Pakistan Enjoys Best Telecom Regulatory Environment in Asia Pacific

According to a survey conducted by LirneAsia, an ICT policy and regulation think tank, Pakistan has topped in Asia Pacific for having best telecom regulatory environment.

Pakistan topped the charts by hitting 3.3 TRE scores.


LirneAsia says that the TRE (Telecom Regulatory Environment) Survey asks senior level stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of the telecom regulatory environment in the fixed, mobile and broadband subsectors along a Lickert scale of 1 to 5 (1 being highly ineffective and 5 being highly effective, with the mid-point of 3 being considered average performance).

Seven different dimensions of regulation (market entry, tariff regulation, interconnection, universal service, anti-competitive-practices, quality of service) are evaluated by the stakeholders.

This year, 349 responded participated in the 7 countries.

Survey results concluded that India, Pakistan and Indonesia have bettered their telecom regulatory environment. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines have seen the regulatory environments decline in effectiveness, while Thailand remained more-or-less the same.

Pakistan got highest TRE score in 2011, even higher than the TRE score it had in 2008. LirneAsia said that Pakistan enhanced it’s regulatory standards for almost all dimensions, with the exception of 3 (fixed market entry, mobile access to scarce resources and mobile interconnection) which showed minor declines.

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  • There is no basis for this, Japan and Iran the last time i checked has a better regulated telecoms industry than pakistan. People should stop comparing two storey building with mount everest.

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