Nokia Introduces Symbian Belle

It seems that Nokia has been playing hard with it’s smartphone OS, that is, Symbian. Just weeks after the Symbian Anna, we have another update in hand for Symbian phones. This time it’s called Symbian Belle – weird naming convention one would say.

We know that Nokia’s long term plan is to shift all high-end smartphones to Windows platform, however, Symbian will be kept alive, till 2015 at least, for relatively lower-end devices.

Announced at an event in Hong Kong, Symbian Belle is said to incorporate significant improvements in it’s previous version, with new apps, more flexibility in customization and added with new widgets.

User interface is altogether revamped, which now more looks like Android. Built-in NFC support in Symbian Belle, that is deeply integrated into operating system, is something that Nokia is using as headlines.

The fruit of Nokia-Microsoft partnership has started surfacing as Symbian Belle will offer seamless integration with Microsoft Linc, Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange and a new system called PowerPoint Broadcaster.

Nokia says that Symbian Belle will be available on all new/upcoming Symbian smartphones and will be made available as a free update (just like it did for Symbian Anna) for users with phones running Symbian Anna (Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7 and Nokia 500), a pleasing announcement for many.

For sure, Symbian is maturing with time – but many believe it’s too late for Symbian to drag back customers from iOS or Android. Nevertheless, it’s a promising update for long time Nokia and Symbian Fans.

Nokia screenshot 2011-06-06 11-39-23Nokia screenshot 2011-06-06 11-43-10

  • Well i have been a symbian fan since very old days, but symbian lost bit ground due to its SUCKY browser, un-wanted hangs/restarts and quite slow at times.

    Recently i got Nokia X7, which is very solidly built, excellent camera, but still sucky Browser (though improved but still sucks when compared to Windows Phone 7).

    Looking at this intro video, it seems Belle is something i had been missing for long. The new FREE look and feel will surely get back some of disappointed Symbian fans..

    Best of luck Nokia will rock again with Windows phone 7.

    Android sucks for me… because it feels too cheap.

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