PAC asks Government to Close Ministry of Science and Technology

The monitoring and implementation committee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has asked governemnt to close Ministry of Science and Technology, terming it as useless.

Committee went of the view that Ministry of Science and Technology and its subsidiaries especially Pakistan Agriculture and Research Council (PARC) have shown utter disappointment in their performance and they should either be closed or it is time to bring some reforms in these departments.

The committee also called former federal food and agriculture secretary Zafar Altaf for his alleged involvement in financial irregularities worth millions of rupees.

Yasmeen Rehman is in the chair to review audit objections pertaining to the accounts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, PARC and the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR).

It is said that PCSIR used to spend budget of Rs 900 million for the wages and pension of employees. Meanwhile it had no funds or research.  The committee directed the inspection authorities to clear audit reservations against the ministry within one month.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) informed the committee that former PARC chairman CM Anwar was facing corruption charges but he had died therefore the NAB had closed his case. The committee directed NAB not to discharge the case against the deceased chairman and to take action against those who were  involved with him in 30 days.

  • Why case closed after death of a person? His family won’t benefit from money earned from corruption if it is proved that he was involved in corruption?
    2nd, I agree with PAC recommendations, some public sector universities have taken initiative of research and innovation while have you ever heard MO S&T ever even backing such things or any activity when it comes to science and technology ? Anything?

  • Yes close everything, what is left in Pakistan?
    Yeh log wo sb kuch band krna chahtay hain jis say youth main shaoor ata hai.Corrrrrrrupt Politicians.

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