PTCL 50Mbps VDSL Ultranet Now Launched

Finally! PTCL has officially announced the launch of 50Mbps barodband for home users.

Earlier PTCL was offering 50 Mbps connections to test customers only, in selected cities. Sources confirmed that it was available within one kilometre radius of the exchange, while in test phase.

Now PTCL has officially launched this mega broadband package in four major citites i.e. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is said that almost whole of the above mentioned cities are covered as this service is available throughout the cites but still you can get final words from feasibility test team of PTCL in your area.

In addition to 50Mbps, PTCL has also introduced 20Mbps broadband package.

Note that PTCL will be using another copper line in addition to your previous one, for this technology. So VDSL 2 technology will work on 2 copper based lines to enhance bandwidth. Also it is said that PTCL is first operator in the world to implement this VDSL 2 technology on its existing copper network.


Following are the three packages, available on this VDSL 2 technology

10 Mbps VDSL

  • Package Price Rs.9,999
  • Installation Charges inclusive of Modem Charges: Rs.10,000

20Mbps VDSL

  • Package Price Rs.15,000
  • Installation Charges inclusive of Modem Charges: Rs.10,000

50 Mbps VDSL

  • Package Price Rs.20,000
  • Installation Charges inclusive of Modem Charges: Rs.10,000

  • Monis Khan

    i guess in future they reduce their price and converter their system to fiber optic , like they have in Islamabad

    • omg optical fibre for individual use !!

      hey they can’t afford fiber optics for every home ..

      Thanks God as they are using 2 copper based line .

      • boom

        You can get your connection converted to fiber optics by paying Rs 600-700 only, provided the facility is available in your area.

  • Imran

    How can one get to know what speed will he actually get in his home. lets say e.g at 5 km from, will it work ???

    and if the radius is 1 km, then its use is effectiveness is extremely limited? isn’t it ?

  • Monis Khan

    u told us that it will be of 10k in ur previous post :P but 10 k are the installation charges ehehhe

    • All about PTCL’s decisions. It preferred to stay out of home/business plans stuff. Made one for all. :-)

  • Raja

    Its an old story(a month ago)that we already knows

  • Saeed

    Good News!!!

    Let see howz the service.

  • Shakir

    We have already tested this DSL in Karachi, Yesterday we have received call from Islamabad that we can not provide 50Mpbs DSL so we offer you 2 DSL of 20Mpbs and 1 10Mpbs DSL on same price.

    • DSL Competition

      phir kia hua shakir bhai ap ne han ke ya na ke

      • Shakir

        mana kar dya kion k meray pass 10mb already hay jo k mushkil say 4mb tak jata hay.

    • Monis Khan

      lol were they joking 3 connection at 1 place to make it 50 mb :P

  • Rez

    You can practically host a server locally now. 50 MBPs for 20k RS is a good price.

  • Zubair

    no you can’t , this is download speed, higher upload speed is required in case of home web server

  • Shahid Saleem

    right in time for

  • Yaar, 50 MB offer kr rahy han, Speed tou 5 MB Aye hi BuSs.

  • Saad

    ohhh, so thats why my dsl was slow yesterday!!!!!

    some people were downloading torrents on 50mb/s :D

  • Ahmed

    korea me 100 mb/s hai. intenet charges bhi kam hai.Pakistan ko bhi high speed internet kam rate per fharam karna chahai.lines are very old.

  • Sameer

    How good is PTCL when compared to Worldcall, Wi-tribe or Qubee?

    • Zubair

      It really depends upon your location. In my opinion PTCL is better than Worldcall,witribe and qubee

  • Noffal Ghaffar

    Does anyone know about down/upload speeds?

  • Tani

    Best of luck pakistan…i am very happy…Good work PTCL we all with you…keep it up


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