PTA Requires List of Po*n Sites to Get Them Blocked!

In response to an open letter that was sent to PTA, Ministry of IT and Supreme Court, regarding the free and easy access of po*n websites in Pakistan, PTA has asked the complainant to send the list of po*n websites that are supposed to get blocked, said a news report published today in ‘The News’.


Citing the Director General, Law and Regulations, newspaper writes:

PTA is aware of its responsibilities in controlling the spread of adult material on the Internet. It added that the PTA, as the telecom sector regulator, has been directing the country’s internet service providers to block several hundreds of websites showing offensive and anti-Islamic material and in this regard the PTA is committed to achieving the desired objectives.

If there is any specific website that you wish to bring into the knowledge of PTA, it is requested that PTA may be informed of the same accordingly for further necessary action at our end.

It merits mentioning here that Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah, a 15-year-old 9th grader, had written to the Chief Justice to take notice of the po*n websites, which are easily and freely accessible in Pakistan.

Abdullah had approached Chief Justice after failed attempt of convincing IT Ministry and PTA for blocking these objectionable websites.

What is Current Process of Blocking Websites?

Just in case you don’t know, PTA can’t taken decision of blocking any website, instead there’s this Inter-Ministerial Committee which has been given the specific mandate to evaluate/examine all such requests for blocking of offensive and objectionable/obnoxious websites (URLs) forwarded by agencies, Ministries, or individuals.

The Sub-Committee sends its recommendations (either to block or not to block a url) to Ministry of Information Technology for issuance of necessary directives.

Then upon the directives of Ministry of Information Technology, PTA asks the ISPs to get website or URLs blocked.


Are ISPs Capable of Blocking Websites/URLs?

Local ISPs said that 90% access to such websites can easily be blocked by them at technical level. Though it will increase the overhead, but ISPAK said that they are ready to pursue any directive given by PTA in this regard.

And it is said that ISPs on their own are in process to block such websites.

Who is Responsible then?

It’s the Inter-Ministerial Committee, which has got the mandate of deciding the fate of any website.

What’s the Hurdle?

Seemingly, our government doesn’t know the websites that contain po*n. Hence, they require a list of websites to get them blocked.

Though the question remains un-answered, even after getting the list of websites, will they block them indeed or they are just delaying the process?

Tip for PTA and Concerned Authorities:

  • Hire a guy of average qualification, with salary package of around PKR 10,000
  • Ask him to go to this URL:
  • There will be a prominent search bar there in the middle of the page (with a mic on right side – check below image for details)
  • Enter search queries in search bar, for instance: Se* sites, Pakistan Se* sites, Pakistani Po*n and so on.
  • Hit the enter button, or you press the “Search” button available on the page
  • it will give you a good list of website that you may want to block


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Is this posible to block a specific key word on internet … Or Can PTA can take help of google as the google had black listed all those servers which contains this type of content …. And What PTA will do about proxy .. vpn and so on …

    • Yes it is possible to block web site which contains certain keyword recently i was browsing for squid modules and found a commercial module which blocks images using skin detection.

      Even javascript library(nude.js google it) could be use to block nude images but would be unfeasible for checking whole list of site for a country

      I guess they should assign this task as a project to software engineering students

    • I worked on such a project in UET lahore .
      This is not a good practice to ban a word !
      Let’s say i have apost having the word f* or nu*e
      or let’s just say i am a blogger at , when i tried to install sexy bookmarks in it I was unable to do it . That is bullshit so banning particular sites is the best option !

  • it is written that “PTA is aware of its responsibilities in controlling the spread of adult material on the internet” . adult material ???look like PTA copied these from some western site. wrong is wrong whether its for adult or kids

  • it think its very much possible to block porn sites. even blocking porn on not seemingly porn site is also possible . youtube is already doing it.
    we can formulate a method where all offensive material can be block by every user as is done by facebook and youtube

  • i love porn … don’t block it.
    use parental control for child and people who don’t have control on their own

  • If you want something promoted, ban it. You really think banning pr0n would stop the sex-starved and bored people of Pakistan? It would just create a bigger market for proxies and pr0n on DVDs/USBs again.

    And an increase in violent sexual offenses (the type that Pakistanis tend to close their eyes to) if you really manage to wipe out “the problem”.

    Whatever happened to spending that effort on educating this demented society and using healthy activities to keep people healthy?

  • if softwares can block it then why pta need list they can block who of it as well

  • Do what ever you want but we will bypass UAE Filter system cant system us what makes you stop us, and one thing Po*n is our Right you cant deside our life….:/

  • blocking porn gr8 bt wht bout the A rated movies that are running on our cimenas and television channels
    iftekhar hussain is nothing but an ass always doing things too get the media attention

    soo stop the bullsh*t and invest the money too get 3g in the country n if yu spare sme then upgrade to 4g

  • Porn sites can be blocked using softwares like Websense which is a gateway software. It can block access to multiple websites by blocking the categories like video streaming, p*rn, etc.

    Websense is used by my our orgranization as well :)

    This is one example of blocking software but you can find hundred others.

    P*rn is not only banned in UAE but also in Qatar and Saudia.

  • Amir please let us live.
    Don’t try to dictate others. I bet your campaign will make the porn surfers unhappy and at the end of the day demand/supply problem will arise.
    Teach people that porn isn’t good for us but don’t try to dictate. This is extremism to bound others to your thinking. And those who say that porn is their right then they are quite right because in this inflation and terroized society if someone can get some sort of enjoyment through masturburation then its quite fine as they are not hurting others.
    People will not stop if you forced them in this way. Their are hundreds of ways to cross such bans, o teach them instead of forcing your ideology to porn surfers.

    • 100% agree with you Iftikhar. This seems like a conspiracy of hanood and yahood to make us an even sicker society. I dont know whom we are trying to fool here. Yaahaan kya kuch nahi ho raha aur hum poorn block karnay main lagay hovay hain, shareef admi kee akhri entertainment bhi cheen lo uss say takay uss kay paas heera mundee kay ilawa aur koi rasta naa bachay :(

      • well said shareef banda he dekhe ga pron ghar bethe warna jis ke pas power and money hai woh toh reality mein sab kar rahah hai aur us ko rokh ne wala koi nahin toh usse virtual world mein kuch karne ke kia zaroorat hai jab woh power and money ke base par jo chahe karle. Amd dont forget about the loadshedding which is carried on daily basis i.e. 20 hours a day. so loadshedding is a bigger problem of this country then blocking pron.
        P.S. I dont even visits pron sites so dont think im a pron supportor, its just there are much bigger problems in this country which needs CJ’s attention.

  • Well said azlam.
    For those who say ppl will find ways to bypass the filters , locks are not for thieves. So porn filters are only for our young generation who accidently visit porn sites while searching study stuff. So get a life losers , these filters are never meant for u losers :@

  • Cool. The wadera-run government will filter much more than “porn” I tell you.

    Banning something does not make things better. You banned alcohol and now there is more alcohol sales than ever.

    Furthermore, if they have such high “moral” ambitions, how come I did not see a single suo-moto notice by Justiceman over the recent violence in Karachi? How come “Heera Mandis” around the country are still in business?

  • On the opposite side, what possible solution do we have if the “inter ministry committee” blocks a not-porn site? Who do we complain to? Who is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for mistakes (or prejudices) in the list??

    No one.

  • Salam, now propakistani admin is fool, why you send complain if you do not provide porn sites. Every body know porn so why you write po*n, so don’t write wrong. thnx
    propakistani hotmail com

  • I sent this email to [email protected]

    Subject: Do not block porn or any other website


    I am sending email after reading news articles on court proceedings on banning porn etc.
    I will suggest PTA to take freedom of people in your mind. don’t try to censor internet. direct phone companies to install porn blocker software in their home. Don’t try to dictate us. we should be able watch what we like. People will find other means for watching porn anyway like transparent proxies etc.
    kindly do take freedom of people, affects of censorship in mind.


    • Shame on you that you are in favour of porn sites. i think these all should be blocked if any want to hire my service for finding of such sites i will be available free of cost to stop the porn sites.

  • Damn it, more filtering means more trouble in network. We are already tired of third class network and now the whole country will suffer because some parents don’t have time to look after their kids.

  • “So porn filters are only for our young generation who accidently visit porn sites while searching study stuff”. Who can accidentally run into porn, our youth is far more intelligent for such ‘accidents’. They know what they are doing, so let them and their parents worry about what is good or bad for them.

  • its all useless , i dont think it can be blocked its in our veins/mind and soul . they will block millions and billions alternatives will be there . + i paused the porn to write this comment !

  • Wow 15 year old kid knows about porn.
    So i think he must be fed up of porn now.
    But how in first place he even know about what is porn????
    I hate porn now .. You can’t control by blocking sites ..there are so many other alternatives out there.
    goto rainbow center and watch out all the cds.. And in every area you will find a lot of movie centers and shops .. What they gonna do? If you want to get rid then teach your kids and give them lessons of islam . Some will go to the right way and some on other..
    Just bear this in your mind .
    You have to decide which now..hell or heaven ? Do not delay

    • Blocking the word po*n only is completely ridiculous …. And they r just aking the public fool. ..Pta plz perform ur duty as u will b answerable before Allah too./.. Blocking po*n on internet can save hundreds of lifes who r not indulged in this evil doing ….. Let the rest of people do what they want .. They hv ruined their lives for here n here after …. There are thousands of ways to all these websites … As saudi arabia done this …. Wake up PTA …. As u can play a great role in saving lifes …. If stopping this starts the sale of dvds or usbs etc let them strt bcoz the access to dvds etc is not as much easy as to internet …. May Allah save us all frm this evil …..

  • We are running 300 user network on local cable network and we have blocked all porn site, proxy site through

  • this thing cant be stopped any where. people will start using ip hiders and other things to see porn.
    let them watch porn and go to hell .

    there is nothing u can do. people were using facebook when facebook was ban in pakistan.

  • Lot of comments…. Huh !!! :o
    Some are in favour of blocking and some against…

    First of all its a fact … Islam forbids that crap.
    So, ban must be imposed …
    Ya thats even true you can bypass the filters.

    Here is my suggestion :

    PTA should make an independent website where they should allow us(users) to create reliable accounts.
    The users can suggest which websites to be blocked and on what reason.
    The website should have some management that look into the matter and make correct decisions whether to block or not.

    In this way there work will be a lot easier..

    What do you say people ???

  • This blocking suggestion and people supporting it are no different than the Taliban, they also consider it their religious duty to impose anything that they consider religion on others. This blog and the comments on it are no indication of what majority wants.

  • choro yar mere pass aik asan hal hai …best among the given …. 20 hours ki load shedding bhara k 24 ghanty kr dain …. Phir lagaty rahy anonums ip …. -.. M the genious yar …. -..

  • They can not block it 100%. There are ways to bypass local restrictions. Porn is bad from Islamic point of view, but concept of Islamic Internet is not very practical in our country. It may provoke various disputes. What about fraud ads?, illegal torrents, dancing girls in arms of young enthusiastic boys. Is it all Islamic, I do not think so… Are they considering coming over all these portions of internet? Again I do not think so…

  • I like http://www.po*, it has been optimized for use with the I pad. Good thing for me I still work out of South Africa so it won’t be blocked for me, or will it, does PTA have the authority to stop all Pakistanis around the world from watching porn or just those in Pk ?

    [Commend Edited]

  • in jesi(porn etc.) cheezo se hi ALLAH ka azaab ata hai,kab sudhro gay tum loog.kuch tu sharam karo.

  • Blocking porn content is easy
    –> direct address block
    if someone try to use proxy to bypass then such proxy sites can be recycled up to three or four levels to get original address. so it can be blocked in short words PTA can block and can save 95% percent of people from exploring such dirty sites , in 5% professional which may not be stopped but the 5% percent have no time for exploring dirty sites :D

  • AoA…
    I sent an email to PTA with a list of Po*n sites. Next day they replied
    “Subject: to ban Po*n website
    Refference: Your email dated 17 july 2011 on the subject matter.

    Refferece your email on the subject matter, it may please be informed that review of the contents of websites does not fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of PTA. There is a dedicated Interministerial committee working under tha aegis of Ministry of IT & Telecom that exlusively deals with the contents of websites and makes decisions with regard to the same.

    2. You may contact the concerned at the said ministry for lodging of your complaint pleas.

    Best Regards
    Syeda Samreen Afzaal
    Assistant Director
    Consumer Protection ”

    Now I don’t know how to contact Ministry of IT & Telecom can you please help?
    I’ll send you the PTA’s reply if you need.


    • Muneer… they sent me same msg… tham i contacted Ministry of IT… i sent letter to them… but they gave no response… than i wrote to CJ…

  • What a Joke….
    You cant block a single website mind it….

    I love my country b/z we have freedom.
    We running a funny message for our prasendt
    Not possible in Iran, KSA, UAE, Vanizwala, China, USA

    We have freedom to burn thing on road during protest not possible in USA,UK, China.

    First Apny aap ko sai karen dosry be hojyen ge

  • What a pity.
    PTA and all these ppl are so much Fool and Non-Technical, that they cannot even block porn sites…
    and they dont even know that how to do it…..
    They need a LIST of sits to block????
    When there are already 100s of Simplest ways to block 99.999% of porn sites very easily…
    i am a network engineer, and i had been able to block everything in my company on just one click of button, and 10 min server configuration….
    Dont know if Dumb fools are sitting in PTA,,,,and its un-believable how PTA is UP and running, with such level of non-technical teams….
    How other countries are blocking porn? like Iran, China, USA etc????

  • I like to watch porn. its awesome and i love it. Who is PTA or the inter-ministry to decide if i can watch it or not? i am an adult and i don’t give a fuck if a kid has some problem with porn.

    • Yes thats right, but we muslims have a habbit to declare that my way is the best way and we try to impose what we think is right on others. This mentality is really pathetic and has made us what we are, nobody likes us in the whole world because we think its our duty to “correct” other people and bring them to the path of God…and nobody really defines what is the path of God, is it the sunni way? shia way,brailwi or so many other ways out there.

  • @Awsome Yasir!
    Mashallah :)
    Well done.
    All muslims should be proud of MUSLIM LIKE YOU, who loves doing such filthy act.
    may be you have forgot that you have to die, but just wait….the time is near when you will die and you will return to your Creator, who created you, when you were nothing.
    Note: (I assumed you are a muslim, but i have serius doubts that a muslim can do such act, being so proud)

  • Don’t rely on PTA. K9 Web Protection is a software for home computer which prevents websites which u want to avoid like Po*n, viruses etc. Please install this software and save yourself and your family.

  • It was disheartening to witness the number of people in our society who are ‘fond’ of such perversion. It is not allowed in Islam which few of these perverts understand; to believe one cannot do without this perversion is sheer nonsense. Apart from UAE and Saudia; China has also banned such websites, now why would a country which is not a muslim state do such a thing? Because they are clever enough to understand that such a practice destroys the moral fabric of a society. Small girls in villages and cities alike are being molested and raped. This destroys marital life of people because many of what is shown is haram even in a marital relationship. Our youth is neck deep in practically involving themselves in illicit relations; and all this watching forms the very first step. This creates in them a longing to do this in person.
    This is the beginning, first step towards societal improvement. We also have to crack down on other modes of perversion, why provide the perverts with such easy and cheap and on hand access at all times. Let’s make it difficult for them. The whole world knows what Pakistanis do on the internet, this should be shameful for us as a nation. Banning such websites can restore some of our dignity in the eyes of the world.

  • i am telling you a very simple way to block these website by doing just one thing
    Your D.N.S Should be this
    100% Works

  • Abe Idiots…Porn Sites Band Kerne Se Kya Hoga….Rs. 10 mein CD mil Jati he Easily….us mafia ko kon rokega….sites band kerne se kuch nahi hoga….apna time zaya ker rhe hen..

  • Pta Also Banned on porn Dvd/Cd’s which is sold in the markets ..why dont take action against such type of wholesallers who have bulk ammount of POrn Blue print DvD’s And CD’s….

  • gr8 step….all ppl who r not satisfied with this step. please go to wikipedia and search you will find highlited name of pakistan on viewing most po*n site. our image is destroyed internationaly. now do you think it is bad step. its the starting. every thing will be blocked. even in many european cntris secsul contents are. and still some duffers are supporting po*n shame on them are they even muslims

  • I think its a great idea,U should have done it years ago.. And who he have problem with this and thinks that its too bad they blocked it u just kiss me black Ass

  • PTA has gone mad.. they are blocking all websites most of the websites contains mix content for instance

    Mostly 99% there are code snippets (regarding codding) and problems that coders face and there might be some other material that is removed most of the time. and now look PTA (stupid illiterate) is blocking blindly all the websites.

    saray jahil safarshi log jub tak hatay ni jain gay tub tak es mulak ka kuch ni hoga… why don’t they buy a software like net granny… why are they reinventing the wheel although they know that they are stupid and ass hole.

    This will endup like sms filtering…

  • People in pakistan have a bad habit of getting caught in the moment and applauding the government on random spontaneous actions without realizing the long term implications(look at nawaz sharif’s nuclear test how well did that work for pakistan?). Allowing government to control internet by Blocking sites deemed explicit also allows them the freedom block what ever they feel is detrimental to their own interest (regardless of the social group effected by such a blockade). If the government is allowed to block sites on the whim of a few, what is stopping them from eventually blocking foreign news sites or any multimedia site or just a rival web forum just because they found one picture or video or sound file or a statement that is offensive to them.
    I would present the case of “”. the website is the largest site for torrent download where one can practically find any software, any media file (yes both explicit and mainstream). Until the massive blockade started I used the site for any student software I needed. Some of those software cannot even be found on other torrent sites. I still don’t see why that site was blocked. There is nothing explicit about file downloading as it is entirely the user’s personal responsibility. I am sure no one in pakistan likes to be told what to do by the government which is itself accused of prioritizing self interest over the interest of the citizen why should the government be allowed to control the internet which is the last information repository in pakistan free of government red tape simply because a few people want to make a name for themselves.
    I hate to point this out but at the rate web sites are disappearing in pakistan we might eventually find ourselves thrown into the stone ages of internet where an internet would be no more then a software reserved for the government propaganda and businesses while the public access would become non-existent. I’m talking about Chinese communist red tape bad. Whats the point of internet when there is no interesting site to go to or an opposing opinion to the government establishment. The internet is a self governance resource, those who want to access it do so on their own accord. The government should not have the right to tell us where to go and where not to go. Those who are of conservative demeanor can choose not to access a site while a liberal or progressive can choose to go where others don’t. This is a basic democratic freedom that is being taken away from the people!

    wake up already!!!!

  • why pta not block yahoo every day there are many people who use bad language to islam.

    it is a mian hardle for muslim plzzzzzzzzzzzz block it

  • If PTA wants to block porn its ok. That was a good step. But why the hell filestube snd esnips are blocked? I m just unable to figure this out. we can easily find cracks and other softwares on filestube. The strategy they are using is not right. They need to change it. You just can’t block words. Still lots of pornographic content is available and you just can’t stop everyone. Anyways, if anyone knows the other way to browse filestube please let me know.

  • I am from IT sector and love challenges. When i saw some of these sites blocked by PTA i worked a solution out wrote a relay application that by pass PTA access control (doesn’t uses any proxy servers). But there is still other way like TOR network P2p base access. Torrents etc.

    Blocking polices normally reduces the number of general public that can access but it also cause people to drill in and learn how to bypass it.

    I know my friends who thought this as challenge too and investigated how they were blocking and bypassed it. So its not very hard to by pass it.

    These highlevel filter also slow down your web access as each access need to checked by first opening its HTTP header and check request in a hash table which is fast but doing that for 100K sites millions of time every second increases lag. Which I hate and its disrupts privacy. I don’t want anyone looking through thinks i am doing or controlling it.

    I understand its moral issue but we are afraid nation. The only way we can control things is by blocking it. There is another good way by educating masses which off-course is difficult and we cant wast time on it. West educated public about cigarettes and there demand went down.

    GO and block
    Cigarettes (but ahhah they generate revenue and kill people has no moral consequence)
    Prostitution (Ohh but political people involve)
    Wast of public money ( hmm War machine & ministers expenses $$$$$)
    Dangerous Counterfeit Medicines ( thousands of people die in Pakistan because but who care)

    and list goes on. We need to get out priority right

    By the way if children want it they will get it. You really think blocking a porn site would control it. We its better to educate a person then attempt to every aspect of his life. You child will come in contact to immoral things day to day its his training and your attitude and trust that will keep him save not some blocked website.

    Moral of the story…
    1. Making anything illegal increases its demand.
    2. When there is a will there is a way.
    3. Reduce demand by increasing awareness and education.

  • thak sir this web site baclk i love pta youtube miracle of allah baclk thak iiiiiiiiiii love PTA

  • any one want to surfe a site that is restricted/ban etc
    can contact me at skype fahadkhan563

  • No one can stop any one to watch porn website how many website pta block and then why the ptcl taking fee of internet if they are blocking website?

  • we people have to save our next generation so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz alll guys help each other to block these abusive sites.

  • Block the Hotspot Shield software website and all the where it can be downloaded first. There is no need of blocking thousands of site when hotspot can easily open them.

  • it seems people in authority are not willing to do it. its a common sense they can easily block the sites with the keyword. if they are not doing it that makes us to think about their corrupt mentality.

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