Pakistan Launches its First Communication Satellite Paksat-1R

Finally Pakistan has launched its first communication satellite with the help of China.

Earlier it was expected that Pakistan will launch its satellite in second week of August, preferably on 14th of August but keeping in view the weather factors, the launch has taken place.

Paksat-1R is based on DFH-4 platform and will be positioned at 38.0 degrees East. Paksat-1R will replace Paksat-1 which was launched on January 31st, 1996. The DFH-4 (DongFangHong-4) platform is a large telecommunications satellite platform – a new generation of hardware based on high output power and communication capacity.

Paksat 1-R will provide range of services including broadband Internet, digital television broadcasting, remote and rural telephony, emergency communications, tele-education and tele-medicine and hosting of defense applications.

The satellite is equipped with three receiver antennas and two transmission antennas. It can support the transmission of 150-200 TV programs simultaneously to ground users using a 0.45m antenna device. The DFH-4 satellite also includes strong capabilities against hostile interference and jamming.

The satellite will be operated from SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) Satellite Ground Stations located in Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said:

The successful launch is yet another shining illustration of the time-tested friendship between Pakistan and China and has ushered in a new era of cooperation in space technology between the two countries. This also marks the next step in taking forward Pakistan’s space Programme “2040”.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan said:

It is a symbol of Pakistan-China cooperation in the area of space technology. It is the first of the kind to be launched by China and Pakistan. Therefore it establishes a new platform, and marks a new beginning.

Satellite had its first failed launch on February 14, 1996 but this timethe control room of the launch centre, in China, said the launch was successful and after 26 minutes,  satellite was separated from its carrier rocket and entered geostationary.

Here’s the launch video:

  • Emran

    Hoping That DTH will launch soon in pakistan

  • Umair

    Great, EAST OR WEST PAKISTAN IS BEST……(i did`t know what to say)

  • Nauman Afzal

    This is a great moment in history. I can tell you if utilized properly this is going to revolutionize the telecommunication scenario here in Pakistan. Congrats to all those who worked and off course to you all.

  • Saad

    if Paksat-1R will replace Paksat-1 which was launched on January 31st, 1996 then how is Paksat-1R the first communication satellite??

    • Maybe you can get your answer here:

      • When do we see the benefits of this thing…?

    • TPSstar

      Paksat-1 was originally known as Palapa. It was launched by Hughes Space and Communications Company for Indonesia. Later Indonesia declared the satellite unusable after an electric power anomaly. The insurance claims were paid and the title was transferred to Hughes Space and Communications Company. HGS-3 was then acquired by Pakistan from M/s Hughes Global Services on “Full Time Leasing ” and relocated to Pakistan’s reserved slot at 38 Degree. After a series of orbital maneuvers, the Satellite was stabilized at its final location on December 20, 2002 with 0-degree inclination. The satellite is in position at the Pakistani-licensed orbital location, 38° east longitude.


    russian general satellite company launch soon dth pakistan..

  • ZindadilPakistan


    Pakistan has crossed another milestone in the field of Science & Technology.

  • again hope hope and hope first lunch 3G service second is DTH service!

  • Waqar

    i need to know why we’re calling this our first satellite when we launched a communications satellite back in 1990 called Badr-I​ki/Badr-1

  • Desi

    India is controlling its population with 3G now…did anyone see this commercial

  • IT pakistan

    This very good news, Again pakistan is in the race, We will be with other countries inshAllah.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Sadly no, we TOTALLY LOST OUT on race. There were several geosync slots available to us but we lost all but one:

      Note that the article from 2008 talks about this Paksat 1R launch.

  • Shakeel


  • I still didn’t get it…My friend has dish antena which catches aprox 1000 channels & he is paying 700/per month…so whats new?

    • Cyko

      Can you share few specs, Antenna Direction,STB etc being used ?
      Or is it Card Sharing, how many Sports Channels, + International News Channels can be received ?

  • Shoukat

    It is a good news, specially for rural ereas TV vieiwers that it may possible that they get rid off DISH TV and such other DTH services of india, which were very hard to recharge. It was very expensive to, up to 800 Per month. Now we are hoping our own Pakistani and leagal DTH service provider which may have pakistani news, sports and international TV chanals as well.
    UP to when it will be launched? Hard to answer but good to expect, If somebody owns information about the launch of DTH, kindly share with us.
    Well DONE Pakistan, Geo Pakistan

    • The article says it is bieng launched…What do you mean by launch of DTH?

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  • Abou Muhammad Atta

    Masha ALLAH azawajal. May ALLAH give us Courage to do such things in Future and we take 2nd 3rd and on word steps.

  • Abou Muhammad Atta

    Ay Mari Arz e Wattan tu Salaamat Rahay. ye jo Shaheedo kay Lahu se Likha hai ham ne. tujh se ik harf bhe na Mittay.

  • Jawad

    Most of SUPARCO Engineers were working on this project, I personally know. Pakistan really worked hard and engineers give their level best for optimal design features.
    No one should be doubtful on this achievement. Most of the designs were locally made by local engineers, independently. We are proud on our youth and especially, ENGINEERS…..

    CALL ME MOBILE PHONE : 0301-3627318 .

  • Adnan Imtiaz

    This is just great that Pakistan has launched its own satellite…….May Allah give us enough courage to launch more and use them wisely ………..InshaAllah

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    • Nauman Afzal


  • Naseer Ahmad

    There is a website

    this shows just logo and comming soon but no exact date.

  • Alvin

    In india DTH its free for first three month and we pay 150rupees per month and india has put their national flag on the moon .India is the fourth country in the world to do this after russia ,USA and china.

    • Rao

      oue prejudice state terrorist hindu what about Ababeel missile have you any of your missile like that