Ufone Offers Rs. 0.49 per 30 sec to All Networks

Ufone has introduced market’s lowest call rates to all networks. Now you can call at 49 paisas per 30 seconds to any network in Pakistan.

Offer has no daily charges whereas one time subscription charges of Rs. 10 + tax are applicable.

Note that this offer is available for 30 days after subscription, once the said period is over, subscribers will be charged as 63 paisas per 30 second.

How to Subscribe:

  • To subscribe to 30 Second Offer, dial *49#

Terms & Conditions:

  • One time subscription charges are Rs.10+tax
  • After 30 days of subscription, subscribers will be charged at 63 paisa per 30 seconds
  • No voice buckets other than International Direct Dialing bucket is included in this offer
  • Friends and Family numbers are not included in this offer
  • Standard charges will be applied on all calls made to free numbers and short codes


Note that you can resubscribe to the offer after 30 days if you want to. For that you will need to deactivate this offer and then reactivate.

As there is no way of deactivating properly so you can subscribe to another call package by Ufone (you will be unsubsidised from 30 seconds offer) and the resubscribe but keep in mind package change will cost you twice.

Also this is a limited time offer.

  • so this means 0.33PKR per day charges as this is only for 30days 10+tax per
    smart move by Ufone

  • Bullshit “After 30 days of subscription, subscribers will be charged at 63 paisa per 30 seconds”

  • Just customers ko pagal bna rhay hain. Ufone ka network sb say bkwas ho gaya ha. Aur Zong voice quality ma ufone say aagay nikal gaya ha.

  • Admin can u plz provide us info about Jazz Pakage? Which gives 100 all network mins in just 49 Rs for 7 days.

  • Even 63 paisa per 30 second is good, because of two reasons:

    1- Ufone did not have a 30 second pkg except public demand which was charging 99 paisas.
    2- Other operators are charging same thing. telenor is offering 63 paisa per 30 seconds, zong is offering 65 paisa, mobilink is offering 68 paisa.

    But the real question is that the company is lowering the call rate now, and will later impose some stupid charges (like recent operational, admin charges) to compensate for their revenue!! This doesnt make sense.

    PTA should look into this!!

    • you are looking ufone advisor, by the way is offer is public ko kia faida hai, public ko kia is tension se chotkara nahi mill sakta hai, aik flat rate ho wohi kafi hai, 2/3 paisa offer neeche kar ke sirf confuse kia jata hai

    • I recently purchase Zong sim… wht a big mistake i did…. No signal, call drop, poor call center service (They hired girls for call center who don’t know ABC of CSR).
      Zong should improve service While this package must be without any 30days limit.

  • All above people i would say na sukkray log… Ab company free may bhi calls dengi ulta paisay bhi phir bhi kahengay operational and admin charges..Q laga rahay ho just 1 way approach dosri chezo ko to dekhana hi nahi hay.. log india say cmpare kartay hain kia kisi ko pata hay waha provience change karnay par roaming charge hoti hay ?? Ya pora pak aik hay chahay karachi ho ya peshawar ya lahore ho ya quetta simply Biggest na sukkri Qoam

    • well said man, most of the people are just criticizing on the Telecom. This package is good by Ufone because ufone had highest 30 sec package than before, but after launching new package. I like it….

    • I will appreciate if phone companies lower local call charges & put roaming for inter province. How may people travel inter province in country. 10%?? Benefit should go to common man.90% people stay where they live. Reduce call charges by 30% and add 30% on roaming from prevailing one. Do not increase any paisa on present rates. Let us see who comes forward with a consumer friendly package.

        • for example???? all cellular companies charge same tax amount, however if i say that ufone charge less than other operators, it will be not wrong. look at newly imposed admin or operational fee which is 1.1% as compared to other operators who are charging 1.5 %. So Rabia where ufone charge hidden charges, any example????

          • everything is hidden. ufone is advertising only calling rate, if you look into the details, you will notice that voice bundles are not included.

            Admin please confirm about VAS bundles?

            Manzoor, with respect, what rabia meant here was that customer need a complete package. e.g. this package might be good from calls point of view but at the end of the day, end customer will end up paying more money because of no voice/vas bundle.

            • what u want to be present in this package? I mean to say that which VAS services are present in Telenor 63, Jazz Budget and not in ufone???

  • I m zong user and convert my sim zong to ufone .ufone is very bad network very low voice quality some times and msg sending failed issue call drop balance deduction even i do nt call or use any service.very bad experience.it is reality that zong is going best best and best.ufone who claimed 300kbps under edge its speed limit is upto 8kbps hardly.so i suggest all of u zong.little expensive but having gud services.

  • I understand that with this offer, one cannot subscribe to voice bundles? what about sms bundles?

    on package,without voice bundles, this package is not targetted for youth & i do not think that mobile users except youth even care to change their package!

    For all those, who are complaining about the network quality of ufone, please understand that it is their strategic move, they want people to use landline (product of their parent company) inside the premises & mobile in open…lol :p

  • bakwas offer
    i m feeling lucky to convert my number of u to zong
    as a student, zong is the cheapest network as compare to ufone.

  • Offer is good for customers, not for Telecom. Ufone is still continuing to cost differentiation on the stake of its quality. Moreover atlast empolees have to suffer most rather than users because of these cheap call rates most of their perks, facilities are cut off by such companies.

  • This offer is also fraud like other mobile companies. if you calculate carefully with taxes
    you are falling in trap.I have yet to see a package which really gives benefits benefits to consumer. Instead of spending millions on advertising on TV channels, they should be sincere and pass on benefits to consumers by reducing call charges instead of fooling them by such packages.

  • This is a paid site, Called as propakistani.
    Comments are mostly posted by the team of propalistani.

    Praise of that company who pay maximum.

    Zong is playing this Game.
    Ufone has really made Zong to fire Zaffar Usmani and soon Salman Wasay on hit list.

    Aamir Atta. Please just read the comments and delete.

    I am not the only person who know this truth but infact all in telecom

    • So you call yourself, Telecom Specialist. Do you really think companies would pay for evaluating their packages?
      Trust me, it makes no sense.

      And I am sure if you were Aamir Atta, you would prefer to hire someone for writing than for commenting :-)

  • As Ufone did not have 30 seconds offer prior to this package, it is a very good move by Ufone. I like it.

  • 49 paisa ki offer di hai to 30days ka bad call bar hana ki kia zarwat hey ! Kal ko koi compani mustakhil aus isay bi kam rate da to ufone ki hay hay hojaya gi. To ufone ya rate mustaqil rakho taka faida ho u ka customer ko

  • 49 paisa / isi offer ko mustakhil pakage mey krdia jaya, bad mey 63 paisa mazadar nai hein kasum se my jan ufone tm hi tu ho !

  • Ufne bkWas say b bKwas ,49 paisa k liay b 12 rupy charge us k 1 mnth k bd 63 pkg lg jata hah ,pehly 63 pkg khtm kro.jo k 25 rupy charge hoty hain us k bd dobra 12 rupy charge hoty hain pkg chalanay k liay, ufone shame on u ,yhe to 49 paisa /30sec nae hain yhe 1.rs /30sec bnty hain,koi b ufne na use kray, sub ko fool bna ry hain jb aik br pkg change kr dia to phr ku 63 paisa lga rhy hain, ,mtlb yhe

    is pkg ka mthly 40,rupies b alag sy charge kr rhy hain kaminay, . . . , . . . . .agar koi pkg nikalna tha to /sec k hisab sy nikalty, ‘ our jo 30sec hain itna jaldi count hoty hain yhe to kisi ko pta b nae hahahahaha
    keep enjoy ufne 49 sub sy mehnga pkg in lif time. . . . Hahahahahahahahaha

  • making fool u fone voice quality very poor buch k rahna ray baba is 49 fraud say y dont give detail on adds in t.v they give details in very small words no one can read easily bcz of this fraud offers

  • I am Agree to all of you above that This is Not Good Offer.
    But i am going to Say some thing out of Context and it is:

    Just Buy Another Ufone SIM and Start using {Super Call Package} On Both SIM.

    This is the Best way to Minimize Charges, As we know Ufone has only These Two Worthy Packages so Take Maximum Advantage of it.

    I am Saying this because if you have Noticed that Ufone is Not Advertising its (SuperCall Offer) Since long time, They are Kind of Repented by Introducing (SuperCall Offer) and Which is Quite Funny.

    Check (Super Call Offer) rates & also {UONE}, I hope You will Never get that much Affordable rates from any Network of Pakistan.

    Yes Ufone Network is Not that Good But Its Charges are Affordable as Compare to Other Pakistani Networks.

    Give your Comments Please. Did you Like my Idea ?

  • can anyone tell me how to deactivate call package’s of ufone, i’ve uth and super call, now wanna deactive both.

  • Yar tum log b na…..
    Ufone is the Best.
    Jazz is also the Best.
    Zong is also the Best.
    Warid is also the Best.
    Telenor is good.
    Shukar karo k networks hai. Agar networks bi Bijli ki tarah hotay to kia kartay tum log. Shukar karo mere yaroo…..

  • ** UFONE Again Revises TARiFF With Effective From 28-April-2012 **

    -Ref. > http://www.ufone.com/prepaid_tariff_new.aspx

    Dear Customer, Committed to provide you the best services,
    Effective from 28th April 2012 :

    *UWon Package ON-Net rates has been Revised to Rs.1.60+Tax/Min.

    *Tension Free Package ON-Net and OFF-Net rates has been Revised to Rs.1.60+Tax/Min.

    *Lady’s Package ON-Net and OFF-Net rates (5pm to 10am) has been Revised to Rs.1.60+Tax/Min.
    Calls from Lady’s Package to PTCL(10am to 5pm) has been Revised to Rs.1.60+Tax/Min.


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