IndianDefence Hacked by PCA to Avenge Defence.PK Defacement

In response to recent hack of Defence.PK, Pakistan Cyber Army has defaced, terming it as a revenge for defacement.

PCA says that it successfully penetrated into IndianDefence,com’s server – they issued screenshots of defaced pages and SQL dump.

Pakistan Cyber Army claimed that this was a targeted defacement.

In an email sent to ProPakistani PCA officials said that they don’t deface/hack websites randomly, instead their attacks are highly targeted and based on past defacements by Indians hackers.

They warned Indian hackers to not to hack Pakistani websites again, or they will see the wrath in similar manner in future too.

It merits mentioning here that an Indian hacker, named protector, had defaced Defence.PK – a highly active Pakistani forum for defence oriented and related content for Pakistanis. In response to which, (which got hacked today) is an equally high value website for Indian defence corners.




  • Naseer

    Hahahhahah … !!! Awesome.

  • gr8 job guyx. lmao u indians nw get u hacking insect in ur a**hole ;)


  • کوئی ان سے پوچھے کہ ہُن آرام جے؟

    • Mohsin Butt

      Aram vi hai aur…….. badam vi hai……..

  • EID Gift from Pakistan Cyber Army…. Great Stuff.. :)

  • Nauman Afzal

    Tit for tat

  • ahmad

    wah g wah pak cha gaya o…… nice wrk done….

  • Tufail

    nice reply to them but now that is back online. i hope some longer dose will relieve them more.hahahaha

  • Danish Gul


  • Junaid Tanoli

    Eid Mubarak To All Pakistaniz and Well Done PCA

  • Israr


  • Great News, May be an Eid Gift from Pakistan point of view…. :P

  • PCA zinda bad

  • Rizh Ch

    Well done PCA.
    keep going

  • has they also got their hands on People data base coz i heard they had taken user records of

    • admin

      Yes, PCA got hold of database as well, meaning that everything was under control of PCA

  • RoznamaWatan

    This site was already hacked by a Pakistani Hacker Khantastic on 2011-05-03

    Here is the link

  • Hamad

    PCA Zindabad !!!

  • Ikram Musawir Yousafzai

    gr8 job PCA, we all Pakistani Proud of U.

  • Adnan Imtiaz

    Good Job Paki Hackers……Keep up the good work………


    Hey!!!!!!!! is a site of same network that owns, so what was the point hacking Believe me, I am a member of and I know that.
    BTW is working fine.

    Lol,that is not good. Those people must be feeling like becoming a sandwich between both of these hackers.

  • usman


  • and have same layout have same server. it’s not big deal to hack the website. anyways Thumbs Up for PCA

    • Talal Masood

      I some how agree with you. Both the websites are hosted by the same network. But still .. Thumbs up to PCA!

    • Adnan Akhtar

      Hmm well reality is “Both websites run by One Person” :) fake

  • sskka

    GREAT NEWS !!!!

  • wah g wah aalaa …pakistani cheetay PCA…
    this is indeed an eid gift…love PCA,and Love Pakistan…

  • Jia

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Pakistan rocksssssss Loveeeeeee you Pak. hum kisi se kam nahi isko sabit kr diya aj hum na <3 love u Pakistan

  • Good Work…. ! Proud to be Pakistani :D

    • That’s the Power of Pakistan Cyber Army

  • KhantastiC haXor

    Well jus here tO tell u that is not secure i can down it so secure it and 2nd
    something interesting ! Indiandefence is jus a name of
    domain :/ . . It is running by a pakistani
    guy :| …. I defaced it in june twenty XI . . .
    The guy is also running
    i deface all u can find mirrors on Z0ne-H….
    Lol defacers reasons is indian hacked
    pakistan defence thats why we hacked indian
    defence but They dont know owner of
    domains is same… Lol… Funnyyy


    Wao…. Love you PCA..!!!

    U did a great job and yeah … F*** indians… YOu will always see downfall..!!!

    We won’t leave you alone….hahaha

  • expensive beauty

    but the site is functioning normal

    • now its easy to reinstall website with backup tool you can’t hack website more than 1 day now. backup tool is really helpful

  • Love you PCA :) gr8 job PCA …. Lto c u guys kicking dere ASS…

  • Jinga_Pak_Fools

    Hello general Pak people i like to say you one thing believe me this info is fake. is not INDIAN at all it’s owned by you guys PAKISTAN and to prove see is hosted by space provided from and admin of the Indian site(I…D…com) is Pakistan along with other top Moderators there.

    Talking technically why would a hacker so called PCA hack which is hosted from PAK server which will eventually bring down the server and no defacement took place as i know.

    And for some fool PAKISTANI who did not understand as some fool INDIANS in i will say in simple terms

    You stay in a rental house and you have some problem with the owner so the owner one day comes and destroyers “YOUR” house :Thats what this noob hackers are telling you.

    If some such great like PCA was there [As they call them self] will they be that stupid to do this. Think and see this is what politicians in both INDIA and PAKISTAN and mostly all country is doing and now this card is played in internet. All are feeding in noob people in INTERNET and in REAL LIFE.

    And i am not PAK or INDIAN and i say i can bring down both and in 20min but whats the point i know they will come back again i cant keep them down for ever i agree it’s people who have to understand,

    I hope most read this before it’s removed

    Bye and out and this is (h4nj0hnX:) ƒr0m br1(|{n1(|{‘$ B-h47 for those who know me.

    • vicky

      You indian is a very big loosers because you did not agree for your lost now pakistan is a big power in the world but you are not agree about that our best example wich is i proud is “ISI”

      This is the number 1 Secret Aggency in the World
      For Proof Search about that

  • Is My Eye Closed

    Hello friends please visit this site to know the truth i dont know if this info in propakistani is true or not but i think we can better decide from here. Just go there with open heart and keep your country, religion, out and see the facts claim and decide your self thanks it’s indian site but official INDIAN site.


      Thanks for the link. That was actually a nice read and most amazingly the person fighting other bunch of indians is my friend “BENNY” aka “sPaRK”. He is also a member of and Moderator at Believe me he is the most nicest person I ever met with such a clean heart.

  • Muhammad abbas khan

    Good news

  • sas

    hahaha good job

  • Mirza Ali

    well, its interesting and great response! tit for tate game has always won by pakistan !!!
    zinda Bad pakistan

  • asad

    eant ka jawab patar sa dane sa india behtar rehta hain

  • Asad

    its indian site and is haked successfuly. Above Mr. seems to b an indian lol who is favouring india.
    Weldone Pak hakers. Keep indian lols dowwwn

  • Hajra

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  • zardari

    Maza awami..khaa badaami

  • Waqar Ahmed Kamboh

    hahahah,,,, Ab aya na Maza…. Well Done PCA… God Bless U… I love U….

  • Salman

    I m proud of PCA …. !!!!

  • pkzoom

    we Pakis are sleeping, not dead :-)

  • Javed Iqbal

    Thats my Paksitan Cyber Army.
    Wah Ji Wah,
    Its very much saying me
    Proud to be a Pakistani.

  • akhlaqshah


  • Mirza

    If you wana hack some thing go for some real hacking penetrate in their systems and give them a taste of what they are asking for … and instead of indiandefence you must hack out baharatruckshuk because indiandefence is of the the same group website …

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