Wi-Tribe Power Hours: Unmetered Downloads from 1AM to 1PM

Wi-Tribe has introduced another promotion for its customers who are downloading monsters.

Power Hours offer gives you option to use internet without getting worried about bandwidth consumption, so now you can download on your wi-tribe connection.

Offer Details:

Power Hours allows you to download between 1AM and 1PM without cosuming your package’s bandwidth. Subscribe to this offer and you will be given an additional bandwidth of 50GB which will be used in the given timings.

This offer works on monthly basis and you are provided with 50GB for one month.

Note that your normal package’s bandwidth will be consumed in non power hours i.e from 1PM to 1AM. Also if you consume your package bandwidth before completion of the month, you will still be able to use your wi-tribe connection in power hours.


You can activate Power Hours in Rs. 300 per month.


This offer is not available on endless packages, i.e. endless 512Kbps and endless 2Mbps.

Furthermore, wi-tribe is promoting Flash Get (download manager) for timely downloads so that you may be able to get maximum out of your power hours.

  • I think this is a slap in the face of PTCL who has recently put a 50 GB cap on their DSL packages. The offer of 50 GB is not a coincidence i think.

    • PTCL 50 GBs limit is on 4Mbps to 8 Mbps and Witribe doesnt offer these speeds.

      PTCL’s student package at 929 is real unlimited no 50 Gbs cap crap by PTCL on 1 and 2 Mbps unlimited packages. PTCL’s unlimited packages are without any cap unlike Wimax operators.

      So, nice move by Witribe but it really makes them much more expensive than having PTCL’s 1-2Mbps DSL packages

  • Wi-Tribe from Q-Tel Qatar, they have kept high standard of service here which they have in Qatar in Broadband, GSM and Telephony. An Example for PTCL, and GSM operators in Pakistan they are, and now for Wi-Max operators as well.

  • Hey i dont understand onething please enlight me :) why people like Wi-Tribe i mean they charge u like same as wateen for 1 mb but the difference is witribe are not giving Phone service plus its a 50gb quota as campered to wateen they are charging u 1600 rs for 1 mbps with unlimited downloads plus there service is soo good i personaly is not some fan boy of wateen but its a fact they provide what they say! Then why people like to pay the same amount for quota lolzzz

      • yes Wateen is good they offer true unlimited even then authors of this blog dont write an article on them because witribe and qubeee paid propakistani to do article on them and wateen is not paying them that’s why they don’t write any articles on wateen. Most of the people who are using witribe or qubee are not aware that wateen is offering true unlimited downloads not like other wimax operators

  • Witribe incurs a gross loss on every rupee it earns ….how long can they sustain is something that time will tell

    Wimax is for niche markets and it cant become a mass product in a country where subscribers are price sensitive and affordability is low to compensate for the investment in expensive infrastructure and spectrum limitations of Wimax operators

    300 Rs. for 1 am to 1 pm for 50 GBs really is awesome but PTCL’s 1-2 Mbps DSL subscriber get unlimited downloads round the clock :)

  • PTCL is also the incumbent and has infrastructure all around the country, with massive government subsidies. For the same reason, Ufone (a pretty good cellco) is the only one with a positive balance sheet – because of the govt subsidies they get.

    Might be wise to compare apples with apples rather than take things out of perspective…

  • PTCL’s 1-2 Mbps DSL subscriber get unlimited downloads round the clock :)

    Wi-tribe is a fucked up bag of shit ! charged me even when i complained that it is not working

    too busy lavishly spending money and not providing services …

    Sorry to say but i disagree with people who like the so called tribe

    • If you call them they give waivers … i have a few friends they called last time and all got waivers …. :D

      no proper check so why not use this to our benefit :D

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