Dr. Syed Ismail Shah Joins MoITT As Member Telecom

Dr. Syed Ismail ShahDr. Syed Islmail Shah has been appointed as Member Telecom in Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom in the place of Dr. Mushtaq Bhatti who retired in February 2011.

Dr. Shah has vast experience in the ICT industry and academics at national and international level. He is a Qualcomm certified trainer on 3G technologies and a Life Member of the Pakistan Engineering Council, Senior Member, IEEE, USA and Member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan.

He started his professional carrier in 1989 by joining the Telecommunication division of Siemens Engineering Company, Islamabad, Pakistan. He did his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. During and after his PhD he worked at the University of Pittsburgh.

On his return to Pakistan in 1998 he joined the GIK Institute. In 2000, he joined Enabling Technologies and later, the Center for Advanced Research and Studies in Engineering. Dr. Shah taught in the Department of Computing and Technology, Iqra University Islamabad Campus in 2004.

Syed Ismail Shah, has been associated with the Department of Computing and Technology, Iqra University Islamabad Campus for more than 5 years and is also the Executive Director Central Asian CDMA Forum (CACF).

It is hoped that Dr Shah will play a crucial role in devising a comprehensive Telecom Policy for promoting latest technology such as 3G  with his professional, research and academic expertise.

  • Good… I know him since 2007 when I invited him to our university for a 3 days seminar on CDMA Technology. I hope he is a good policy maker & manager as well along with being a scholar.

  • In 2002 when he was in Software technology park in Enabling Technology (which was later occupied by group of so called patriotic PhDs of EME and NUST) owned by an American Pakistani and was working on defence projects. Ismail was one of those people who practically did advertisements of Masters and PhD programs of CASE telling people that they were doing it for best interests of Pakistan but in fact they occupied the organization and on Supreme Court turned it into Engineering Education trust. Secretly CASE did all from setting papers to grading and UET acted as rubber stamp. They became gods and many in different organizations benefitted from it. Directors of Engg. Education Trust became self-claimed owners. Ismail was part of that corruption and lies. Kindly avoid promoting such people, there are thousands of people you can write then, looks like an advertisement to me.

  • He was my teacher and my final year supervisor at iqra university islamabad.

    He is a legend. He works every hour of the day

    Mohamed omer.

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