Jazz Eidi Offer

JAZZ is distributing Eidi on Eid-ul-Fitr to thousands of customers, who can win hundreds of free minutes, Diamond rings and a GRAND EIDI of a complete DIAMOND SET by simply keeping their JAZZ SIM ‘ON’.

Offer Details

On the first 2 days of Eid-ul-Fitr, keep your SIM “ON” and upon receiving a call from Mobilink through 0300 you will get free minutes and a chance to win DAMAS Diamond Rings and a Grand Prize of a DAMAS Diamond Set.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Subscriber will have to receive the call from 0300 number and after listening to the IVR which prompts the customer to press 1 to avail offer, will have to press 1 to become eligible for the offer.

  • 150 On-net minutes will be posted within 72 hours after receiving the call with a validity of 3 days.

  • Lucky draw will be conducted after the promotion to announce the winners of Diamond Rings and Bumper Prize of Diamond Set.

  • Mobilink reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the disbursement of prizes and free minutes.

  • If the call from Mobilink does not go through due to any system glitches to any customer(s), Mobilink would not be liable.

  • Mobilink reserves the right to give Damas gift vouchers in place of actual jewelry items.

  • The winning customers must redeem/use the gift vouchers till October 30, 2011, after which it would expire and for which Mobilink will not be held liable.

  • Gift vouchers can only be used to purchase Damas diamonds (rather than e.g. Damas gold jewelry) .

  • Bumper prize of diamond set will be within the value of Rs. 1,000,000.

  • Participation or collection of prizes in any scheme or promotion requires no balance transfer to any individual. Please do not respond to any call or SMS in this regard, Mobilink will not be responsible for any loss incurred