Ufone Revises ULoan, UShare and Helpline Call Charges

Ufone is revising charges on different services and one can easily guess that they have been increased.


Ufone had earlier revised it’s ULoan amount and was offering a loan of Rs. 25 in two instalments i.e. subscribers were able to borrow Rs. 15 in first installment and then another Rs. 10 in second.

Now Ufone is giving away loan of Rs, 30 in three instalments i.e. Rs. 10 each but with following conditions:

  • 1st instalment of Rs. 10 for all customers
  • 2nd instalment of Rs. 10 for those customers who are on Ufone network since 180 days
  • 3rd instalment of Rs. 10 for those customers who are on Ufone network since 360 days

Also on returning the loan, service charges of Rs. 1.95 will be deducted irrespective of the loan amount. So whether you take loan of Rs. 10 or Rs. 30 you will have to return Rs. 1.95 in addition to original borrowed amount.


Ufone has increased service charges on UShare service as well. Now on sharing a balance of Rs. 50 or less, service charges of Rs. 2.5+t will be deducted and above Rs. 50, subscriber has to pay 5% of the shared amount.

Here is the message that Ufone is circulating:

To share balance………Charge: Rs. 2.5+t on amount upto Rs. 50. For above Rs. 50 5%+t of amount. U can share Rs. 1-200/transaction. *828# dialing charges Rs. 1.5+tax inclusive in service charges.

Helpline Charges:

From 15th July, 2011 Ufone will charge Rs. 1.20 for calling helpline i.e 333 and another Rs. 1.20 if you want to contact customer support.

Right now Ufone is charging Rs. 1.20 for calling helpline and contacting customer support is free.

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