Microsoft to End Support for Windows XP by 2014

Microsft’s Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer revealed that company has sold some 400 million windows 7 license worldwide. Even then almost one half to two third of world’s personal computers are using Windows XP – which Microsoft is planning to not to support after 2014.

Ballmer told this at Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angles.

Support for Microsoft XP will end on April 8, 2014 and  security patches and hotfixes for all versions of Windows XP will no longer be available after this date.

In a blog post, Microsoft said:

Windows XP had an amazing run and millions of PC users are grateful for it. But it’s time to move on. Two reasons:

1) Extended support for Windows XP is running out in less than 1000 days

2) there’s an OS out there that’s much better than Windows XP.

Microsoft said that there are seven things that will help you move to Windows 7 and one of them includes Download of Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial.

Windows 7 which was released in October 2009 has shown rapid increase in density as compared to windows XP in the recent years. According to data from Net Applications, currently almost 27% of worldwide PCs are using windows 7.

Microsoft has also claimed that Internet Explorer 9 is now “the most popular modern browser running on Windows 7 PCs in the US”. Company said that 17% of Windows 7 PCs worldwide are using internet explorer 9.

Talking about windows 8, Ballmer said that it is expected in late 2012 and furthermore he bared that windows 8 will be “a true reimagining of Windows PCs and the dawning of Windows slates.”

  • Its better they do it now, but with most of the people and businesses using it, they have no other choice. I have been using Win 7 since Feb 2010 and i think with it around, there is no reason to keep Win XP.

    • I think the reverse is true. With WindowsXP around there is no reason to move to Windows 7, apart from heavy graphics

  • microsoft should end windows xp support this year, so all the users will have to upgrade to windows 7 bcz windows 7 is best

  • @Waqas You know nothing about about software business….. Ending XP support abruptly (even though this will never happen) would backfire and destroy Microsoft after sell support reputation.

    You’re using illegal copy of OS that’s why you don’t care about after sell support. but my friend people who purchased legit copies using hard earned money will care more about it. and sells graph of Win7 would go down as people will never trust the company anymore. Win8 is coming next year so by your logic MS should also end support for vista in one year?

      • ^ Mani

        I think there will be very few Cheap Professional’s who are still using XP.

        I dont think, that someone who can AFFORD to buy WINDOWS XP cant buy another Windows 7 copy. (except for CHAAI-BUSCUIT wala type so-called Sys Admins or software engineers).

        Buyer of Windows XP is not a begger who cant upgrade to Windows 7 even after 10 Years.


  • I paid for XP but even I am glad to move on to W7.

    Anyway I am glad that Microsoft supports their OS for so long. XP was released almost exactly ten years ago! No other operating system company supports their software for this 13 years (2001 to 2014).

      • I ran into someone who graduated recently from NUST and he mentioned using some Borland Turbo product (probably Turbo C). Very sad.

  • The point is not buying Win 7 or ability to upgrade XP. The point actually is about after sells service. Microsoft has world class reputation to provide product support and updates since Windows 3.1

    They can’t deny or stop support out of schedule, for instance despite that Windows Vista “according to tech reports” is the most disappointed windows ever produced, but Microsoft will still continue to support its sp2 till April 2017.

    As far as XP is concerned, its current gobble market share is around 40%, Win7 is around 30% while Vista is in decline and currently shares just around 15%

    XP will enjoy dominating market till the end of this year. Remember November 2011 is 10th anniversary of this ever shine OS, which will make it the first and probably the only product in the history of OS to stay on top for 10 years. Win7 will never come even closer, remember Win8 is coming next year and it will be totally different then Vista and its clone.

    • Are you kidding ? XP is the best Operating System Produced by Microsoft at least up till now.

      May be you still using Xp SP1 :P

  • Hi! friends when you comment the os either xp or win7 keep in mind all the useres. xp is though still the best os with its simplicity and availibility of softwares.xp is compatiable with many of pcs.Some softwares for 64bits are still confilicting and causing problems.All the os should be supported as every one has the right to live and enjoy.

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