Ufone Introduces Star Name Service

Ufone has introduced one of its kind service that allows you to select a name instead of your number, where others can call you.

Called as Star Name, this can be your  nick, date of birth, zodiac sign or any other thing that is unique and special to you.

 How it works?

Once you have selected your start name, others can call you by dialing *  followed by the name you have chosen. Suppose, if my star name is AHSAN (which surely isn’t) you can call me by dialling *AHSAN i.e *24726

How to Register:

  • You can register your star name by sending it to 3113


  • This service has  subscription charges of Rs 3.75 per week

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only one Star Name can be acquired on one primary number
  • Booking is possible only on primary number
  • Call charges will be deducted as per package plan
  • This service is not useful for incoming and out going international roamers
  • Off net and international calls and SMS are not possible with Star Name
  • SMS to 3113 will not be charged