Samsung Android Phones Sales Beat Apple and Nokia

Latest-Samsung-SmartphonesSamsung Electronics & Co. is said to have surpassed Nokia and Apple in terms of handset sales, in the recent quarter.

It is estimated that Samsung has sold upto 21 million Smartphones in the said period whereas Apple is lagging with 20.3 million iPhone sales. Nokia seems to be left far behind with 16.7 million sales, a researcher at analyst company said.

Samsung which is considered as second largest handset maker in the industry got this boost from Google’s miracle – Android. Topping the list, Samsung’s galaxy phones are helping it a lot in giving a tough competition to its rival, Apple.

It is expected that Samsung will share the market with industry’s largest handset maker – Nokia, this year. Samsung will have an approximate market share of 20%, closing the gap with Nokia’s 26%.

On the other hand, Apple is still able to give competition with its iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S may be) which is expected to be released, later this year.

While Samsung Galaxy S II has already made its mark by having more than 3 million sales in less than two months after it’s launch. Keeping in view these figures, Samsung already has sold 30+ Galaxy S II phone per minute, worldwide.

It merits mentioning here that Samsung is expected to double its handset sales (including those which are not smartphone) by this year.

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  • Samsung mobile is working good and i am really satisfied with the Samsung mobiles since long time. Simply Samsung Rock!

  • hhh.. I already told this. That samsung will overtake nokia and all other brands in 2012

  • I hate samsung just because of its aftersale support when Omnia Hd was launched it was like wow what a phone and after buying that i am still waiting for it firmware update damn they are not so good.

  • Elop ruined Nokia with its February 11 announcement. He doesn’t even know that what he is saying and what will be reaction on it. Even in last quarter of 2010 nokia sold many symbian^3 devices and the there were only 2 devices available at that time.

  • Samsung needs to catch up in the tablet market. They have probably the most realistic chance of producing an iPad challenger. Rumor has it Apple will release a lite version of iPhone to target the lower end market would be interesting to see.

  • Why shouldn’t Samsung beat others? It has a huge variety of smartphones in different price brackets. Look at Samsung Galaxy Mini, Android powered, fully loaded with GPS, Wi-Fi, camera etc and selling for Rs. 16k. Who can beat this price range? none

  • … and that’s why Apple is trying hard to stop Galaxy Tab II enter the US market. They recenlty filed a lawsuit against Samsung in this regard. And seriously Apple should continue their innovation rather running after the market share.

    Nokia has made a huge mistake by not joining the Android and now paying the price for. I don’t know if they’ll do any better with Microsoft.

  • Now will you post it in ProPK?. Android fans are those people who never used iOS device or the people who dont know how to use it.

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