Get 2GB Memory Card, Portable Charger with Ufone IDEOS and Verve


Ufone is offering very handy accessories for it’s IDEOS and Verve handsets, that too free of cost.

Launched earlier in March 2011, Ufone IDEOS and Verve are Android based touch screen smartphones with reasonable price tags. If you are seeking more details about these handsets then visit this link, where we did a detailed introductory piece for Ufone IDEOS and Verve.

So if you have been thinking about buying any of these two, think no more because now when you purchase Ufone Verve or Ufone IDEOS Android handsets, you will get:

  • 2 GB memory card,
  • Handy portable charger
  • And a cool Android Desktop Bot

The offer is valid till 9th September 2011.

  • It seems that no-one is buying these handsets, that’s why now Ufone is trying to offer additional items free.

  • actually this phone should cost about Rs 8000 to Rs 10000 thats why ufone offering these stuff. Ufone n zong will reduce the price soon …

  • I read an article the other day about such phones by Huawei being sold in Kenya and other places… for $80. For comparison, Rs 8550 is $100. So we are already paying premium for low quality android phones.

  • Why provide these items and why not reduce price ? I think no one is purchasing? What about unlocking of these phones ? Anyone successful so far ?

  • Bought this handset verve, appearance is very good AND Familier with phone Nokia E7.
    By using this phone,i realized that it looks very costly and decent while price is just 15k.

  • 2GB memory card offer is very common and Nokia, LG and Samsung etc are all offering this with relevant handsets.
    Ufone Verve price is more than 20k so these offers are not very attractive and look like Ufone is offering free toys for this handset.

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