wi-tribe Offers 2GB Upsize for Rs. 50 Only

wi-tribe-upsize-2gbIf you happen to reach your allocated bandwidth limit on wi-tribe, then here’s a good way to secure yourself, buy 2 GB upsize offer to get additional 2 GB of data limit for Rs. 50 only.

This 2GB upsize offer is in addition to already 5 GB upsize offer for Rs. 100.

Upsize offers can be availed with all packages, just you will have to pay Rs. 50 extra for 2GB or Rs. 100 for 5GB upsize limits.

For further inquiries, you can ping wi-tribe’s helpline.

How to Avail Upsize Offer?

  • You can Call 111-187-423 to get upsize activated
  • or visit any wi-tribe outlet to avail this offer.

  • They are much better then wateen who are charging 100Rs for 400mb after packages expires.

  • Multan

    Yaar, When Wateen is going to Launch in Multan? Any News?

  • Hassan Azam

    beta g aap multan main he rehte ho kiya? wateen multan main 2 saal k zyada period se launch ho chuki hai… jaag jao
    may god bless u
    get well soon.

    • omer

      i guess he/she was asking for wi-tribe launch in multan

  • HedgeFundBaby

    All these companies will be up for sale soon. This is my prediction. Wait it is already come true!

    • Notbadresults

      Give me a break, wireless medium grow kareh ga. Witribe has 100k+ customers – Augere 60k+ aur Wateen 150+. There is no way to go but up in Wireless.

      • Imran Ateeque

        Bilkul theek kaha

  • GKM

    Don’t know why but I am experiencing very slow browsing speed and poor signal strength of wi-tribe from past couple of weeks in Sabzazar Lahore.
    I even can’t stream youtube videos properly. :S

    • Imran Ateeque

      Ab check karna ab bilkul theek ho gai hain

  • Multan

    When Witribe is going to launch in Multan …….. any IdeAS …….

  • Asjad

    Multan mein available hai..??

  • Witribe Sucks

    Their SpeedBoost Sucks It Doesn’t Increase 50% Actually!

    Hidden Info is that 70% of the speedboost is applied only!

    Like if I have 512kbps and I apply for speedboost 50% which equals 256kbps of speed increase, but only 70% of 256kbps is applied!

    That means Finally I get 512kbps+179.2kbps (70% of 256kbps).

    Actually In Real I should get 512kbps+256kbps=768kbps

    Wi-Tribe Sucks Hidden Information, I got this to know via Help Line when I told them my Speed didnt increase as expected.
    I hope you guys understand their gay thing!