Warid Announces Weekend / Night Package for Postpaid Customers

postpaid-plus2Warid, as many had anticipated already, has introduced late night and weekend offer on it’s postpaid packages.

It’s interesting move by Warid to incentivize the postpaid customers with Late Night Offers. I have said it interesting coz of two reasons:

  • Warid is probably looking to further strengthen it’s postpaid base,
  • Postpaid customers are usually not late night talkers, or those with longer calls

Offer Details:

  • Call any on-net (Warid to Warid) number, from 12 AM to 7 AM or on Sundays at a flat rate of 5 paisas per minute or at Rs. 3 per hour.
  • All this comes at a monthly charge of Rs. 99
  • Subscribers on Warid 250, Warid 500, Warid 750, Warid 1500, Warid 2500 and Warid 4000 can opt for this offer – Postpaid subscribers on other packages would have to change their base package to avail this offer
  • Charging pulse would be 60 seconds

Monthly Charges:

  • As mentioned above, this offer will cost customer a flat rate of Rs. 99 per month.
  • Offer charges will be charged in advance on a monthly basis on the date of bill cycle


  • paisa per minute rate applies to all Warid numbers
  • Postpaid Weekend/LNO Offer’s night timings are from 12am to 7am
  • Weekend includes 24 hours of Sunday
  • Offer can be activated / deactivated any day – with no restriction of activation/deactivation on bill run.
  • After subscription this offer will remain active unless subscriber explicitly deactivates the offer
  • The billing pulse for the campaign time bands would be 60 seconds and in other time bands base package billing pulse would be applicable (30 seconds currently)
  • Charging for On-Net calls during the campaign time bands would start after the utilization of FREE minutes
  • F&F call charging during the package time bands will be same as per postpaid Weekend/LNO  On-Net rate
  • Postpaid Weekend/LNO offer users need to add/delete F&F numbers on activation/deactivation of Postpaid Weekend/LNO offer