Pakistan Tum He To Ho – An Awesomely Developed Portal About Pakistan

This independence day Ufone has taken much appreciated step by launching a portal about Pakistan. Well if you haven’t seen this yet, my suggestion is to give it a thorough visit and surely at the end you will end up saying, Well Done Ufone! is all about Pakistan and its belongings such as history, culture, weather, sports, events, languages, poetry, food, national heroes, national awards and what not.

Most appealing corner of the website is Pakistan Tum He To Ho! You can find all about Pakistan what a Pakistani should know.

Brief description about our National Awards, National Heroes, Weather, Pakistan Movement and all about provinces. Furthermore, you can also find information about armed forces and their titles.

To me, the most attractive corner of the website is Pakistan’s Distinctions – a flash based ticker which literally makes you feel proud about your country.

You can find information about our sports, music and festivals as well. Tourism itself has been highlighted a lot and you can find photo gallery about Pakistan’s beauty.

Not exaggeration but for me Ufone’s portal is far better than Pakistan’s official web gateway ( and Tourism Development Corporation’s website (

There are some minor glitches as well but the overall beauty and content of the website just fades away them. For instance search on website does not work.

On the whole, Ufone has done a great job here going one step ahead of others. Do visit this portal and share your thoughts with us in comments section.

Official PR:

Ufone recently unveiled an exclusive web portal, which advocates the positive side of the nation and in time will act as a preemptive effort to counter the global negative tag associated with the country. The web portal was launched through a press conference and numerous prominent media personnel, bloggers and journalists were in attendance.

Pakistan Tum He To Ho, is a unique and vibrant campaign which promotes Pakistan’s rich culture and heritage. The web portal has a multitude of offerings which accentuate the great historical significance of Pakistani festivals, music, art, tourism, food and ancient civilizations etc.

The web portal provides an opportunity for the people residing in Pakistan and abroad to come together on one platform and obtain knowledge about the country and appreciate the available content on the site which reflects the positivity and the nationalistic spirit. Through this portal Ufone hopes to instill maximum amount of information regarding Pakistan amongst the masses, especially the youth. The content can be downloaded and shared across various communities and platforms. The users can also upload content which is positive and accurate which reflects the true essence of the Pakistani nation.

Ufone has provided this opportunity for Pakistanis all over the world, and entrusted them with the responsibility for effectively using this chance to spread the content provided on other national and international social communities so that a substantial amount of word of mouth is created to promote constructive and commendable effort towards building positive perceptions towards Pakistan.

Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, said that he felt proud to be a Pakistani and hoped that the same feeling would engulf the rest of the nation when they experience the creativity and ingenuity being displayed at the web portal. He acknowledged Ufone as being a socially responsible organization and taking numerous steps to
facilitate the people of Pakistan. He hoped that with this initiative Ufone would play its role to better the image of our beautiful country.

  • Ufone simply rocks.. Really its much netter from Governemnt of Pakistan official website and Torism Minstry website. I must congratulate Marketing team of Ufone with bring such an patriotic innovation and they know how to make a difference. If I am not exaggerating then Ufone’s marketing team is best in the world :)
    Long live Ufone

  • welldone ufone. this is really awsome. a big gift for paistanis doesnot come near to it

  • good effort by ufone indeed. ufone shud also improve thier network and service quality, that has been lagging behind the rest for some time now.

  • Great website. I had a dip in sugar and immersed in honey for about 2 hours. We need things like this.

  • Although a niece effort but yet is also a better and good site…its really helpful though.

  • Pakistan is quite beautiful. One mistake I saw in the religion section was the mention of Dilip Kumar(movie star) as a Hindu. He was a Muslim, born Mohammed Yusuf Khan, and his screen name was Dilip Kumar.

  • “‎1947 mein bhe Ramzan August mein tha; 2011 mein bhe Ramazan August mein hay;
    farq sirf itna hay us waqt qoum ko ik mulk ki zarorat the; or aj mulk ko ik qoum ki zaroorat hay….”

    well pakistan is real gift of Allah .. yar so many things we have .. but unfortunatly in bad hands .. all we need to cut thoses blooody hands and make a new pakistan… so help .. please …

  • The greater service that we as a nation can do in coming election is to cast our vote to a person who is sincere, honest and possess high integrity irrespective of his caste,breed, sect. Remember to take minimum that much pain in our selection of candidate that we usually take in buying vegetable for our home.
    Long Live Pakistan.

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