PK.MSN.COM Launched

MSN has launched localized version of its online portal, which was functional for quite some time, but they have rolled out the enhanced format just recently. Though in it’s initial stages, but yes, it’s live and all visitors from Pakistan are being redirected to this localized page.

MSN – Microsoft’s portal, is considered as World’s earliest online content provider of news, entertainment, and common interest topics and now they want to give you (slightly) localized experience – here’s the url:

You won’t find too much local content for now, but there are a few news about Pakistan  – oh and have you noticed, Hina Rabani Khar featured there as well?

While on the other hand, photo gallery, entertainment news, politics, business and technology are all about US and India. Have a look at following  news featuring on the top. I wonder what it is doing here when MSN has another dedicated portal for India, and pretty developed one indeed.

So for now, it’s more about local weather and few news about Pakistan only (in most visited section) – may be we need to wait till things get to going and we start seeing the real deal!

By the way, Twitter, Facebook and other social buttons are linked to MSN Arabia – they might want to localize them too.

It merits mentioning here that MSN Pakistan is being managed by OT Ventures – the Omani company which manages Mobilink and LinkDotNet services in Pakistan.

  • usman

    thats old story

  • Kashif

    bookmarked! waiting for youtube, yahoo, twitter to do the same

  • Its been launched quiet some time now. Had been running into errors. I got a screenshot from this year in Feb

  • Rashid

    Launched?? It’s there for quite some time now. Probably you noticed it only when they featured Khar :D. A day before they featured Ch. Shujaat there. They usually change first slide of the slideshow, so we can’t say it ‘launched’ unless the whole page is customized.

  • Nauman Afzal

    localized MSN content?

  • Arsalan

    Why complaining if MSN Pakistan contains Bollywood & Hollywood news only in entertainment section? Just see the entertainment section of three of Pakistan’s famous news channels. You can clearly see it’s only Hollywood & Bollywood and not a single Pakistan-related news here!!

  • yasir latif

    well, good move by MSN for Pakistani nation. i have MSN Pakistan on my browser homepage since long time…. this news is old and propakistani published it now…

  • Ahmed

    4 Lins of Pakistani news, rest is International.

  • Mansoor

    The content Pakistanis are generating probably can’t be published on MSN portal. Just go to youtube you can see a lot of Pakistani content featuring nargis.

  • Well that is a nice development that it has been launched.

  • zafar

    what meen

  • They are spreading sex benefits around here in Pakistan which not really good

  • asia nightinglae

    The site has beautiful ladies from india whereas real beauty of women can be found in pakistan

  • Wow great news…. :) Thanks for sharing….

  • zee

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    by chance i have delete them…