Decision for 3G Auction Delayed

Due to shortage of time and non-finalization of summary, Federal Cabinet was not able to approve the modalities for the auction of 3G licenses, reported Daily Times.

Earlier it was reported that policy for auction of 3G licenses had reached the federal cabinet for the final approval of the bidding plan and further execution of 3G rollout in the country.

However, there was not enough time to finalize and then to get the 3G policy approved.

No further deadline was mentioned for the approval of 3G license auction.

After the Cabinet meeting, Federal Minister for Finance Dr Hafeez Shaikh confirmed that very short time was available for finalization of the summery and due to this, issue could not be taken up at Federal Cabinet meeting.

However, the minister was of the view government was committed to move forward quickly and complete the process within specified period (which he didn’t specify).

  • So for an important issue like 3G they did not allocate ” time” – how stupid and disorganized can one bunch of people get!

  • they also need to discuss how they will make some money for their own pockets. so they must need “time”.

  • Pakistan has more important issues to tackle . Terrorism,Bad economy,electricity crisis,law and order,floods,corruption, judiciary vs executive,health,education,defense………….. ……………’DO WE REALLY HAVE TIME FOR 3G.

      • Man if 3G is opened up it will create new sources of jobs which means less people to become criminals secondly for economy the license of 3G is expensive so our country will get finance no if we get some money most of the above problems are resolved

  • Ppp k hoty howy 3g ko bhol sub se agy ki umeed mat rakhe ye mulak ko pechy le kar jaye ge

  • 3G a dream for Pakistani nation…… :D its being delayed since long time… so forget about it. simple

  • Worldwide operators are extensily working and investing on 4G (LTE)technologies and inching towards 5G technology, as first research paper about 5G has been published recently.
    How Pakistan is far away from the rest of world in telecommunication field that it could not come out from 2G (GSM)technology as the issue of granting 3G license could not settled down by the Government since many years.

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