Facebook Crosses 5 Million Users from Pakistan

Out of estimated 20 million overall internet population, over 5 million internet users from Pakistan are members of Facebook as well. Social networking giant added 2 million users from the country in last 8 months to cross 5 million mark recently.

3.4 million users from Pakistan on Facebook are male, while rest of 1.6 population is female. 76 percent of these users from Pakistan are aged between 18-34.

Facebook has seen positive growth in Pakistan during last three years except in May 2010. Over all Facebook remains the dominating social network in the country. Twitter is said to have around 2 million users from Pakistan, while Google Plus, still being in beta, is nearing 10,000 users from Pakistan.

Facebook Users Growth in Pakistan


User age distribution on Facebook in Pakistan


Male/Female User Ratio on Facebook in Pakistan


Story via Jawwad Jafri / Graphs via Social Bakers

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