PTCL Broadband: Tariff Increased, Monthly Data Limit Applied

Sources told us that PTCL has increased tariff for its student package – in addition a 50 GB data limit has been applied to 4Mbps, 6Mbps and 8Mbps DSL packages.

PTCL’s 1Mbps broadband connection is available in student package as well as simple bundled package. PTCL has revised monthly charges for student package whereas charges for the bundle offer, which gives you 1Mbps connection with 150 on-net free minutes and unlimited ‘Keh Do SMS’, are same. New tariff is as follows:

Student Package:

  • New monthly charges: Rs. 929 (earlier they were Rs. 879)

Simple Bundled Package:

  • Bundle package charges are same, i.e. Rs. 999

4Mbps, 6Mbps and 8Mbps Are No More UNLIMITED!

Apart from revising the tariff, PTCL has taken a big step here by capping the above mentioned DSL connections with a monthly usage limit of 50GB.

So from now onwards, be sure that if you go beyond this monthly limit, additional charges of Rs. 1000 will be applied.

Seems like PTCL, here, is following WiMax provider by applying this data usage limit. Those who were already using these connections are aware of the fact that 50GB can easily be consumed in less than one week.

If data limit of 50 GB is exceeded, then revised tariff would be:

Limited Broadband Packages

(50GB Download)

Unlimited Broadband Packages

4Mbps – Rs. 2000

4Mbps – Rs. 3000

6Mbps – Rs. 5000

6Mbps – Rs. 6000

8Mbps – Rs. 7000

8Mbps – Rs. 8000

  • Note that 1Mbps, 2 Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50 Mbps are still unlimited.
  • These revisions will be effective from 1st of August, 2011.


  • This revision will not effect 2Mbps broadband plan and it will remain unlimited.
  • Also note that installation charges will also be increased to 1000 which are Rs. 590, at the moment.

    • I tell you what is wrong with the PTCL. PTCL is a Bull-Shit company. It traps its Customers and then sucks its blood. It is run by Corrupt people who even after its privatisation still act, think and plan like Corrupt Government officials. Hell with PTCL and its Bull-Shit DSL. I strongly recommend all people of Pakistan to BoyCott this blood sucking Ass Organization and Strongly Support Only those Private Internet Service Providers who donot act like this stupid (PTCL) company

      • Yeah I agree…they are acting like Ufone greedy people.
        We were thinking they’ll do something better in near future for customers because may be they are relative to President.
        Sharam karo dunia taraqi kar rahi hai or tum log neechay janay k soch rahay ho…

      • You are right! I remember when I got my ptcl dsl connection two and a half years back. At that time, they said that after 1 year modem will be customer’s property. But, when I went to remove my connection few days back, they said that there is no such offer and you have to return the modem.

    • omg ptcl.
      you guys are so gready and full of stupidity.
      i’m downgrading my 4mb to 1mb now. you won’t be getting any more of my money – so this plan of yorus to loot more money from customers has failed!

      Soon when nayatel optical fiber reaches here, i’m switching to it, so you wont get any of my money. and yes nayatel will soon have 4mbps+ packages unlimited on fiber optic. not like your hectic 50yr old copper lines that cause disconnections every hour.

      burn in hell ptcl

    • I call at 1236 and they said if user download 50GB and 1 kb then he have to pay 1000 extra. BULL Shit PTCL. We have to boycott these services for one month and PTCL will be on the knees.

  • you wanna charge extra money ..okk we understand BUT please decrease this cost maybe an extra 200-300 is enough…anyways if they implement it boss apko unlimited data plans walay dsl packages pe aik article karna paraei ga..

  • Oh Come on PTCL…. i think we should all stop using MOBILE & INTERNET
    This Government is the worst Government I every seen in my life…….
    Kash Some one take notice on it…..

  • it seems that previous lesson/ experience of PAKISTAN PACKAGE is not enough for PTCL when they applied Pakistan Package without Customer’s will.. then they lost a huge market share. Huge number of people stoped using PTCL landline. but broadband proved new blood for PTCL life/exixtence… but it seems now they are going to be do it again…

    I can’t afford broadband if this new tariff applies… GOOD BYE PTCL

    • i think some one in ptcl wants to destroy by giving such foolish ideas… they will lose there advantage of being largest broadband provider of country and once other take over they will never gain it… they have only broad band so people will start throwing there connection again… good bye ptcl

  • Deserter for PTCL broadband and I think downfall is starting for PTCL in broadband if this happens. This is due to adviser of PTCL who’s wants to PTCL like PIA, Pakistan Steel, KESE & Pakistan Railway.

    GOD Save Pakistan and PTCL.

  • OK.This is quite obvious.They are pushing their abnormally expensive VDSL internet down our throat to cover their expenses spent on installing it, overlooking the fact that it will create discrimination among the normal and the uber elite customer regarding ‘unlimited broadband’.

    How ridiculous! I hope LDN doesn’t follow the same path now that the competition has gone down significantly.

    • Ever since I was automatically upgraded from 2mb to 4mb, I have not been able to download large files or torrents at 4mb. It bursts to 4mb but then slows down to 2mb.

      So downgrading from 4 to 2 sounds like a good option for me, too

  • As ptcl has monopoly in pakistan.(landline and broadband ) too many companies in pakistan but alas they working only big cities of pakistan , how ever ptcl penetrate in pakistan with coverage. but they fail to provide up to standard service in pakistan. so from this plateform i reguest to other companies like(wateen,qubee,witribe,mobilink and world call ETC..) that plz expand your operation all over the country as environment of pure competition will creat …… and a common consumer can take advantage from this service (like now in telecommunication a person have oppertunity to select their operator) like this should be in ISP.. so in my view this is the way to learn lesson to ptcl…….PAKISTAN ZINDABAD…

  • Guys and Gals pardon my french but please stop fussing. When PTCL used monopolistic practices and dropped rates to drive out the competition (those that you are championing here such as Witribe, Wateen, Mobilink, Qubee) everybody on the forum and across Pakistan cheered on PTCL. Now when PTCL realized that this is unsustainable and it dominates the 1mbps and above market and is raising rates, the same people are criticizing it.

    @Don: you are requesting other ISPs to expand and create competition. What if these others were driven out by the exact short term predatory pricing by PTCL.

    • Supplementing your response, perhaps people don’t know that many western countries actually have bandwidth caps in place.

      Go check out Comcast, Verizon, BT or Virgin Media, or whatever – you’ll see.

      Oh – and 50GB isn’t that bad… unless you’re heavily involved in piracy. Are you?

        • in case you have forgotten,many customers at the western countries are pretty much pissed off with their ISPs because of the data limit. They are wishing for a Korean style broadband service

      • and what about the browsing speed it sucks……
        in western countries you should also check their pings….

      • @Shaheer , Verizon , Virgin Media or others are the cellular companies they provide faster and better internet over the air,and we are talking about ptcl its the damn landline DSL .. don’t you see the difference .. In USA the average landline DSL speed is 10MB/s-20MB/s , what about here pathatic service , low speed , unheard complains and heavy cost …

      • Lolzz @Shaheer, do you really think that People get Dsl just to download trailers of movies and demo games?? HECK NO MORON!

        You wanna talk about Western countries? ok…..then do us a favor and ask them about their pings, ask them how many times do they have to face downtime of their conenctions, how many times does their dsl gets disconnected in a single day…..NONE! ohh and btw, they DONT provide dsl from cheap copper wires in western countries mate.

        So it looks like either you’re an idiot who knows sh*t about Dsl and internet or either you have no freaking idea what excatly are you talking about.

        As for ptcl, they’ve done it this time, they are acting like a child with tools in his hands, they are f*cked up now.

  • Now this is a big opportunity for other competitors to cash in the market that PTCL will loose by lowering their prices. PTCL is behaving like a monopoly.

    • Too late they already killed most of their competitors with their low pricing.

      • Didnt you know lolzz? these kind of offers are introduced just for US Pakistanis in Ramadan Mubarak.

        Vegetables, Fruits, Livestock, etc all the prices of these item touch the sky lolzz cuz its Ramadan you know :P

  • ptcl thinks by forcing downloading caps it can make people buy vdsl.. thats never going to happen as long as there are companies like worldcall and lDN providing unlimited download… get ready to lose a lot of customers ptcl

    • Lose customers to word call? The company wcall itself is in the process of being bailed out.
      Second, none of the isps has the capacity to take ptcls business so please stop dreaming and wake up.

      PTCL never let LDN or dsl companies to flourish and now when it’s raising prices people arevwaking up to their monopolistic practises which was the same intention from the very start hahaha stupid us desis. Arab hum seh ziyada heh

  • Hi, I think they should revise the amount of 1MB connection it should be lower.

  • — So from now onwards, be sure that if you go beyond this monthly limit, additional charges of Rs. 1000 will be applied.

    And of course, like local billing, only PTCL knows who went over and who didnt. The modems they give with their connections dont log traffic details. So now if PTCL claims you went over the limit how can you prove them wrong?

    • In fact we should petition the PTA to stop them unless they provide a website that displays your total usage on a daily basis.

      Even other providers do smart things like send you an email when you use 70% or 90% of the limit. PTCL: automatic Rs 1000 to your bill.

      • That is a solution for YOU and ME but it is not a solution for over 90% of PTCL users.

        Also any monitoring software installed on a client machine (desktop, laptop, etc) will not tell you full story of usage, especially if you use PTCL wifi which are open to public (no WEP WAP by default)

  • DEAR jungle ka raja…. custmer is KING not ptcl…and customer has power to make his decesion about his internet provider either buy or not… its ptcl luck that its monopoly …..otherwise ptcl is nothing…..

  • Wow ptcl you won our hearts very good ramadan offer you should be given gold medal of shoes for this offer.

  • In 1 Mb connection You Can Download Almost 250 GB if used 24/7 … So still 1 MB is good as it is unlimited Here is the Calculation By me … 100Kbps is my average downloading speed ..

    100*60*60*24*30=259200000 Kb in a month or 247.19238GB So still 1 MB is goooooood ..!!!

    • I estimated my nromal downloads is just 1-3gb per week but I have no idea how much I use for typical 720p google video (I watch many of Google Tech Ed and O’Reilly). Very likely under 25gb/month.

      But what I dont want is to be SURPRISED by large bill that comes with no proof that I went over cap.

  • I am a PTCL Broadband customer. Wondering why are we getting to know about this from this blog, and not through PTCL itself. They don’t have the decency to shoot an email to their customers to let them know of this significant change?

    ProPak: What’s the source of this news? Couldn’t locate anything on ptcl’s website.


    P.S. I get very good service from PTCL. So I for one am ready to pay that extra buck to get unlimited bandwidth. After all, it saves us a lot in return on all those movies we download off the Internet. ;)

  • PTCL don’t inform you of these packages and it’s respective changes. They did with the student Packages back from 839 to 879 without informing their customers and yet again they are going to do it.

    BTW, what about 2MB packages? Are they capped as well?

  • I think we are typical Pakistani, Same is PTCL, related or not price of everything must be increased in Holy month of Ramzan.

  • u should still be happy i wish i had such an offer where i am i have to pay 1800 for a 512 kbps connection and 4700 for a 2 mb connection both unlimited well ofcrs i can get a 2 mb connection for 1200 bt with a download limit of 8 gb :( dsl service providers are sco (special communications organizations) well the best part was yesterday when they deactivated my internet saying that i have to submit a photocopy of my already payed bill coz they some how lost it even after paying 1800 i cant use internet doesnt that rock ?? u guys should be happy of what u have

  • Please do write a comparative article of other dsl providers, so if we wanna shift we know what we are shifting for

  • Excuse me…U didn’t tell us about 2 Mbps ??? I have 2 Mbps so do i have unlimited or not???

  • WTF is this!!! To Hell with To hell with PTCL.
    All in all, now, PTCL is not more than a BULLSH*T.
    I’d moved to wi-Tribe long ago when PTCL first changed its tariff for Student Package!
    Why should be use 1 MBPS for Rs.929/month with a CAP of 50 GB?? Uhh, again pathetic…

  • @PROPAKISTANI: Please do some review for us on other service providers so that we can choose something out of them.

  • Its about time we do something about it. If we can’t boycott it, lets just go ahead with mass disconnections from people who actually mind this injustice!

    Someone please create a petition so we can get more followers…

  • WTF, well i was using 4MBPS package cuz of unlimited, but well, let’s leave ptcl now, its not that cheap anymore, i would choose a better option,

    • You could try out Worldcall cable broadband or LDn.If in Islamabad then nayatel.

  • I am feeling they ll also put a limit on 1MD & 2MB soon. It is obviously against logic if they continued these two packages to remain unlimited. It ll decrease their revenue because these two are then the best packages for a huge number of customers. With 1MB package, I use to download about 100GB!!! So why one would choose 4MB over 1MB?
    This trend is in line with International ISPs but here it is going to be implemented without raising the standards of their support to customers and quality of service. A week ago my DSL was down for four days and despite of my 10-12 complaints, they neither contacted me nor they visited my locale for telling me that what actually happened to my DSL. With copper in their wires, 100-500 meter distance acceptable from DP, imposed line rent even if I wish to not use their outdated telephony, and almost customer support equal to null, these new rates are not justifiable. At least they must separate telephony from DSL, improve their customer support, and revamp their wires and lines before imposing and revealing prices like this.

  • can anybody tell me link dot net helpline as their website is crappy and is not updated.

  • WTF…(O_O) i was using ptcl cuz its unlimited but now……….. definitely im gonna switch

    • Bandwidth is capped only for 4, 6 and 8 MB connections. No change for 2MB they will remain unlimited.

      • i guess that will be capped soon those 1 and 2 mb packages bcoz lot of customer will turn to them and keep using them and those capped packaged will not be used much unless they put cap on everyone. i guess they are still checking the response by the public and it will gona get few month maybe.its good for company bad for customers but it’s a trend and we dont follow world trend in good’s but ready to go on adopting anything which is not good we were good in not having it but not ready to have more bills and might be less customers. our country’s insitutions are turning into total mess from railways to pia from economy to politics and even Hajj related affaors … God save our dear homeland from such ruthless corrupt decision makers in all such departments…. Pakistan zindabad,

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