Traffic Stats of Pakistani Newspaper Websites

Recently, we unveiled the traffic stats for cellular companies’ websites – and today we are bringing you similar traffic stats for Pakistani newspapers’ websites.

For the purpose, we selected major mainstream English and Urdu newspapers to compare their daily and monthly traffic.

Like always, we have to tried to be as accurate as possible. These stats are derived from various sources, including those directly working with the newspapers (for IT Dept.) to Google Trends and others.

We are comparing three metrics, as following:

  • Daily Visitors: Number of visitors hit a website in a day (not unique)
  • Unique Visitors in a Month: Unique visits, if someone visits a site 50 times in a month, will be counted as one unique visitor.
  • Monthly page views: These are total page views in a month (not unique)

No further delay, here you go:




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  • Bauhat aala Atta sahib! :)

    But Such a large variation in pageviews!?
    Very interesting though. Dawn used to be #1.
    Daily Express is surprising; maybe the epaper format DOES work.

    The most encouraging thing is that a lot of Urdu news is consumed online, and your analysis will surely go a long way – inshAllah – in convincing online content creators to create more urdu content.

    And a bit more details on ‘how’ you have arrived at these figures? Newspaper folks – even those working in IT – tend to give exaggerated online traffic numbers? :)

    • Jang gets humongous pageviews through it’s epaper. Each click on news item is considered a pageview. Jang’s example can be considered as a case study for those who think Urdu news has no future. Not to mention, their news doesn’t get indexed in search engine. Wish they had used Unicode for urdu fonts, instead of JPEGs.

      Yes, express has done good in recent months, mainly due to it’s epaper.

      Dawn has more visitors from outside world than from Pakistan. Express tribune get’s good hits from search engines and so on.

      There were other stats available, but we couldn’t gather for all papers, so they were not included.

      About exaggeration of stats, we have made sure k these stats are as accurate as possible, which means we listened to only the useful part of those working in papers :-p

        • If Jang Group improves the look and navigation they can stay far ahead but they are not taking a step. I read this newspaper since childhood and was surprised to see it on the web back in 1998. Not a lot has changed since then.

          They are using new font on their unicode version but still they should change the page look. They are not doing a lot work on social platform like Dawn and ETribune. They should value the user comments and accept and show all voices without a censor. Public opinion should be respected and published. No one is doing this at this stage.

  • It would be be good for analysis of rapid adoption of online media for awareness among people who in touch with Pakistan’s internal and external situation,specially statistics showing that people are very use to of internet.Electronic media getting popularity against print Media.

    Appreciated Aamir Atta your effort.

  • More Unique Visitors than Visitors?

    Either those numbers are fabricated, or the accounts tracking these metrics are subject to a bug.

  • Dawn and Express Tribune sites are full indian trolls but anyway thanks to them they are contributing to the traffic stats and ad revenue of Pakistani news sites.

  • why every one is so eager for source, Hamarey mulk ki 80% se zayed abadi english nahin smajhti even wo log bhi jo Computer aur internet use karahe hen, agar zyada pareshani hai to “Alexadotcom” check karen.

    Well done and nice info Aamir bhai.

      • Couple of months ago, a friend who works for a data center mentioned that is getting around 150 to 200k unique visitors a day and so was daily express, i was asked to quote server specifications for load balancing and what not.

        Looking at their traffic graphs on various sources, i do feel that Jang and Daily express are getting in excess of 200k Unique visitors a day, but that is just pure guess based on previous experience with High Traffic websites.

        • Ahmed, be sure about the accuracy of above mentioned stats. Mesg me if you need more info on this

          • His values are true. Last year Daily Express had daily traffic of 120K visitors that had grown up from 90K over the course of 3 months. With the amount of effort that Aleem and his team put into these sites, i’d say it would have continued its upward trend.

  • Visitors are increasing but the quality of their websites is not up to very basic standards. Just see website of and….full of stupid and irritating adds…

    This shows their greed to earn… I would suggest these newspaper companies to be professional and server your customers properly.

    Isn’t it insane that most of famous TV channels are providing TV on web officially but GEO TV blocked their service 2 years back. I can watch NDTV, ALJAZEERA, CNN, BBC, and many other Int’l News Channels breadcasted officially by companies for web…but GEO TV not.

    Shame on such Money maker Media companies.

    DAWN NEWS moderates very normal comments…So I don’t trust these media who want to show what they like only. Not what is truth.

  • There is one more newspaper which gets more than three hundred thousands visitations on its site. It’s Pak Observer! It was also a worth mentioning site.

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