Habib Bank, You Seriously Need to Start Behaving with Customers

Habib Bank LimitedI didn’t know before today that commercial banks in Pakistan can literally threat you, let alone the misbehaving part.

Even if you are a three years old customer, who has paid every credit card bill in last 40 months before the due date, I didn’t know they can call you in – shout at you, threat you, humiliate you and what not.

I had this HBL Credit card, I was founding member, which means I was using their credit card since their service started.

This month I didn’t pay my bill; that was mainly due to a fact that I had lost my credit card and I was in process of getting a replacement, which was likely to reach me in a week or so. So for the first time in my life, I took this bill casually and thought of paying it next month (just like we sometimes do with electricity or PTCL bills)

So here’s the timeline, just to let you know how pathetic a bank service can go:

  • Bill’s due date was 22nd July 2011 and amount was Rs. 8,800
  • I didn’t pay the bill, as mentioned above (this is only the second time in my three years plus relation with HBL that I couldn’t pay my bill before the due date)
  • I get a call on July 27th 2011 about payment – I thanked him for reminding and told him that I plan to pay the bill next month.
  • I get another call the following day (from same guy), and he said this:
    • When are you paying bill (Dude I told you, I am not planning to pay this month)
    • You must pay the bill, there’s a procedure to follow – we can’t spare you even for a week, or tell me your address so we may collect the card – I was like, Hey man, you have my address, be my guest – come and collect your card.
    • Next thing he said was shocking: “Pay the bill or we will tell your father about this” #WTF?

I didn’t have in my wildest dreams that a bank can go to this level. I wonder, if they do such things to other customers too? If they do – it’s disgusting, highly offensive and ill-mannered.

Habib Bank, claimed as the largest bank of Pakistan, it’s time for you to do little schooling and learn manners before you get kicked by every customer.

And by the way once you are done with learning manners, there are terms called “Professionalism”, “Customer Profiling” that you must get familiar with.

This makes me realize that Telecom sector is far better than others!

P.S. There’s no blog on banking in Pakistan, so I had to paste it here. Sorry if it interrupted your usual sense of reading.


Thanks to Sam, one of ProPakistani reader, there’s a SBP rule according to which banks can’t harass their customers for payment collection, here’s the link: http://www.sbp.org.pk/psd/2009/Anexx/Anexx-C1.pdf

It says:

Banks/DFIs must ensure that their recovery/collection officers should not resort to any verbal or physical harassment of the delinquent Credit Card holder, their family members, referees and friends during recovery/collection efforts. Recovery/Collection officers should also not humiliate publicly or in private or intrude the privacy of the Credit Card holder’s family members, referees and friends.

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  • Shocked HBL client

    you should mention the name and designation of the person who called you so that proper action must be taken against them!

    • Abbas Lavingia

      You are right BUT normally they provide incomplete or false information including name and designation.
      ONE should ask for visiting card and BANK (Not contractual companies) ID cards – OTHERWISE not NEED to talk to any STRANGER.

      • babaPakistani

        Being a HBL user for last 3 years, I’ve been relying on their internet banking a lot. Lately their servers and services online are cr** and piece of sh** . You fill a long form for funds transfer in like 5 minutes, put in all the pins etc and the site then tells you it cant service you because of technical issues.

        You try to purchase a prepaid mobile phone card and after all the pin and form filling, you are welcome with the same error saying ‘out of pins’ or cannot to service due to technical issues.

        Seriously HBL? is your IT dept full of chimpanzees? why can’t you guys at least keep your online banking setup robust?

        Like all pakistani services, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

        suck my ba**s hbl.

        • Usman Afzal

          I agreed with “babaPakistani” about the poor quality service of HBL as far as internet banking is concerned. I had successfully transferred some amount from HBL to Allied bank account about 10 months ago but after that every time HBL website says this “Technical error” type message.

          Also HBL website always fail to recharge your prepaid mobile account of Zong and ufone. I am recharging my ufone prepaid sim via Allied bank internet banking website since many months but they still don’t have Zong company in their list.

          I think Habib bank should focus on this point that “How to change their third class internet banking service to good one” but they are focusing on their STUPID ADS on electronic media !!!

    • waqas

      i have account in HBL and also my father have his account. i see much banks but HBL is one of the best bank…customer services are good….HBL have fast cash services one of the best services….

      • Cashi

        Seriously? I am shocked! HBL has the worst services..

      • Umair Hussain

        Hahahah joke of the year.

      • Teejays

        you are probably the HBL online banking manager. So suck my balls

      • Akhter Wahab

        dude seriously you needs to try some other bank too

    • kashif

      i also using credit card of HBL i did nt recive any call with in due time and if we will not pay ..definatily bank have rights to call us for reminder…. i think we should admit that HBL is one of the best services

      • admin

        You are last i am responding,

        – I have a right to opt to pay the bill next month with fine
        – Yes, bank has right to call me and remind me
        – But BANK CANT THREAT ME – This is what they did to me

        • Asad

          If you dont pay they get interest and so its better for them if you delay your payment on a credit card. So feel free to delay.

        • Abid

          It is right HBL is threating the overseas pakistani about the foreign currency account, that it is black money, and state bank is not allowing to use account, and transfer the money, this happing all Gujrat Habib Bank Ltd
          Pubjab braches, specially Gujrat Pakistan, all overseas must careful before opening bank account with this bank!!

          • Wicki

            Is your problem solved? I have a similar problem with sending money to foreign currency account in HBL.

    • awais

      Worst bank i have never seen before plz say to your staff learn some manners and atticates they are totaly illiterate people first time i visited hbl davis road branch the manger was on holiday and bank was like zoo the staf was talking with ladies staff like they are thier personal servant huhhhhhhhhh they say udher ja line pay leg etc etc plzzzzzzzzz do action aginst the staff who realy know who to respect a girl of thier staff too

    • awais

      khuram and faisal wa talking with every one very rudely u ca send to your any representive as a coustmer n u will see how rudely they talk

    • makarisma

      Get in touch with the Banking Mutahasib’s Office. They will help you.

    • Abid

      My account is HBL Gujrat, bank is not giving the money, and transfering the money, and asking the documents in order to transfer money and taking money from own account, because the reason is state banking is not allowing, etc. Do you have any solution!

  • Yeah, banking sector is pretty effed up. Wait till you hear my horror stories

  • frustrated

    the branches of the bank highly matter ..e.g. a johar town branch will treat you another way while a main boulevard road branch will treat you with some respect…its my experience …nowadays these people have hired thugs for thier recovery and they sure dont have manner…
    Boss you should meet the manager of the bank and such behaviour should.nt be tolerated …nice you raised you .re voice!!

    • Angry Customer

      meeting the manager will only tell them that you are an educated SHAREEF insan and can be easily harassed and threatened to get the job done. Cant tell here what i’ve dealt with. You use the same language they use with you. its the only thing you can do in your own favour. Just say ukhar lo jo ukharna hai. MC BC is must with them cause there next step is not less than that.


        1000% AGREED ON THIS.

  • Shahid Saleem

    But the real question is: have you cancelled your card? If not, you’re not hurting them.

    • admin

      I just ordered a replacement. Can’t cancel until it is processed

      • Mahmood

        WTF is this, am i here to read news about gorgeous minister and your your personal bank matter. . .

        is it a IT or telecom sector news. . .

        What the hell….

        • Ahmed

          This guy does alot bringing scattered news and information mostly not available in media, all that for free. This isn’t your newspaper for which you pay. He owns the site and has every right to post whatever he feels like but this is my first time I read his sharing his personal experience and he has every right to do so. You read rest of the news if you don’t like this.

          • random

            I agree with Mahmood, this is a highly personal news item. It disrupts a flow of this website. Even the author himself felt like mentioning it in the end. (You can’t justify PTV carrying government stuff all day, or GEO crying about itself all the time, just because their respective owners own it).

            The only justification fitting into this can be that since everyTHING is wrong in Pakistan, so this website can’t obviously fit the standards either :)

            As for credit cards, isn’t it whole purpose of credit that you can pay later (and they charge you for paying late, and penalties)?

            Finally, my apologies to the author aka owner of this web.

          • Agreed with Ahmad

        • faheem

          Dear Mahmood Sahab

          I respect your opinion but before humiliating the author of this article, who provides you telecom news for free, you should also look that what kind of language you used in the comment.

          Mashallah you have such a beautiful name with a most beautiful religion, you should complain but in a respectful way. It is greatness of the owner of this blog who has approved this comment to show how we behave when we are sure no one is gonna catch us :(.

          I visit many blogs where mostly Non Muslims interact and never came across such a language :(

      • SGA

        yes you can! and don’t complain if you aren’t willing to dump them! use the SBP link as well…

  • Kashif

    Dear Amir,

    There is a simple proceedure to raise a complaint against any Bank.

    Write an application for such a complaint in favour of Banking Mohtasab (BM) and State bank of Pakistan (SBP). Such issues are routine matters for them but they can only be screwed by BM and SBP

    • Its good theoretical stuff but things do not work that way. I tried it. BM asks that you have raised an issue in written with the bank and have proper complaint numbers. How many times you have called the Customer Service and they tell you they will “email” it and there is no complaint number?

      Secondly the bank will not take it as a complaint so BM cannot work. The bank takes it as a feedback and rejects it because you have not paid the due bill.

      Yes you can take it up with the Consumer Court, Banking Court or the SBP but I have never heard any case got resolved using this path

      • zain

        well asim . i heard that mohtasib resolve the largest numbers of complains but you are telling another story. is mohtasib and banking mohtasib same thing ???

        • Shahid Saleem

          Every banking mohtasib sign I have said says you have to raise the issue with the bank first, and then after some time (45 days? I don’t remember) then you can contact BM.

  • Kashif

    this is nothing… dude!
    you were called by some momy dady guy.. thank your god

  • Imran

    I think couple of years ago State Bank of Pakistan came out with law in which credit card providers couldn’t harass customers for payment. Check on net if this is true. If so, use the law for your defense next time he calls. :D

    • admin

      Will look for it

    • Adil Mirza

      YA! There was a law made when a person suicided after being threatened and harassed by the bank people, unfortunately there is no follow-up of the law.

      • admin

        Thanks to Sam, one of our reader, here are the rules: http://www.sbp.org.pk/psd/2009/Anexx/Anexx-C1.pdf

        It says:

        Banks/DFIs must ensure that their recovery/collection officers should not resort to any verbal or physical harassment of the delinquent Credit Card holder, their family members, referees and friends during recovery/collection efforts. Recovery/Collection officers should also not humiliate publicly or in private or intrude the privacy of the Credit Card holder’s family members, referees and friends.

        • Samz

          thanks Aamir

        • Shahid Saleem

          Use a phone call recorder next time :)

        • After some serious cases SBP in 2007-8 forced all the banks to record the outgoing calls of recovery department and so contact center.

          I know HBL is also recording calls as i have seen the setup myself.

          • Abid

            HBL is not giving proper account information and when you need money in the foreign country account, the banking is not making the payment, for the payment they need all the company three year accounting information, etc.
            It is most fraudulent bank in pakistan, all oversea Pakistani must careful before opening account this bank

          • Abid

            HBL has not complaints department, it has only e-mail complaints which is not even working all the time, and no body answering

  • Hammerman

    Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell what does “WTF” mean in the posted article :)

  • Adil Mirza

    Bro, Me and My family have been facing the same problems. What happened to you is nothing in front of what dirty side of bank I have seen. All the blogs are either on politics or technology. I encourage you and to start a blog where you and others publish more of stories like this.

  • Boogyman

    Aamir Attaa first you don’t pay your bills and then if they ask you to pay you start blackmailing them “I am a media man you can’t touch me”. Stop crying and pay your bill as HBL is not your private property. Secondly also tell everyone that you are a bank

    • admin

      Bro, you need to read above stuff again. I don’t deny the liability, i am not asking them to spare me – instead i am talking about misbehavior, threats and what not!

      • Boogyman

        yes you are rightabout misbehavior, but still you have to pay the bill on time

        • haris


    • Trace Boogyman, must be related to HBL. He does have something against you Aamir Atta

    • haris

      wait wait wait Aamir bhai ..
      Dun w0ryy abt dat bo0bieman ahem s0ry n0 ofence ahem.. actually we were playing tambola n dat boogyman made a boogieee boogieee booogie ;p;p;p ..
      parhay likhay jahil !

  • zain

    well shocking for me. if this is the case ,good bye to HBL forever from my side

    • Adil Mirza

      Not only HBL, but problem of every bank..

    • Alam

      HBL round the clock service 111111425 is the worst phone service I ever seen, from last 1 week I am somehow trying to reach this customer service number from Virginia, USA so pathetic bank service, and in their NY branch they don’t even have a chair for walk in customers

  • zain

    i will mail them about this as well
    i will harass them

  • Employee

    Alright – I do work in Habib Bank (I usually comment with my name, but in the interest of everyone, I shan’t), and I have to say that this is indeed nasty. I don’t deal with the consumer portfolio though so I can’t quite take up the case (besides, I’m new here) and if I did want to take the case up (which I actually want to), I don’t have the specifics.

    It would have been useful had you been able to

    1) record the call (which might have been illegal because you’re recording w/o consent… but even if it were perfectly legal, who usually thinks up of recording such calls?!), or

    2) asked the person’s name (their call center is in Karachi – I know that much).

    I think in order to lodge a complaint, call up the phonebanking guys and tell them you want to lodge a formal complaint, and whom do you foward it to.

    As I said, I’m not in the department but – I can only wish you “good luck!”.

    PS: I’m trying to stay as neutral as possible; don’t think I’m anti-HBL or pro-HBL.

    • admin

      The guy who called me was Shahid, from collection department in Islamabad.

      I spoke to his boss as well, namely Nadeem ( from Islamabad too). I was actually trying to tell Nadeem that Shahid misbehaved and he needs some counselling.

  • Adil Mirza

    I have been dealing with banks since more then 2 years, most of the employees call from private number telling fake name to recover the money as they have commission attached to it.

  • How About re-Producing it on PakistanACCA.com?

    You remember how quickly SECP take notice of the SECP mess with Rozee.pk

    • admin


  • Fawad

    Two sides to every story.

    While there is no defence for the behaviour undertaken by banks, but that is because most of them are simply uneducated, uncultured dropouts whose monthly salary is commissioned out of the recoveries they make.

    In this case, a credit card requires a minimum payment as a principal. That is the international requirement. Sure, you may not want to pay one month, but then are you willing for the bank to charge you 100% interest for not wanting to pay.

    Also, if you compare with the principal of electricity and other utilities, those companies are in dire straits because of people not paying on time. IESCO treats one month of non-payment as initiation to disconnect if second month bill is also not paid. Additionally, how would you feel if the electric company decides it doesn’t want to provide you electricity one month. Just because it doesn’t feel like it.

    The boom of the banking sector in Pakistan has resulted in all riff-raff coming into the industry. Seasoned bankers are nowhere to be seen now. Best option, cancel your card, pay the entire liability plus 1 rupee as tip and tell the bank to go shove it up their ***.

    • Shams

      These kind of threats can only be faced in countries where people don’t react (in an appropriate manner), otherwise there are some (or many) countries where you can find that people can go for even a half year for paying their bill. Oman is an example.

  • Banker

    Next thing he said was shocking: “Pay the bill or we will tell your father about this” #WTF?


  • Saad

    “Pay the bill or we will tell your father about this” #WTF?

    What exactly did you spend 8,800 on ;)

    lol jk….. take action… see if you can sue them.

    • I’m assuming he pays his hosting bills via Credit Card which happens to be around 100 USD

  • Waqas

    off topic but related to Habib bank.
    My Debit Card Expired and i got new one at my address. I called for activation, I was told that phone number on account is not correct. you need to call us from the number you supplied while opening account. I was advised to visit HBL branch office and submit application for phone number change. Branch staff gave me blank paper for writing application. I asked for printed form. they told me, we don’t have, we normally process request on receiving application on a white paper.

    Branch staff told me your application will be processed in 4 working days. Wait 4 days and call again. After 4 days, I again call for activation. Activation support told me my number is still unchanged and they have not received any application for phone number change. They advised to get printed application form from branch and resubmit application. I again went to branch and told them the situation and asked for printed application form. they said, bank staff at Karachi are lazy peoples and these are lame execuses by them, we don’t have printed forms, write another application on blank white paper……. Waited 5 days and called for activation, support told me they have not received any application yet, I asked for complaint, they gave me complaint # and told me your complaint will process in 3 weeks, call us after 3 weeks to get updates on your complaints. what can you expect after 3 weeks they told me we have not received your application so i am forwarding your complaint………
    At the end after 2 phone# change applications and 3 online complaints, I closed my HBL account and enjoying SCB services. They are good so far.

  • Arsalan

    I had same experience with MCB. I’m their creidit card customer since 2007, I was one of their first customers of credit card and have status of Founding Member (it’s written on my card too). Despite paying my credit card bills regularly for 4 years, I asked them to spare me for 1 month and I will pay them payment of two months the next month but they didn’t listen and started threatening me on my cell number, landline and even threatening my family that I have to pay the bill this month. Can you believe how much the amount was? Just Rs. 3000!!! I wonder do they follow same procedure with all loan defaulters they have?

  • F

    1. I have tried many credit cards but after experience it is my opinion that the best one is Alfalah.
    2. My card was even twice misused on internet but Alfalah waived all that amount after their procedures.
    3. Even using Warid post paid SIM having International Roaming without any deposit of Security against my Alfalah credit limit.

  • “Pay the bill or we will tell your father about this” #WTF?

    LOL didn’t you told him that you are 21+? on a serious note Pai jee stage dramay dekha kro, so you can handle these non professional people :)

  • file a complaint against them in Banking Court or State Bank of Pakistan. i also found HBL as Worst bank ever….

  • Anwer Baloch, Quetta

    I was planning to open an account with HBL. But after reasing this all I am NOT going to do so. My eldest brother (a businessman) has an account with HBL. I phoned and advised him to withdraw his all money from such a bull-shit bank and he agreed. In my opinion this is the best way to teach a lesson to such non-sense banks by asking our friends and family to withdraw their money from them. “HBL, you lost 4 customers right now, means You lost Business”. Let’s spread awareness to our all contacts by using the power of “SMS” and cause financial loss to such bull-shit banks.

    • Gohar

      Good idea. I will inform and ask my friend and family to do so

    • how about starting a page or cause on FB?

    • amir khan

      Go and open with your account in any bank of Afghanistan.. you deserve that.

  • Shakil Ahmed

    I agree. Let’s withdraw our money and teach them a lesson…. Grat Idea Mr. Baloch :-)

  • Ahmed

    These Recovery Personals are hired by banks at Rs.12000 to Rs.16000 salary. Mostly F.A. pass, don’t expect much respect from them as they are those who get jobs nowhere get a job in a bank on these lump sum salary. Then they get tough time from bank officials, abusing for no recovery and all.

  • Waheed

    its nice that you raised the issue, this bank is really irritating their customers even same happened with me, i had a locker in a branch and they have moved the lockers to another branch without my consent. they just sent me a letter that it has been moved to abc branch visit their for locker purpose, now see how irritating it is…….


    After all, we are living in PAKISTAN, say, which institute/ organizatio from any of the industry is wroking well??? Where customer care is up?? No where, i’d like to share: Mobilink is the market leader in telecom Sector, I’m its customer for the last 5 years and is having more than 10 billing numbers with me (with each month’s bill more than 50K plus).
    I didnt get yet a single bill at my postal address or emailed…… and for the Last two month i got extra bill (double than usual), when i asked for Billing detail, i was just referred to one department to another..!!, Service center can tell me just my total aount, CSR is not having its access to my bill, everyone knows just my total amount of bill and nowhere the detial is found, no one keeps the right to access my bill.. When ia sked CSR, why is it so, and he normally advised me to change my netwrok… and i was shocked to hear that and later on.. i did.. THATS WHAT GOING ON IN PAKISTAN.


    In Jan-2011, I closed my company’s UBL bank account, beacuase, i didn;t recieve my CHEQUE book for 45 days, and my cheque book, was sent thrice to Bank and bank returned it, instead of handing over it to me. CSR tells different dates of delivery and non-issuance of chequebook, while bank said something else, so found better to close the account instead of disturbing my cash flow scheme. :D now using bank Alfalah, with the lack of E-banking option.

  • Angry

    This is the reality of the bank. If I was in your place I would have thrown the credit card on the face of the HBL’s Manager.

    Do this, this is the only way to treat the bank.

    Get the credit card of Bank al Falah or SCB. They are better than the so called Largest Bank of Pakistan[HBL]

  • Faizan

    my sympathies with admin, but you should maintain quality of content related to your domain.. i have no issue reading this post. but the one related to Hina rabbani..

    Since its your personal blog but my kind advice for your blog posts should be specific to domain name otherwise you’ll loose your readers..

    Seems ProPakistani.pk will soon be like mailatimes.com

  • Faisal

    All the banks with this “BL” in the end, ABL, UBL, HBL, all are the same. I have the worst experience with them. All of these three. You are talking about a CC bill, their online transfer systems are down 5 days out of a week. The bank employees behave like they are the gods of the Baking sector. These people are hopeless. Try the private sector, I would suggest Bank Al-Falah. I am using its CC and their employees are very co-operative.

  • Syed Mairaj Kamran

    Lodge your complain on http://www.bankingmohtasib.gov.pk/

    It really works !!

    • Faisal

      Dear it does work, but the problem is, you need to inform the bank first through a written complaint, and wait for 25 days minimum [I think it is something like that] to get a reply from them, then IF they cannot satisfy you, then you can send the complaint to the Banking Mohtasib. It is a lengthy procedure. People need instant solutions, they can’t wait for such long periods out of their precious time.

  • m.yasir

    Habib bank is pathetic old and out dated bank…
    banks in Pakistan do not treat their customers properly they are hooligans like wapda,mobile companies and railway…

    Go to “banking mohtasib” and file a case against that bank…this is the only solution


  • M.Salahuddin Abbasi

    Indeed, such attitude is slur on the face HBL. Many banks have hired GHUNDAZ who cause harrasment to threat the customers.It is better that matter must be taken up with the president of the HBL.

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    if you dont have any PROOF to show people / us / site visitors then its useless / worthless to put this defamation of HBL here as thousands of other satisfied customers are here too ! the real thing is 1st you complain to the complaint department regarding THAT PARTICULAR caller and IF hbl wont take any step to apologize then then then you should post this typo thing on net .
    i know this post will also b removed but this is a fact . jazak ALLAH

    • admin

      This post will be removed? What does that mean?

      • Nadeem Ahmed

        if thats not removed then jazak ALLAH :)

        • Ahmed

          He is expecting that it will be removed by you..LOL..

    • m.yasir

      complaints against banks in Pakistan may be lodged with “Banking Mohtasib Pakistan”.Its website is:



  • Gul Khan

    It is quite a disgusting situation. My experience with these large banks is not good. They provide low quality service and doesn’t care about their customers.

    You are fortunate to post and gain attention of your issue by posting and writing here. See how people are complaining about different banks at http://www.boltaconsumer.com/search/?search=Bank

    I wish we should have some proper place where we could complain about their behaviors and also expect a positive result.

  • Faizan

    Jis mulk mein Chief Justice ki nahi suni jati waha Bank Mohtasib Jhanta ukhar leija…

    Sorry be being so harsh ;)

  • Abdullah

    It is your fault. Pay the bill by the due date. You have signed up for T&Cs which clearly states that you cant delay payment. You don’t get to make that decision that you will pay next month.

    Bank should also fine you

    • admin

      They will fine me – and i will pay that, but they can’t threat me

  • Faisal

    It is banks old attitude dude. First they beg in front of you to get their credit card etc, and once you start using it they pretend that they are giving you THEIR money to use, where as the matter of fact is that they are getting our money to run they business. They hired criminal background like people as a recovery person so how can we expect good behavior from these illiterate peoples. Wearing pant shirt + tie doesn’t make them literate; it is their part of job to wear.

    Avoid credit card, use debit cards like UBL wiz etc. just a piece of suggestion.

  • Mani

    NOt agree with you Aamir .. what you afraid for … They informed your father or some thing else … by they way its our duty to pay bill on time because bank already giving us mush time…
    you need to ready again the agreement what you singed at time of application clearly mention abt repayment policy
    so dont show every one that you r defaulter .. go and pay your bill……

    I urge dont go for on side of picture if some one not pay you personal money back which way u treat him??????????????????

  • Wild Rose

    Dear Aamir….. if a bank is giving you the facility of Credit Card,, then its is your responsibility to pay the outstanding amount ( due on you) On Time ….Hbl gives you 21 credit free days to pay the amount …. so one must cooperate with the bank . . . rather than telling them that i wil pay later or i dont have the money …. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS DONT OPERATE ON SYMPATHIES BUT ON STATUTES AND REGULATIONS WHICH ARE DEFINED…..

    • jahanzeb chughtai

      i think u r just mad person Aamir says that his card just lost thats y
      he cant pay bro read again carefully ARE U THE AGENT OF HBL BANK???
      GOT IT!!!

  • The last few comments were from a bunch of rookies, they don’t even know whats the difference between a reminder call and a threat call. Thats why bank keeps treating you like sh*t because you feel “Thats OK, Bank has the right”

    Let me share a few of the many blunders I saw in my Banking experience as a customer

    2006 – CitiBank – I was penalized to pay 1800 for a bill which I paid on time (Rs. 110). Turned out the last bill I paid was misprinted & the bill I needed to pay was 111.30 (how the f*ck do I pay 30 paisa?). SO for just a mere 30 paisa, I was penalized for three months (with no bills etc) for Rs. 1800, logged complains, no resolution. Had to pay the bill and later they apologized and told me they have credited 1800 towards my annual subscription (which was still due in 5months). Glad I cancelled that

    2008 – ABN Ambro, I cancelled my card and deactivated it, got confirmation of cancellation+deactivation 3 days later, cut it into halves (after paying all the bills + tip) and 4 months later I received a bill of approx $250 transaction on a UK Datacenter for some server. Called the bank to see whats wrong because I deactivated it earlier. Was posted a whopping $650 as disputed transaction charges (WTF, yes, its that high). Fought over it for a few weeks and they finally reversed it all. Bottom line, someone from within the bank was involved in that fraud.

    2009 – Bank Alfalah. I dont know when they activated the Credit Insurance on my card and it was putting around 300-700 on my statement every month. I asked Bank, they said I authorized it. I fough over it for a month and asked them to show me proof where I authorized it. They later refunded back me 7200+ (in credit card, not cash) for the deductions they made in the last 2 years.

    2009 – till date? you really dont want to hear whats wrong with my UBL / PSO card because PSO has refused to accept and reimburse the reward points on the card, says UBL is not paying them. And my MCB card which has been deactivated for renewal but its been 7 months now and no one is sending me the new card. Visited efu house in Lahore where there office is but no help. And the list goes on

    You may be wondering, Why I use so many cards? my monthly transactions online are more than $1200 AND BankA blocks certain legit merchants while BankB allows it. SO it helps when there is an unexpected downtime from the Bank (did you get the news where RBS/FaysalBank turned off all transactions on their credit card for approx 5 days WITHOUT informing their customers? pretty lame. And this is the banking sector of Pakistan). And YES all my cards and their bills are fully settled before due date so no interest paid on any card.

    Botton line, yes there are issues with every bank and they are not even following the SBP rules and regulations. Hell, they dont even reload the ATMs on Public Holidays and would turn those ATMs to “link down” or someother drama just because they do not have employees to reload the ATMs after banking hours, thats also against SBP circulation.

    Admin, ignore all these trolls. Haters gonna hate. I agree with you 100%, Bank does not have any right to make threat calls. The Payment policy does not say that you will get threats, it merely lists all the penalties you will get IF you don’t pay in time and these penalties are financial only.

    • admin

      Read it all – i am speechless,

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Read it all too… seems like you’re never at rest :p Just Kidding!
      According to my experience, the worst banks are (in order of points).
      1- MCB
      2- ABL
      3- HBL
      4- UBL (Yes, you read it right) – their old staff does it’s best not to be cooperative in any way. The younger staff is good.
      The best ones in order of preference are:
      1- Bank AlFalah (love them – sadly no Internet banking)
      2- Standard Chartered.
      p.s. I never get into the “Jhanjat” of Credit Cards, used UBL Wiz before and now use the standard issued Debt Card of Standard Chartered Online.

  • Ayesha Malik

    Very disappointing. I too experienced many problems while i visited bank for some queries. They just know how to earn not how to earn ethically.

  • Shehzad

    I’m UBL Customer, & I never faced any problem or misbehaving. They are Always Friendly & Quick in any kind of operation, I have ever Requested them.
    Advise for Aamir to switch to UBL

  • Mian Muhammad Rizwan Asghar

    Normally this is done on some specific reasons, but if you compare the bank on the grounds of services then you must admit Allied Bank is very good for caring the customers and give facility to customers

  • Nauman Afzal

    You should plan on switching over to a better bank, seriously.

  • Zubair

    When ProPakistani became a personal blog? I didn’t noticed

  • Farhan

    I never liked any of ours banks or institutions, as they lack in professionalism.

    I remember i had account with UBL and once mistakenly i paid my hosting with their VISA DEBIT CARD, LOL My hosting provider never recieved that amount. I lodge dispute with UBL with process time of approx 3 months, i called up after 3 months and the response was they have’nt got my dispute or they lost it somewhere. Thats the reason paypal never trust us.

  • Ahsan

    Dude I think this is the 1st time you’ve been subject to this kind of behaviour. hence the Rant of yours..
    in terms of debit collection in the Region, Pakistan has the most polite & well-behaved Policy in the region compare to other countries like, UAE, KSA, INDIA & BANGLADESH.. I’d suggest you to acquire experiences of the People who’ve been living in those countries then only you’ll see what’s the Difference in Pakistan Banking system & the other said countries.
    I Live in UAE & kind of behavior Debit collecting deptt: of the BAnks show here is Tremendously outrageous as compared to your described Experience in Pakistan.
    P.S. any kind of offensive treatment by bank is unacceptable & shouldn’t be encouraged by Bank authorities, But then again there is no QoS assurance in our organization.. ain’t it..

  • atleast some one put the story live…! it’s true that Habib Bank Customer Service from any department of it, is the most pathetic one we have ever experienced! i guess more than 1000 ppl i know have been saying this and i m hearing it since loooong time back but i didnt use to make myself bother for it UNTILL I myself experienced one day! they are one of the gr8 B**********

    [Comment Edited]

  • Saad Durrani

    Cancel the card, pronto. Take your business and your father’s business, elsewhere. The nerve they have to threat someone with a good credit history.

    I reckon you should take this to Banking Mohtesib.

  • Laeeq

    Thanks to the writer who highlight such a serious issue on such a famous forum.

    I am one of the among thoes who are suffered from bank misbehaved and i can gurantee you that banks are involved with different private recovery agencies which are simple uneducated and let me say “Badmassh”.
    These recovery agencies have further hires some policeman on commision to work for them and they are also paying commisons to some FIA departments currupt officers as well.
    Compalaints at SBP are just darama and banks are not directly involve in this whole process.
    I wish that chief justice take notice and ban all private recovery agencies working with banks.

  • mani

    sue the mofo’s for this ! haha ! take them to the COURT !

  • Babar

    Take it easy bro, welcome to Pakistan. The outsourced market, where all the departments is out sourced. Its not only with HBL, its with all the banks, which gives commission on collecting the bad debts :)

    Read again – Commission on collecting the bad debts :) you have the address to Aiwan-e-Saddar ??

    I was also told that now police gets commission on tickets, notice how efficient they are now :)

    and as in general – this attitude reflects our general behavior, you will also exercise your power where you can :)

    so take it easy and welcome to Pakistan … !

  • Salman

    Well, They have out dated and expired staff as well. I did a transaction from moneybookers account to my HBL account almost 3 weeks ago. Normal time of transaction processing is 5 days and I haven’t received my money yet and more pathetic is that, When I went to my bank to ask the reason. “No one knows what is moneybooker and on-line bank transfer”.
    I am just thinking to quit their service. Because Standard Chartered is much better than these ****.

  • Amin

    It is said that there was a King, a mighty one, who however, did not feel like being one. So he would call his aides for suggestions. Aides would suggest imposition of taxes, a lot many, to irritate the people, who would in turn come to his highness requesting a wave off. Then, your highness would show the level of kindness, a King should and order the revocation of taxes. People would be happy praising you and you would be held in highest esteem. The King liked the idea, so the taxes were imposed, many more, on anything they could and even on the pedestrians crossing the bridge. Alas! People started paying the taxes with no grudges at all, no one turned up and it defeated the purpose. The King, slightly irritated, sought the aides again. He rebuked them for the ill advice that bore no fruits. The aides made a stronger one this time. “Majesty, while crossing the bridge the pedestrians should also be beaten hard with a stick, five times on back, before collecting the tax. The people would feel dishonored and hurt, and, rush to your majesty requesting the revocation of the order.” The king consented and the ruling was made. People, now, would be queued and beaten up in accordance with the laid down procedure. Long lines would be seen on each bridge every day. And yes, One day, people would gather in numbers, shouting slogans, marching to the fort. The king started feeling the joy and pleasure he was long longing for. He was eager to listen to the public and desperate to rid them of the miseries they had been subjected to. So that they would return praising the King, thus giving him the feel he wanted. As the crowd made their way in, one of them started making the speech. “Your Majesty! We are extremely thankful to you for all the favors that you have been showering us with. With no grudges at all, we however, have come here with a request”. Listening to the words, the king started feeling his own ‘greatness’ and felt so eager to decree. But alas! The expectations could not last long as the speech continued “Your Majesty, the act of beating prior to taxing at the bridge crossing consumes lot of time thus delaying our daily course. Our humble request is to increase the number of people for the act, so that the activity could be done in multiple queues saving us the precious time”
    So the story is in fact, our reality. There is no denying of the fact that each one us is subject to this humility at the hand of state and its institutions. But we are in the habit of enjoying it. Be it the frequent raise in the utility tariffs, plundering of national wealth or for that matter, humiliations at the hands of financial institutions; we have learnt to keep mum and dump our head in the sand.

    “Admin “ is very right in highlighting the plight he has been subjected to. This is not personal; this is about you and about me as well. We should learn to raise our voice against the injustice in any form we could and merely keeping mum is not an option.

  • Owais

    Every one please beware of their SMCHS and Preedy street branch as well. Criminals are constantly using these branches to open fake account and harass innocent people

  • i still cant believe that bankers can behave like this… its really strange…

  • Asif

    Founding member doesn’t mean that you’ve been their customer since their service started. It means you the primary user of the card, who pays the bill and you can have another person provided with a secondary card, which will also be billed to you.

  • samz

    is your issue resolved now?

    • admin

      misbehavior can’t be reversed : – )

      • samz


  • Seriously this bank needs to taken by collar for their poor service.
    So many people including me have problem with them

  • Agha Akhlas

    My personal experience that I came across with Habib Bank staff in various branches in Lahore is no different. Habib Bank Limited isn’t Government institution, but the staff surely behave indifferently. They are un-co-operative and perhaps not trained to deal public to resolve problems of the visitors. Staff is not happy to help clients rather they avoid it and resort to what not.
    This behaviour must change.

  • Murtaza

    I am SCB user from last 2 years, I never had problem with this bank .. pls change your bank.

    WTF, f…ing funny “Pay the bill or we will tell your father about this”.

    Weird, how was the feeling when the guy said this to you =p.

    It makes you feel like teenager.

  • a random comment ..

    go to https://www.hblibank.com/

    enter a user ID which does not exist .. like dilse999

    enter any dummy password

    the error you get is: Your account has been blocked
    and then a long list of steps to do. Weird if you misspell your user-id, you then have to run around getting your account unlocked, which wasn’t locked in the first place :)

  • Omer

    It was all your fault, you are saying the way you are totally innocent.
    And, how are you founding member?
    And, with such small amounts in bills, stop treating your self valued customer.

  • Tahir

    Dear brothers, you know since the privatization of HBL with 50% share holders of Agha khan party, the service of bank dropped 40% down. Agha khanian just like their hospital/university/college just know how to earn profit ” they are hungry for money” even not increasing pays and other facilities to their own employee, then how can you expect any good from them.

  • Tahir

    Dear Pakistanis, the day HBL privatized to Agha khan company, they are just focusing how to earn, they removing their own employee, withdrawing their previous benefits. You know how expensive are charges of medical treatment at Agha khan, then how can you expect any good from them. Just switch to any other good bank. Thanks

  • shiny

    wild rose i agree with you. you are right me too a banker and this is fact which you have described.

  • hasan adam


    My father had a long relationship with Citibank, when first citibank lounge the card he had a limit of Rs.19000, and now within 10 years time he had a limit of Rs.970,000.

    My father always paid there bills on time, but from June 2010 due to economic condition of pakistan our business fails, but we were managing to pay there bills till Dec 2010, but from January 2011 onwards we cannot managed to pay. On March i told them to settle the account due to availabilty of funds but they refuse and now from septemeber there officers are coming to my home and sitting outside for an hours and hours and asking for the payment. My father is medicaly ill and on bed rest.

    Suggest what i do .

    Thank You

    Hasan Adam

  • AZIZ







    MY PAKISTAN CARD NO, 6006 4840 3652 1000

    E MAIL [email protected]

    MOBILE 0346224320


  • Humayoun Rashid

    AOA,sir ma HBL ma account open karwana chahta ho plz send me further detail…..thanks

    • Burhan

      SCB mein khulwa lon… un ki online banking hbl se kafi achi hai

  • Humayoun Rashid

    AOA,sir ma HBL ma account open karwana chahta ho plz send me further detail…..thanks my email address is [email protected]

  • Muhammad Ilyas

    I am old Customer of Standared Chartered Bank Pakistan and maintining account since over 8 years. Their service is also very poor. When you visit the Bank, their attitude toward customer is pathetic. They need training on customer service.Staff think they are doing extra favour if they entertain the customer visiting and treat thems as aliens with tensioned faces and seems they forgot to smile ever.
    Lately they have discontinued online payment of LESCO bills which was a good service.
    I am also sending detailed email on the subject to Banking Ombudsman and State Bank of Pakistan

  • I want to open a student account in Habib Bank, can someone here please guide me how to open a new account in Habib Bank, what are the requirement and formalities. Thank You.

  • khan

    mate i have been using credit card for last 8 years and there is no such thing that you can skip you payment and pay it in the following month…you must pay your bill every month..its an agreement you signed with them when you apply for card.never use credit cards in the first place

  • Agha Akhlas

    Would you believe that Electronic Transfers made to HBL Wapda Town Satokatla Branch Lahore through ADCB Dubai would take more than 10 days to be paid out to customers?
    Well that is happening for last six months. The staff at branch is quite content and satisfied with their work
    My son is sending the funds transfer from Dubai to his mother’s account with Habib Bank Limited Satokatla Branch Lahore but they have not improved the system. You can visit the branch and see for yourself for services rendered by the staff on daily basis.

  • Asim

    HBL got still poor phone and internet banking services. There banking services are ALWAYS down.

  • Ali

    It is true, HBL is at the bottom of banking. They do not even attend calls of customers, no response of repeated visits, service is out of date…

  • Muhammad Ali Amir khan

    i m the same victim of these below customers, i applied for the new atm card from the branch of hbl rivaz garden lhr 1787 code, its over 1 & half month atm card not deliver to me on the help line 02111111425 not attending call play commercails only and the unit of hbl also behaving so badly, i think hbl banking has been totaly faild to handle their customers! i m the account holder of hbl rivaz garden lhr branch

  • Guest

    i m the same victim of these below customers, i applied for the new atm card from the branch of hbl rivaz garden lhr 1787 code, its over 1 & half month atm card not deliver to me on the help line 02111111425 not attending call play commercails only and the unit of hbl also behaving so badly, i think hbl banking has been totaly faild to handle their customers! i m the account holder of hbl rivaz garden lhr branch

  • hbl bank may have credit card

  • Ahtasham ul Haq Khan

    HBL is the worst Bank in Pakistan. I can bet for that. there customer service is very pathetic, unprofessional, hopeless customer service,,, even it took ages to activate your ATM card

  • sam

    same here.r aabpaara branch islamabad ka staff to bht budtmiz hy specially naseer
    yunis.in logo ko bolny ki tmeez ni na he respect.its failure of hbl

  • sam

    The staff of HBL is v stupid,specialy aabpaara branch islamabad and naseer yunis an owl there is vry rude.if it goes on,HBL will soon fail

  • Arif ali HBL acc 000788-92

    In HBL every thing wrong from up to bottom.In Akbar pura NSR branch the cassia r through the amount on the face of the custumar. do you believe ? 03005791907 arif ali HBL ac. 000788-92

  • Asad Abbas

    Khawar Ali so called manager from Iqbal town, moon market branch is a freaking ass hole. He even don’t know what is Swift Code and What is IBAN number. When I entered in his room he was enjoying FACEBOOK.. WTF? He said, “IBAN is nothing and you are wasting my precious time”. I mean seriously???? This small height bastard should throw out from the bank. He don’t know how to deal with customer and even about banking transactions.

  • khu84

    My payments had been transferring to HBL account for the first three organizations, on 50% attempts to withdraw money I found their ATM services down. The customer service I had got at their F11 markaz branch was kinna cool. At least they always co-operated.

    Another thing a person on branch convinces me to get a credit card after looking at my account’s history for above three years and tells you will easily get. I got many calls and people visited for different verifications and somehow when I thought they have approved me, I call the help line and they told me that your request for credit card was turned down. I guess it happened for a good reason.

    I am now again looking to apply for credit card, the bank Alflah seems good option, so going for that, primary purpose is to make online payments, specially facebook, Can someone tell which Pakistani bank’s credit card is easily accepted on facebook. Also what about Bank Alflah Gold / silver cards.

  • Mohammad Arif

    to whom it may concern I am account hold of HBL Killi Shahozai Branch Quetta. I am thankfull to Bank Manger Mr. Shahmurred Saib who help me for activation of debt card i have no complain against him. if there is any complain i hereby withdraw otherwise i have no unhappiness feeling of him. Thanks to HBL for activation of my debt card very soon.

  • sajid

    I also called HBL “Choor Bank”. I deposited my Lesco bill online 14131 in january 2013, i received confiration mail & SMS from HBL that payment received and my account also debited. but in next bill it is shown in arrears. After that i continusely called HBL helpline. visit branch meat manager . Visit Head office mall , Meat every officer but no one is helping. According to Lesco HBL is continusely doing farad in online banking and earning millions every month. now hbl officers advising me that 14000 is not a big amount. I should submit my bill again. Where should i go


  • jawad

    hello brother
    i am jawad from mardan
    i received massages from meezan bank and allid bank silk bank etc they told me that you make a user . and use the networking banking . but i am not understan . if any brother unerstand so explane me thank you

  • Stone s

    I was using Citibank previously and just now moved to this sh*ty bank, The will never pck your call and if(once in a blue moon) they pick your call they talk like they are gangsters or you slave of them!!
    You can’t change your PIN code via Phonebanking, If you forgot your PIN you have to goto there office and submit request and after 4 Long days “May Be” you will get your new PIN code..

    More over you can’t activate Online banking for Phone Banking…. This bank is living in 18th century don’t know how to treat customers..

    Sick bank if you are thinking to open an account in this bank then i suggest you to think again!!i

  • NM

    I fully agree. Most pathetic service and they have probably some badmash on their payroll

  • Muhammad R.Abdullah

    lol :D we’ll tell your father

  • Saima

    Very Rude And ill Mannered Mr. Rashid From Karachi Head Office .. Feel Like Killing Him .. He Doesnt Know How To Behave ..

  • hammad

    hbl is the worst bank in terms of service to costumers.

  • ali

    idiot bloody workers of hbl act as sooooo busy.

  • ali

    Its not British or American Banking? Or the bank cant use the NASA technology for just funds transfers. The Bank never want to loose its business but I.T is issue with all the banks. Being literate users of Banks you guys please dont use such language about any Organization.

    Ali Khan (SBP- Foreign Exchange)

  • kakhtar

    I also have a worst experience with HBL Rawalpindi. I hired a locker in 2002 and paid its annual fee regularly. Now when I opted to surrender the locker, the locker man advised me to deposit full annual fee then I will be allowed to surrender. There is no outstanding rent except for the few days passed, i.e. the annual rent becomes due on 8th Oct. of each year and I asked for surrendering on 02 Nov. In this respect, I agreed to pay for the extra month, but the locker man did not agree and started misbehaving with me. He also crossed out my surrendering signature on the backside of the signature card and threatened me to deposit the rend for Oct.13 to Oct.14. I am at a loss to understand whether any rule allow a bank to charge for some extra period.

  • customer

    Assalmualikum freinds,
    I have salary account in HBL KDA scheme-I karachi, My organization transfer my pay to my branch on 20th of every month , but the branch update my salary in my account with approx 10 days delay . they do thing every month only because my freinds who working in same organization their pay comes on every 20th . but my payy comes on 29th, even sometime in next month .Today i have visited my bank told them my problem , they said if you have problem with your account change your bank this is their buisness they said they uses this money for HBL loan etc and they do buisness on our salary.

    HBL dont care about their customers they are only interested in thier buisness ,their customer services are extremely poor..

  • Somebody

    Its the worst bank.this freedom account in hbl now holds the limit 50000 rs. They deduct really in a very cheating way. Bad experience.

  • HBL Sucks

    HBL really sucks… I deposited my pay cheque on thursday and the money was transferred into my account on wednesday morning :-O What the hell. I desperately needed money on monday but because of the fucking service i couldn’t… I am now switching towards some other bank.

  • Daniyal Ahmed

    Well – I am customer of HBL from last 2 years. Last night my debit card got blocked, i called their so called “Help Center” and they let me know that : Your Card is blocked just because, their is POSSIBILITY OF MISUSE of your card in future. Like #WTF? “POSSIBILITY OF MISUSE IN FUTURE”
    I am shocked to see their response !
    Its time to move-on from HBL.

  • sana

    i would like to know what is the procedure for credit card?? my mother already had debit card but just 1 week ago she received call from HBL bank that mam your Credit is card ready it is really beneficial etc like they used to do marketing, now today again she got call from bank that kindly mam activate your Credit card then my mother said i don’t want to active that card that person replied if u want do not want to activate then you will pay 2500 Rs tax and if you will activate and after that you will not use it again you need to pay tax 2500?? what is this hell … kindly if any one has face this situation then let me know.

  • Osama Hashmi

    Yeh HBL Staff needs to change their attitude towards its customers. I also had multiple instances, where the staff was rude and ignorant of bank policies.

  • Wasim Abbas

    Yes correct, Here in my city staff is worse too. I feel like an office boy when i visit HBL for something. They are really f***. I’m moving to another bank now. HBL was great but now its worse. Actually he behave to client like they are doing beneficence.

  • Asad haider

    HBL is all time sucker bank….i used Askari, standard chartered cards for years and still using and first time I had to open HBL account year ago due to employer req. and within a year my card was being frauded in some ATM in USA as they have very weak controls on ATM visa cards.

  • Another HBL victim

    Pretty old article but I agree with the writer. I am a freelance and contact with various banks is my daily routine and I can tell you that HBL is one of the worst when it comes to customer support and professionalism. I had an account in HBL, a current account. When ever I visited my local branch people out there behave as if it is a government office where no one want to offer his duty and just want to escape from what they are designated for. During one year of span I was successfully able to login to my online banking account only once, and to cope with this issue I had smoked out around 200+ of my mobile credit just to wait for a phone banking officer to pick a call and still they never received my call, and because of their poor service quality, when, after an year, I went there to ask them to close my account they told me that I have to pay a fee of PRK 228 for closure of a current account!!!!!

  • Anas Noorani

    Reality is that every bank tries to improve on their customer experience but they have their limitations as well. Investing in people and systems is a smaller challenge comparing to keep their big workforce motivated and maintain consistent level of services. They might even be happier with their results on customer satisfaction surveys etc but they can never guarantee 100% perfect service all the time. In my view their litmus test is usually how they act and react whey you face an issue and complain. I am happy to do business with those who make mistakes but responds professionally to sort it out and in good time.

    On a personal note I have encountered a unique issue at HBL which I don’t think anyone have ever heard of. They approved a personal loan for me back in 2005 but they never gave me a pay order due to their internal system upgrade issue. They even started receiving repayments through my post dated cheques, After 2 payments I lost interest and asked to cancel the loan and refund me my paid installment amount which they did. After 5 years I came to know that they actually reported my loan as written off in ECIB when I was denied a credit card from another bank on account of defaulter credit history. Its another long on how I got that reporting rectified but its both sad and funny on how the banks sometimes function in our country.

    • zulfiqar ali

      please can you let me know how you cleared your write off history

      • Anas Noorani

        I had to write a couple of letters to them threatening to take to Banking Mohtasib. It did not took much, probably a month to get it done.

  • Abdul Haseeb

    Next month i m going to open my account in HBL…. but after this discussion should Chang my mind ……..

  • haseeb

    Kindly Check one time through Bancassurance customer survey of HBL, all of the Jubilee Life customers are lossing their investment in Banassurance still after 4 year (4 installments at least). They can not get their money back, but they are not informed properly, bank officers are guiding customers to wait for ten years, so at that time the bank officers will be changed, but they will eat customers first four installments through unacceptable procedure(e.g. No withdrawal allowed after three installments, if customer will apply for this then they will lose up to 80% of their own money).
    Group Head of RBG said is it possible that the bank only work on Banassurance, management earns Billions in few months through selling Bancassurance (including many expensive foreign tours of bancassurance and Bank sales teams).
    Suggestions :
    _ Every insurance policy should be reported to SECP, with complete evidence including contact number, address of customers and policy documents.
    _ Customer satisfaction should be processed through SECP.
    _ Profit of bank and insurance company should be linked with earing on investment, not from eating actual investment of customer.
    _ Customer Should have right to withdraw his actual amount(investment) anytime during his policy period (which facility is not available at this time) without any deduction.
    _ Bank (HBL) will be responsible for commitments with customers about profit and investment during the policy and on the completion of the policy (as it is adversely printed on Bancassurance leaflets that HBL is not responsible for any commitments on profit and benefits).
    _ Sale of Bancassurance product should be restricted in banks to eliminate the factor of wrong selling, it should be done only through insurance company offices.
    Thank You…….

    Haseeb Hussain.

  • Ahmed

    Yes, I also experienced rude behavior by HBL staff at branch Korangi #2 Karachi his name is Nadeem. He always makes stability/ argument with everybody I also complained their senior as well as their helpline, but he is still like before. Therefor I , my friends and my family members decided to leave using HBL services.

  • Hameedullah Khan

    HBL frad bank He men Parson HBL ki Apni Branch ke ATM se pase nikalwane ki koshish ki lekin ATM serf awaz karta raha or Pason wala shter nahi khola lekin mare A/C se pase kat leye gay or Help line etni ghatya he HBL ke ke men waha khare ho kar 150 ka mobile Balance barbad karne par jab rabta kar paya to bolte hen ke ap ne pase leye nahi woh wapis ATM men chalye gaye to men kaha bhai to mare Ac se keyn kat leye gaye hen to support wale sahab kehte hen ke kal tak agar ap ke AC men pase nahi aye to Pher HBL phone karye ga kher dosre din bhi mene phone keya or 30min tak HBL ka Pakistan or (Tone Shane azmen ali shan) sune ke bad or 50 ka mazeed balance barbad karne ke bad woh farmate hen ke ap Branch jayen or wahan par ek farm fil karen pher ap ke peson ka cuch ho sakta he mene unhen kaha bhai kal se 200 ka balance to barbad kar choka hon ab 200 ka petrol phonk kar branch jawon or wahan jahilen se magaz mari karon cuch sharam karo to kehne lage agar ap kisi dosre bank ke ATM se pase nikalwate or easa hota to ham online ap ki madad kar sakte the lekin keyon ke ap ne HBL ki ATM se nikalwane ki Galti ki he es leye ab ap Branch ke chakar lagayen ye hal he es ghataya bank ka to Doston es ghataya bank par lanat bhej kar apne haq halal ki kamaye ko en Choron se bachawo.

  • Muhammad ALi

    I have made UBL Internet Wiz card last week, very poor and sick attitude of bank officer in UBL Islamabad F7 Branch his name was Arsalan. UBL policy is that this card will take 1 day to issue but this man made our card 4 days after sitting in F7 Branch for 1.5 hours. He has very bad attitude not professionalism. More over I filled the form with my email and he did mistake he wrote my email address wrong. So my card creation I am not receiving any email. Is this a security breach? My emails are forwarding to someone else.

  • Abdul Qadeer

    I have same issue. Very disgusting service. They abuse me, my friend, they harrased me. I have canceld my credit card now, i have left using HBL i have lounched a camplain agaisny HBL:

    Thank you for lodging complaint with Helpdesk of State Bank of Pakistan.

    Consumer Protection Department will contact you within 15 days.

    Your Complaint number is***
    F**k HBL

  • Abdul Qadeer

    They harassed me, They took number of all account holders related to my account, they harassed them. Abuse me. Very angry. Canceled everything with HBL.

  • Imran Raja

    Dear Author,
    Before I write more, let me say that I’m a customer of HBL with my present account since 2007. Before that, I had an account for over 20 years in another branch and city.

    I also faced somewhat similar problem a couple of months ago when my payment was due but unpaid. I never received a call but my account was debited (amount deducted) automatically. So far, no issues. Later I received a call from the Bank asking me a date when I will definitely pay. I didn’t have an answer because I was unsure so I told him the same. The officer then told me that he is extending the due date by three (03) days, which he did.

    When an amount I was awaiting was credited to my account, I paid through internet banking. However, the same amount plus Rs. 1250 (late charges) plus FED was debited from my account. Just writing to share my experience so far.

    However, in another instance, when I called the bank (not helpline, but the branch) for another inquiry, a lady was on the other end who asked me to hold while she digs the required information. The call was disconnected after keeping me on hold for 03 minutes. I called again twice with the same result. The next call I made was to HBL helpline and registered a complain after a very long call and reasoning.

    The CSR did feel irritated but I kept my nerve and a complaint number was issued when I insisted. The complaint was addressed and I did receive a call for follow up.

    I’m unsure why they shouted on you and threatened you. I suggest you try calling the HBL helpline and try a bit hard to reason. Once you get a complaint number ( which the Bank’s CSR will try to avoid at the maximum possible level) it will be easier for you to register a complaint with BM and SBP.

    I also, however, mention that recording a call without prior authorization may be a violation of the terms with your Telco so let’s not cross that line.

    If the issue remains unresolved, you can always move to a better bank.

    I also request friends commenting to please use an acceptable vocabulary as this site gives valuable information to us all including our mothers and sisters.

    I wish all reading my comment, the very best and pray for you.

    Thanks and best regards

  • Akhter Wahab

    #HBL seriously sucks, unfortunately i needed a bank account in hbl ( i am a visiting univ lecturer they only clear payment in hbl) from last 4 months still my account is not opened.
    today i visited bank and they told me still they have to do some more work on my account :D that really an amazing statement .. so couple of clicks are work for them

  • Hamza Arif

    HBL is the worst bank ever.They don,t know how to behave with customers.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I had an account in HBL and more than 50% of times their atm’s or even their atm issuer service remained down.

  • Atif I. Malik

    HBL is pathetic to their core, 2.5 mots ago something happened with me @HBL 6th Road, Rawalpindi branch. I called to their contact centre, narrated the whole situation. The CSR even spoken with Branch Manager, BM even argued with his CSR and asked him to escalate the complaint. “I will see, BM Said”.

    For 2.5 months I called back and inquired about the issue…. they very strangely told me the issue was close. Whereas I should be first person to get update.

    I requested him to reopen the Ticket, and nothing has changed.

    Could someone suggest, how to escalate this inside HBL, 1Link, and SBP?

  • Proud_Pakistani

    Also, HBL has the worst internet banking. HBL sucks big time!

  • Max Ellis

    In our area branch of HBL (having almost all employees over 50 years age) a rude cashier always talk like shit with costumers i am planning to inquire his name for complain. If it was not for my father’s account i would hate to deposit a penny in such unfriendly, non professional and worst bank.

  • faizan

    yeah the manners need to get fixed. even in the senior staff.

  • five six

    Is this a joke . They have really strict rules client call and make a complaint . I don’t know why some people take an individual’s Behavior of some person, which might be in a bad mood of personal issue of the whole company . Be a gentle man give them a fair chance to make there service better, if they have not been up to your expectations first time in so many years. Customer service is a difficult job .

  • Rana

    What should i say i can’t believe in this story if this is all truth so HBL team who responsible of all this behave some like this bull shit credit card really embarrassing why HBL senior staff could not action on yet ……..this is HBL failure and really bad effect to Marketing and customers clear of all this and take action of necessary………..??

  • HBL has the worst services.never transfer salary on time . last time they delay my salary 12 days late.not change my email address yet

  • never received sms alert.never branch received call .

  • Shahid

    I understand your point and SBP has rules as you mentioned but burden of proof will be on your shoulders and it will be hard to proof with your call records. But I think you can lodge a police complaint that this number is threatening you. After police reach that number then it will be up to caller to defend himself. So burden of proof shifts from your shoulders to his own.

  • Dude. Take your complaint to their concerned department. Dont defame a bank that is serving since your grand parents were not even born. WTF you thinking using this forum to defame a giant? You guys seriously need a legal notice for defaming a popular bank.

  • Mansoor Syed


  • Mansoor Syed

    HBL probably don;t even know the term “CUSTOMER SERVICE”

  • Ishtiaq Ali

    No doubt HBL service is petatic… They dont even bother to give you status of your comlian.
    Dear Customer, your complaint # C2211160106 has been registered. For details, please call 111-111-425

  • Usman Alvi

    I have also a bad experience with banks in Pakistan. I haven’t worked with HBL yet, but my experience with UBL was a nightmare. I went to apply for a wiz card from one branch, but they kept sending me to the next branch, claiming they were out of stock. Visited about 7 different branches in the city and got the same answer. Then one branch officer agreed, and gave me his office contact number. I called him daily to ask for the card but the answer was in the negative. One day he straight away abused me and hung up the phone. I was shell shocked. I called their head office and registered a complaint against the officer. The next day the branch manager called and said, You are my brother, We will issue the card please come to the branch, and even then they kept making excuses for a month, after which they reluctantly issued me a UBL WIZ card. I was absolutely disgusted by these series of events.
    FAYSAL BANK and BANK ALFALAH’s staff are the best in my reckoning and experience.

  • Disappointing HBL Client

    Bro. really shocking
    well em also paying credit card from last 4 years, and now after reading this em gona block my credit card, ask HBL to make me fixed 3 or 4 installment I’ll pay off that all. em not gona make them more business at least not from me. I will quote them the story above in reason for cutting off my credit card.

  • tesoridellasia

    Frankly speaking HBL is good but car leasing staff in Islamabad main branch are worse. They don’t know how to deal. My business transactions were very good amount but not anymore.

  • Sania Wasif

    cant believe this that they can go to such extent.

  • enricho Fermi

    It took about 54 days for getting my ATM card .despite of all formalities being completed up , verified and scrutinized. I faced very irritating and ignorant attitude by bank help line and concerned sections.

    Look 54 days for the issuance of ATM card

  • Dr. Ahsan Ali

    I wanna change my branch… can it possible? if yes, How? whats the procedure…???

  • Humayun

    Same thing happened to me about a year back & the bank is still holding my Rs 1,60,000/- although my card bills r being paid regularly.

  • Sajad Haider

    I had plenty of money in my HBL Account till 4pm 3rd Jan 2018, and after few hours without any transaction would happen i left with -175,000 Rs in my account. When I went to get petrol using my debit card it said insufficient funds and after checking into ATM i found out a negative amount. Customer support piked up after 30 mins and said we don’t know what did happened as no withdrawal is reflecting in system but you can go to your branch tomorrow.