail loan.
    She SMS me about 456 and it feels me so good that i got loan or advance whatever they called it.
    Made three four urgent calls and kept few rupees for SMS till the shops opened and i recharged with three cards of PKR 100.
    This is a true experience of mine I swear.

  • ** As per the TiCKER on Ufone.Com **

    *Dear Customer,
    Ufone has always provided U with impeccable services and affordable rates.
    UAdvance/ULoan amount has been revised to Rs.15 at a service charge of Rs. 1.5+tax w.e.f 1st June, 2012.

    *Attention Customers:
    As notified through press advertisements printed on March 10th, 2012 in Daily Khabrain and Express nationwide,
    Ufone is implementing revised maintenance charges.
    Effective May 30th 2012, maintenance charge of 2% +tax will be applicable on all prepaid recharges.
    This is to provide utmost quality of service to our customers.

    Is It ALL About U -OR- Us ??

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