PTA Suspends Licenses of 11 CVAS Providers

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has suspended licenses of 11 service providers for a month on the failure of non-submission audit accounts and non-payment of annual regulatory dues for past two to three years.

All these operators are categorized in Class Value Added Service (CVAS) sector awarded non-exclusive license in 2007 for establishing, maintaining and operating data services, according to the authority determinations order released recently.

The telecom authority has directed all LDI, fixed line and cellular operators to suspend immediately all telecommunication services extended to them under any agreement till further.

The operators includes

  • M/s Ace Connect (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s ASCUL (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Brogstelling Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s e-World (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Gujjar Communication (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Live Line Broad Band (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Nom Communcation (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Samsung Voice Call (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Vision Soft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/S Zain Business Empire (Pvt) Ltd
  • M/s Eagle Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

PTA said that the license of operators shall stand terminated, in case of non-compliance, upon expiration of one month after the date of issuance of today’s determination order.

Moreover it may recover its all payable dues as arrear through land revenue without any further notice and recovery proceeding under section 30 if the company’s Act.

Earlier the authority has issued a letter in 2009 to all this operators, saying them to submit annual audited financial statement and summary of the accounts within three months as per their license condition No3.

It had asked operators to pay annual license fee to it calculated on the basis of percentage of their annual gross revenues from services since completed financial year along with late payment at the rate of 2 percent of the outstanding amount.

However the operators failed in complying all this instructions that resulted finally issuance of show-cause notices to them in early 2011 under section 23 of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (Re-organization) Act 1996.

The authority summoned representative of operators for hearing on different dates through notices, which were not addressed and received by the operators.

The operators did not pay any heed to comply the terms and conditions of their licenses regarding payment of dues and submission of accounts.

PTA termed the conduct of the licensee as non-serious and non-compliant which falls within the ambit of sub-section (3) of section 23 of the Act. Accordingly, the operators’ licenses are suspended for a month before permanent termination of their services.

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