Zong Ends Unlimited Calls on LBC Packages

Zong, the king of Location Based Charging, has decided to abandon unlimited calls for LBC package holders by putting a fair usage policy on utilization of daily free minutes.

Zong remained most successful amongst all local operators in capitalizing the location based charging. This is evident from the fact that Zong registered record number of sales in last 12 months or so – (arguably) over the shoulders of these LBC offerings.

However, now Zong has decided to cap the unlimited calls by limiting the quota for daily usage. Read on to know the details:

Fair Usage Policy for LBC Packages:

All those Zong customers, availing LBC package for any city (Including Lahore, Karachi or any other city)

  • Now free on-net calls for LBC Package are not unlimited
  • 180 free on-net minutes will be given every day
  • After first 180 free minutes, each call will be charged at 10 paisa per minute

Even after this cap, it’s fairly a useful package – given that daily charges for LBC offering are just Rs. 7 plus tax. But the joy of unlimited calling will definitely be missed.

  • waqas

    Real question is on Zong Voice quality and call connectivity?
    C class operator

    • Anwer Baloch, Quetta, Balochistan.

      What a REAL Mature Customer “REALLY” Needs for Remaining “LOYAL” to a Mobile Phone Company? The Customer needs:- 1. FULL COVERAGE in all AREAS of Country without having to change his/ her SIM due to non-availability of NetWork. 2. EASY CONNECTIVITY without having to dial again and again because of busy or overloaded lines. 3. CLARITY OF VOICE without having to shout loudly or repeating his/ her words again and again. 4. REASONABLE CALL CHARGING SYSTEM as only cheap rates/ call packages without the above three (3) prerequisites Can Not keep a Real Mature Customer loyal to a Mobile phone company (Excluding those college boys/ Girls who need to talk for hours with their Boy/ Girl friends).

    • ahmadnowaz

      lol, any A class network in pakistan?

  • Echo. . . .

    I’ve seen people making calls every time using this offer, Having charger and handsfree at the same time, Which is also not good for network. And many people misuse this service. Making obnoxious or fraudlant calls. Good move zong but their goal was to achieve a large number of subscribers, that they have done. And now the addicted customers will call on helpline and be giving their time wasting feedback and suggestions and disturbing the parameters of poor CRS’s working in call center. Like ATT. . . Pakistani Customer is always wrong, they can never be pleased.

    • waqas

      Any such kind of custmers are not loyal they will change Zong SIMs very soon
      Only long term solution is QoS.

    • ramiz


      [Comment Edited]

  • Pleas add sharing option (twitter, facebook & google+) in your mobile site

  • Mohsin

    is this offer available in Islamabad????

  • Imran

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ zong customers

  • Shahan

    Zong gprs is not working in our area in H-block attock city since last week,i was use zong only for internet purpose now iam planing to convert its to jazz ,any advice about jazz internet? Thanks

    • waqas

      Go to Warid it is good in both data and voice

  • Imran

    jazz internet bohat farigh ho chuka hai unlimited packages ki wajah se. pages hi nai khulte… bar bar refresh kerna parta hai

  • Something is better then nothing. Rs 7 per day is enough for 180 minutes & if we need more there is 10 paisa not bad.. I am totally agree with Zong Move

  • Nadeem

    even though daily usage is capped, it still is fair enough. 180 minutes daily, that is too much if you really are a person who is living a normal life.

  • bahadur ali ramejo

    if u want to use internet use telenor very high speed and edge all over pakistan

  • Rafay

    They should just remove the daily charges and make on- net calls for 10p/ min.

  • still 180 minutes are enough :) aur kia PCO kholna hay hum nay

  • Siddique

    hi zong free call walon kia banny ga tumhara…:)

  • i think nice move by zong

  • thats good decision. loffer do call again and again to girls. zong is always best but not provide good service. zong go down day by day.

  • This is a shame, just one day before the celebrations of EID. Zong gives up shattering the trust of its users.

  • usama khalid

    Zong ka Dhong Khatam!!!!! I feel sorry for Zong customers… :'(

  • Haris

    180 mins are enough but it will be better if they increase some minutes as there are many users who uses this packing for talking all night and normal use in the day. 300 Minutes will be best

  • Asad

    Yar wohi rehny dety. 10 pesy sy kya bny ga zong ga. Foreign me special events py 5, 5 din tk telecom comps. free calls deti hn aur ye Eid k din b free ni krty, aur kren b to kisi ko btaty ni khud hi kisi ko pata chal gya to chal gya.
    Ye Telenor denmark me logon ko itny sasty pakages deta ha aur yahan aa kr ye b Shair ho gya ha. Pak me sb hi lout mar kr rhy hn.
    Aur oupr sy Zardari G in sy itna tax ly rha ha wo tax inho ny to awam sy hi nikalna ha na

  • nabeel


  • Ansar Chaudhry

    Haris Bhai You Are Absolutely Right

  • keafi

    ab jab se zong ne free col wala pakege khatam kar k 180 mint wala pakege main change kar deya hy tab se mjy zong bht buri lagti hy mein ne 1 saal zong ke markiting b ke our ab mein ne zong k free pakeg khatam kar k 180 mint walay pakege ka sun kar jab frends ke sim uphone k network per kar de i hate zong i hate zong

  • keafi

    unlimited cal pakege ko khatam kar k zong ne sirf 180 mints wala pakege deya hy tab se mein ne zong use he karna chor de our mery sab frends ne b zong of kar de our zong to chal he free col ke waja se rahi thi bas ab zong sim sab band karwa rahay hain mein ne 1 saal zong ke markiting ke per ab sim koi leta he nhi wo khata hy zong ka unlimited col pakeg band ho geya hy jab usko batain k zong 180 mints daily k free de raha hy to wo khatay hain k u.phone sara din free col de raha hy our telenor 7 rupay main 3 din kisi b time col free de raha hy zong ko koi use he nhi karna chatata zong ka unlimited pakeg band kar k zong ne apne user kam kar deye 17 sims to hum ne u.phone k network per kar le

    • chahat

      i m agre vd ur al points:)

  • sohail

    majority of users using zong because of onnet unlimited free calls.and majority is authority.
    i also agree ths

  • chahat

    Hi!its a fact dat pakg u r gvng nw,its nt good…u d ve to increase more mins….

  • karim

    jab sy zong ka pakaj on howa tab sy ma sim use karahata ab many 180 mint ke waja sy ufone ma convert karwa de.

  • How to activate weekly free calls lbc package

  • princess mahi chemist

    samj e nai ari yar kis tra die hoe hain pakag