Zong App Creator – Develop Application, Win Prizes

zong app creator

Zong invites you to develop application on Facebook, promote it at Zong’s platform and win prizes.

A Sony Cyber Shot Camera will be provided to that app which manages to get maximum likes.

So you do not need to be a professional developer to make an app here. All you have to do is to register at Zong App Creator Page and make your own application. Publish it to your wall and get as many likes as you can.

Creating an app is simple and easy. Just enter the question or any statement which you want to be displayed when your application runs, and few answers as well. Application will automatically chose random answer from the given ones. You are asked to provide with a minimum of 5 answers (phrases) to question.

For instance you can make an app, What is Your Lucky Number?  and provide answers as different number so that when the app runs, it will display any random number from the one given by ‘developer’.

So this is all about fun  creativity and how can you get the maximum out of it using your inventiveness. And ultimately you may be able to win a Sony Cyber Shot Camera.

No deadline for app submission has been provided.

  • Ansari

    good step though its a copy of Telenor’s apportunity campaign

  • zain

    although a good step but just Sony Cyber Shot Camera for an app. zong thinks we live in a fools world. guys beware of zong campaigns .zong is still running “keep phone on” promo but hasnot given a single bike or car to anyone

  • Junaid

    Even if it isn’t like the Telenor’s development, still it won’t get enough fame because if you want fame and members, you’ll have to come first in the market (field)

  • Nauman Afzal

    Good move

  • Copy of Telenor’s idea.

  • Saad Hamid

    LOL. Companies seems to think app development is some sort of joke? It takes hours of ideation, dev and debugging time to create a quality app.

    First Telenor was doing the same and now its Zong.

    And the best they offer in return is iPad or Sony Cyber Shot camera :/ WTF? The more shocking factor here is that they are judging the app based on “Number of Likes” seriously? That’s the easiest factor that can be gamed or cheated away.

    • Saad I suggest you to use this app first. Trust me your comment will start with “other” three letters. :-)

    • admin

      Our celcos lack to an extent, i agree, but I am sure you can play a part in elevating the standards and understanding of digital needs.

  • lucky

    nice site .. i like it.