Wi-Tribe Power Hours: Unmetered Downloads from 1AM to 1PM

Wi-Tribe has introduced another promotion for its customers who are downloading monsters.

Power Hours offer gives you option to use internet without getting worried about bandwidth consumption, so now you can download on your wi-tribe connection.

Offer Details:

Power Hours allows you to download between 1AM and 1PM without cosuming your package’s bandwidth. Subscribe to this offer and you will be given an additional bandwidth of 50GB which will be used in the given timings.

This offer works on monthly basis and you are provided with 50GB for one month.

Note that your normal package’s bandwidth will be consumed in non power hours i.e from 1PM to 1AM. Also if you consume your package bandwidth before completion of the month, you will still be able to use your wi-tribe connection in power hours.


You can activate Power Hours in Rs. 300 per month.


This offer is not available on endless packages, i.e. endless 512Kbps and endless 2Mbps.

Furthermore, wi-tribe is promoting Flash Get (download manager) for timely downloads so that you may be able to get maximum out of your power hours.