Workshop on Android Development Happening in Islamabad

276797_206047719450069_7989309_nAndroid has been in the limelight for a year now. With the highest market share in smartphone industry, much of the developers are now interested to learn this new platform to explore this multi million dollar industry.

Android has been much popular among students probably because of the opensource plus, easy environment setup/development and cheap licensing.

Those, from Islamabad/Rawalpindi and vicinity, who have just made up their mind to squeeze their focus on Android development, then there’s this chance to attend a workshop which will deliver you hands-on practice for Android application development.

The workshop is from 25th to 28th of August’ 2011 with iftaari on 27th and 28th as well. Its being organized under a special interest group called the Mobile Application Development Club, Fast-Nu, Islamabad.

No, it’s not free, there’s a charge for attending

  • Rs 1500 for Fast-Nu Students
  • Rs 2500 for other university Students (Rs 2000 in group of 4)
  • Rs 3500 for Professionals (Rs 3000 in group of 2)

For more details and registration, visit this page

  • Monster

    Money should not be collected in any Information Technology Exhibition or workshop

    • Shahid Saleem

      Hey Monster, can you spare three full eight hour days for a workshop in a city distant from you? You won’t get paid of course because the workshop will be free, and there are no funds to pay for you lodging, transportation, etc.

      You want it to be free for the workshop attendees, right? Well, there’s also this matter of electricity, internet access, food/drinks for iftari. Can you pay for it out of your own pocket? It would be most generous!

      In the real world, there are costs.

  • Adil

    too much registration fee.

  • Nauman Afzal

    Great. I like this idea.

  • Sajid

    should i also start something like that to earn some bucks?

  • whizkid

    @sajid count me in if you do that.

  • Mohammed

    It is great to see that people in Pakistan are moving towards new technologies.

  • Talal

    source of knowledge or source of income? . I held this event free of cost at my university Punjab University College of Information Technology, inviting GameView studios..

    • Shahid Saleem

      Is that a public university? If so, we taxpayers paid for it.

    • Aadil

      GameView has other interests in conducting this workshops. They wanted to do a massive hiring! They are a multi million dollar company now. What ll they do in getting small pennies from students?

  • Haider Jamil

    Come on people. I think there should be fee, because they have to organize this full event. Then, organize other items which will be needed like, Electricity, Hall, Projector, Food and Internet. But, i somewhat believe that the fee is a bit more.

  • Never knew such sort of development is taking place in Pakistan. Am really stunned after reading this.

  • areesha

    did this happen bcz i just registered for a free workshop on android app development

    n most ppl r reporting as fake