Pakistan Cyber Army Hacks into Indian BSNL

In response to recent hacking attacks by Indian Hackers on various Pakistani universities, it is said that Pakistan Cyber Army was able to hack into BSNL website, largest and state owned telecom company of India.

According to “The Hacker News”, PCA claims to have penetrated into BSNL’s website and had access to data of some 10,000 customers; which includes names, emails, phone numbers.

Hacker News said that PCA also managed to grab VPN detail of circuits and as well as more technical details which appears as crucial information for streamlining the network.

PCA released the screens of the admin panel of BSNL’s website.

If you are just wondering why activity amongst the hackers is high lately, then it’s the month of August; when hackers get active and hack website of opposite country. It gets worse at times, but usually the senior hackers calm down the situation.

This BSNL incident is termed as a high value hack. Indian hackers might retaliate by trying Pakistani telecom companies, so it’s time for scaling up the security.

Unlike previous announcements, PCA didn’t announce this hack on their website. Instead, the hacker group said that they don’t own any Facebook page.




    • PAkistan Zindabad !!
      Some Indian newbies are now ddosing our imp sites ,that’s why we done BSnL0L ,My msg to these idiotsStop ddosing our cyber sites as u r a looser and always will be the looser ..

  • Great man … since they hacked into my University web i was so desperate to see something like this ..

  • Internet explorer ??? I dont think a security expert or hacker will use a vulnerable browser..
    those must be fake snap shots…

  • All this post is scrap since the website images provided seems to be photoshoped and the mentioned web site is working fine.

  • why is the link hidden?
    how can one write text over text usinh html shown in screen shot 1 and three.

    • This text doesn’t mean that they have placed it on BSNL’s website. It is common sense, why would they deface admin pages which normal users cannot see? Hackers deface those pages which are accessible by public.

      They have provided screenshot as proof that they got in.

      And that text is something you can say watermark, not using some code.

      And about hiding the link, I think that’s PCA’s dignity.

      P.S. don’t you see glowing outline of text? That’s also one click photoshop work. So this text is watermark (on screenshots) not on official website.

  • loh agar PCA itne ache hai toh FIA ke saath mil ke online cheaters scammers credit cards hackers ko katam kiyon nahin karti.

    • kio FIA ki apni team b buhat achi ha ;) yaqeen nahie ata to koi Credit Card Fraud kar k daik lo. esliye sayed FIA ko PCA ki abi tak zaroorat mehsoos nahie howie… aur wasy b app ko kia pata ho mumkin ha yah log Gray Hat Hackers hoN :P

      • Credit card fraud agar intelligently kia jaey to FIA shakal dekhti rah jaey ge. Fraud sari dhunya mai ho rahay hain lakin karnay walay kar jatay hain. Wasay bhe FIA kafi pechay aur aj kal Supreme Court mai payshian bhugat rahi hai.

        • :) Bahiya G Pakarnay waly Saian Pakar laytay hain. onhon nay to Kevin Mitnick ko b pakar lia tha na.. :) Siyany kahtay Doshman ko Kabi kamzoor na sammjo :P aur hacker k liye to NR3C Dushman he ha ;)

          • beta ,yahan na koi pakarnay walah hai aur na hi hamaray mulk mein koi law hai ,pakarnaa door k Baat !

            agar kuch pata na hoo to chup beth jaatay hai nakay fankarain martay hain.

            Bus ek domain le kar copy paste se kuch nahi hotaa

  • Well as i think it is just through credit to PCA in reality PCA is a decent organization. well if it is true such a thing done by PCA the Congratulations for advancement of their knowledge and technology level as well.

  • I have an Idea that PCA should try to hack sensitive pakistani websites as well & inform concerned authorities only about loopholes. Results should not be public. This will help us improving our security.

  • When the emotions settle, I would suggest the end victim is the awam. Whether Indians hack university, or PCA hacks their website, both aren’t good. I remember, there was a truce between Pakistani and Indian hackers, that they will no more waste their efforts in hacking each other.
    I would suggest PCA members to go through our own websites and find possible vulnerabilities. They should then contact web-admins to remove them to strenthen our own website against frauds, hacks etc, a much better approach in my humble opinion.

    Having said that, well done PCA :) time to time they need a lesson, but refrain from sites that common public use for benefit.


      I LIKE –====SHAK====–

    • actually what u said is called “ethical hacking”…….. these kind of activities are mandatory for high profile web sites across the globe, i don’t know what we Pakistani do to such mandatory act!!!!
      there is no charm in such ethical hacking when u r not paid handsomely… ethical hackers are the highest paid contractors in Web Industry……… and we are always reluctant to pay anything for our own good :D

  • salam to all .bhai ma pca k bare kafi suna ha magar kabi unse contact nahi ho saka shayad unki koi website he nahi apke is forum k through un tak aik message bhejna chahta hun.mera Gmail account kisi khabees indian ne hack kar liya ha.jiski waja se ma ek website jispar ma ne account gmail k through bnaya that bhi hack ho gya ne apni sari jama poonji us website pe invest ki hui thi.bhai agar ap mera ye message pca tak pohancha do to apka ye ek pakistani pe zindagi bhar k liye ehsan hoga. bus itna samaj len k ek museebat zada shakhs madad ka muntazir ha.faqat dua go ….bilal raza.!

  • 100% wrong news or information, Indians are best and know every body in the world just see and check with every company Indians are securing their network and systems against threats, so how it can be possible that pakistanis who don’t know any thing about computer systems and they hack BSNL. pakistani just heard or HACK but they do not new any thing

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