Detailed Comparison of iPad2 with Galaxy Tab 10.1

Here goes a detailed comparison of the best selling tablets – iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Both tablets have already made their marks separately as the big difference between these  two is the operating system. One is Android powered whereas other comes with Apple’s iOS.

Here you will find each and every feature compared head-to-head and will surely help you, if you are going to buy one.

  • Tahir Ibrahim

    iPad is a class, a brand and a name. I’d go for iPad in a heartbeat.

  • Imran Salim

    Both are good but none is available at $499 in Pakistan….

  • Asif Ali Zoordari

    my 10% plz!

    • Yousaf Raza Gillani

      HaHaHa…Sure Sure Sure

    • Ahmed

      Aap chaa gaey hain ge, puranay rate par kab tak guzara karian gy?

  • Surely Galaxy TAB 10.1 is bit better than iPad.
    I’ll go for Galaxy but none is available at $499 in Pakistan! =(

  • Pyromaniac

    No matter how superior Galaxy tab is in terms of specs, nothing beats Apple when it comes to quality and practicality.

  • IT Crates

    Both products are good but who needs a pad who can afford a laptop.

  • Saad Durrani

    As far as I know, iPad2 has no Bluetooth and its users have no taste.

  • Patendo

    The comparison does not talk about where its CDMA or GSM based. Further, iPAD2 CDMA version come locked with verizon. If however, it is unlocked, one can use EVDO data services offered by PTCL without actually buying the device from PTCL. For all practical purposes, it can be said that there is a built in EVDO device in it.

  • Apple is an elite brand, I don’t think that it can be beaten by samsung. Galaxy Tab is also good though.

  • Monis Khan

    ipad 3 comming with hd display :D


    I wanna buy galaxy tab but stuck between galaxy tab 7inch and tab 10.1inch to which one to buy ? and also its not available in $499 in anywhere in pakistan.

  • Hanan

    Galaxy tab is better than IPad in terms of specifications. But when it comes to usability, no one can beat apple products.

  • ahmadijaz

    what about acer iconia a500……….

  • Saqib Rauf

    any1 please tell me how i buy ipad